iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity: How To Fix?


Your iPhone is alerting you that the mail server’s certificate is false when it displays the error message “cannot verify server identity.” In a nutshell, your iPhone’s stringent inspection of your mail server certificates is the cause of this problem. When using the Mail app on iOS devices, it’s one of the most typical problems.

How to resolve the iPhone “cannot verify server identity” issue 

1. Update and restart your iPhone 

To resolve minor issues with the email app, restart your iPhone. Even if it may sound cliché, a reset can be really beneficial! Aside from that, upgrade your iOS. Maybe Apple has already patched the issue on the most recent build. 

2. Upgrade the carrier settings on iOS 

Email syncing issues could be caused by a network problem. Updating the iOS carrier setting is the best course of action. Once complete, the Update ought to fix any network-related problems. 

Go to Settings > General > About to update the carrier settings.  To update the carrier configuration, adhere to the on-screen directions. 

3. Force the Mail app to restart

There is a good likelihood that this problem is being caused by in-app errors. A force restart could work wonders in these situations. Close and restart the Mail app on your iPhone if it’s open. Using gestures, drag the app to close it. On various iPhone models, follow these instructions to force-quit an app. 

4. Removing and adding your account 

You can only fix some server identity concerns once you delete your email account. The current email can be removed and added again. Do not worry; you are merely disconnecting the email account. Your email and other data will be completely unaltered. 

The following details how to delete an email account: 

  • Launch Settings.
  • Select Accounts under Mail.
  • To delete an email account, tap it. 
  • When the following pop-up asks for confirmation, tap the red Delete button. 

Returning your email account: 

  • Go to Mail under Settings. 
  • Choose Add account under Account. 
  • Select a provider for your email service. 
  • Observe the on-screen directions and enter your information. 

5. Factory Reset Your iPhone 

Yes, you will need to reset your iPhone, as feared as that may sound. Make a backup of your iPhone first. Everything on your iPhone will be deleted during a factory reset.

What causes your iPhone to display the “cannot verify server identity” error? 

Your iPhone will attempt to download the server’s SSL certificate and then verify its validity in order to establish a secure connection to a mail server. It will be labelled as unreliable if it discovers that the certificate doesn’t match the domain name, is out of date, or wasn’t signed by the company.

The “Cannot Verify Server Identity” issue then appears at this point. This problem typically appears after changing the mail server certificate or after adding a new email account to your iOS device. After moving an email account, the same thing could occur.

Generally, the issue is attributed to the untrusted or faulty email server settings. There are also other cases when iOS issues are to fault. I’ve listed some of the most suggested troubleshooting techniques and potential solutions in this post to give you some hints. If you ever need assistance getting rid of the “cannot verify server identity” error on your iPhone, feel free to consult this walkthrough. 

Make sure the time and date on your iPhone are accurate before starting debugging. Set the time and date to automatic if necessary. If the time and date are correct, you can move forward and try these further solutions.

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