Best 6 Ways to Image Search Online or Reverse Image Search

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Finding an image which can be used or not is a big task as it includes copyright issues. If we are able to get an image without these issues it would be most effective. Now let’s get to know how to find the images which are required for us without facing copyright issues. One such tool is the image search engine. It is one such tool which helps to find your required image online. We can also use this method for reverse search of images, which will authenticate digital photos.

Let’s get to know about such top image search engines.

Google Search is the best way to find anything we don’t know, especially any information. Now let’s get to know about how we can find images on Google Search. To perform a reverse search on Google 

  1. View Google search and tap on the camera icon in the search field. 
  2. You will find three options – Upload the image directly or paste the URL of the image or drag and drop an image directly to the search window. 
  3. Once the search starts, Google will provide you your required image from its database. 

Google Image Search can also be done with your Chrome Browser. 

  1. Open the website in which the image is uploaded
  2. Right click on that image 
  3. Search Google for Image 

2. Cam Find App

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 CamFind is another such image search engine which allows you to search any image or other things just by clicking a picture. This image search will give you results, related images, shopping links and many more. And another feature is that it can upload images from the camera roll. 

3. Google Lens 

Google Lens is such a good image search engine, where we just scan the image from your smartphone and the related images and results are out. It not only scans an object, even scans texts. 

Initially Google Lens was available only in Google Pixel now it’s made available to even iOS users. And in the case of Android, there’s a separate inbuilt app. 

4. Yahoo Images 

Yahoo is another kinda search engine, just like Google search or Chrome. And Yahoo provides a vast amount of results for every search you do. In this we have an option of Free to Share and Use Commercially or Free to Modify, share and use commercially. 

5. Yandex 

Yandex is another such search engine which gives you the best results. It’s a Russian based image search engine. Now let’s get to know the steps 

  1. Visit Yandex Images
  2. Now click on the camera icon next to the search field
  3. It will show you three options for searching the image- just like Google- using the image URL, drag and drop, or selecting a file from your computer.  

The good feature about Yandex is that you need not sign up to get the best image results, like in the case of Google or Chrome. 

6. Google Photos

Google photos which helps you store all your photos linked with your Google account is another such search engine which helps you find your related images. For this you need to follow the below given steps.

  1. Open your Google Photos App
  2. Now select the photo you want to reverse search 
  3. Tap on the Google Lens Icon at the bottom and then select the image you desire.

This is how you can Google Photos to reverse search images. This will be helpful to find your desired images. 

The above are best ways to image search online. Let’s know more interesting facts by following Gadget.

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