How To Fix iPhone Turns Black Wallpaper

How To Fix iPhone Turns Black

Adding widgets to the lock screen allowed for better customization, a welcome enhancement to iOS. Additionally, it had useful elements like the battery percentage indicator and haptics on the native keyboard. These were eagerly sought features. Face ID in landscape mode, a new drag-and-drop tool that can isolate a person from their backdrop. A continuity camera and several quality-of-life improvements were also introduced by iOS.

These are the only two remedies available right now to assist you in fixing the blackening of the iOS lock screen background issue. According to the official position, the developers are aware of the issue. But still, we need to provide an ETA for releasing a fix. You may not have needed to call them. Therefore you haven’t. The methods to fix the iPhone’s wallpaper turning black in iOS are listed below.

iPhone Background Becomes Black

On the home screen, lock screen, and occasionally both, the wallpaper would either vanish or turn entirely black, according to multiple iOS 16 users on Apple Forums. Restarting the computer only provides a temporary remedy because the issue usually reappears after some time. 

Some users have complained that their saved wallpaper in their saved wallpapers area has entirely vanished. The problem seems unaffected by the icons, and even after a restart, it still exists. Once a restart, the wallpaper is instantly visible. However, after the phone goes to sleep, it turns black. The upgrade deleted all user-added custom photos. Therefore they are all lost.

How To Fix iPhone Turns Black

How To Fix iPhone Turns Black? Your iPhone may have a dead battery or another more serious problem if the screen goes black and is unresponsive. If everything else fails, get in touch with Apple for a repair or replacement. You may also reset the phone to see if it recovers.

There are several potential reasons why an iPhone’s screen is blank. One will naturally prohibit the phone from turning on a dead battery. If you suspect that the battery in your phone is dead, plug it in with its charger into a wall outlet. Or a USB port on a computer lets it sit there for a while to charge. 

The battery is to blame for the iPhone’s blank screen if everything functions normally. Otherwise, you may try to force the phone to restart. The process differs depending on the phone model. Press the volume up key on an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus fast, then let go of it. Repeat with the volume down key. Press and hold the side button after that. If the phone restarts, you should see the Apple logo.

1. Restart the App

It would help if you first tried restarting the Wallpaper Engine app because there’s a potential that it still has some cache data causing the black screen issue. However, your software instantly deletes such cache files and resumes functioning normally when you restart it.

2. When the phone turns on, the Apple logo appears

When the phone turns on, the Apple logo appears

Press and hold the side button and volume down keys collectively for 10 seconds on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. For 10 seconds, press and hold the home and top or side buttons on an older model of a phone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch. If the phone restarts, you should see the Apple logo.

The Apple logo should appear if the device restarts correctly. Try plugging the gadget in for at least an hour if that doesn’t work. Please verify that the charging port is clear of obstructions. The power cable is in excellent condition, and it is firmly plugged in. If you have easy access to either, try using a different charger or that charger with a different iPhone.

3. Examine Your Connection

An old or compromised router may impact WiFi access. Your internet speed may decrease if you have many devices connected to your WiFi. Slow internet connections also result in this situation, which is aggravating.

There are many other things to consider, such as when your network breaks or your bandwidth is insufficient. If such is the case, Wallpaper Engine starting problems may result in a blank screen. Consequently, you should first assess the speed of your internet connection.

4. Verify the steam client servers are up and running

How To Fix iPhone Turns Black-Verify the steam client servers are up and running

The Steam servers may be unavailable due to the Wallpaper Engine’s dependence on the Steam Client application. Therefore, you must confirm that the Steam servers are operational and not undergoing maintenance.

As a result, you must hover over the DownDetector to see if you are the only one experiencing this problem or if others have reported it. You can also follow them on Twitter if you want to stay up to date with everything.

5. Switch Off Your Device

 Switch Off Your Device

Let’s say that despite resolving the internet problem, the Wallpaper Engine black screen problem persists. In that situation, there’s a potential that certain bug files will be downloaded to your device and prevent the program from running correctly.

Therefore, in such circumstances, restarting your smartphone will assist you in resolving this issue. Restarting will clean up your device’s RAM, giving it a new chance to function correctly. So give it a go and see if it works.

6. Ascertain That Your OS Is Updated

How To Fix iPhone Turns Black-Ascertain That Your OS Is Updated

This problem may occasionally arise because of an outdated OS. As a result, you must upgrade your OS as frequently as you update your applications. So that you may see if your Windows or mobile device needs any new pending system OS upgrades. 

If so, ensure that it is updated and that the problem has been fixed. The latest system updates on your PC or mobile device may be discovered in the System Info or About area. The path Windows Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates can be used by Windows users to locate the update in the interim.


You may need to contact Apple if your iPhone with a blank screen won’t restart even after being charged and force restarting doesn’t work. If you need clarification on your support status, gather any documentation proving that you have an active warranty. AppleCare extended service agreement or contact Apple. To arrange to bring the gadget to an Apple Store or ship it in for repair, get in touch with Apple via phone or online chat.

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