How To Change Country On Amazon App?

How To Change Country On Amazon App

Users may need clarification on some options even though Amazon’s website and mobile app are quite simple. Amazon is, without a doubt, the biggest and most well-known e-commerce and retail website currently available. Additionally, it includes applications for iOS and Android.

You should alter the nation linked to your Kindle shop if you just relocated to another country or discovered a book that isn’t offered there. But how do you change the Amazon country? 

How To Change Country On Amazon App Account

How To Change Country On Amazon App Account

When you move to another nation, this is the legal way to do so and is truly required. But note that the payment method switches to the local currency of the nation where you migrate. To change the country where your Amazon account is located:

● Go to the official Amazon website using your computer.

● Log in to your account normally.

● Click on the ‘Accounts and lists’ link in the top-right corner.

● From the drop-down box, select “Manage your content and devices.

● The tab labelled “Preferences” will appear. After selecting it, choose Region options and press “change.”

The following step is obvious. Enter your revised address and press the Update button. You can enter the address of a nearby hotel if you are still determining what address to provide here. There will be confirmation and approval. Once you confirm it, you are done.

Best Option is VPN 

You can log in to Amazon. cn but not Amazon. Please be aware that after your country has been changed, you won’t be able to access your old nation’s account. For instance, if you relocate your account from India to Hong Kong. Additionally, it would help if you renewed your subscription in the local currency of the new nation.

The cost of a Prime subscription also varies by country. You may use this trick to watch four of your favorite TV series and movies for less money. However, your promotional balance and Amazon Gift Card will not be transferred over. Remember that there are better approaches to accessing stuff blocked in your nation than this technique. Your best option for that is a VPN.

How to Change the Country of Amazon Prime Video Using a VPN?

How to Change the Country of Amazon Prime Video Using a VPN?

Carefully choosing your VPN is essential. Prime Video may identify any VPN-using account and thus be banned. Therefore, this check should be avoided by our VPN. A good VPN is NordVPN, which also supports smart TVs, Android smartphones, Mac OS, PlayStation, iPhone, Firestick, and other devices. It would help if you first launched your VPN client. Remember to delete the app’s data before playing Prime Videos.

Find the nation you want and connect to it

It would help if you launched a different browser. Go to the settings and reset or format it if you’re using a computer or smartphone app. Reinstalling the Prime Video app is another option.

● To remove the browser history, hit Ctrl+Shift+Delete right away.

● Click “Clear Data” after selecting your data across all time frames.

Can I buy from Amazon in one country if I live in a different one?

You may shop on Amazon from anywhere globally, or you can select to shop on the US Amazon site and have your purchases shipped elsewhere. However, delivery choices change based on the vendors and the particular items. Because of their size, weight, or value, certain products are just not appropriate for shipping internationally.

The simplest way to determine whether you can buy the desired item in the required country is to search for it and review the delivery choices. If you search on the Amazon Global website, you can discover that you obtain better results. 

Although it officially belongs to the US version of Amazon, this section focuses on things that may be sent worldwide. However, as only some items can be delivered to some places, you’ll still need to ensure that your particular goods can reach your location.

International Amazon sites

International Amazon sites

Amazon is active in a large number of nations worldwide. Click on the flag icon in the upper right corner of your home screen to view the options for international Amazon sites. You can browse different nations on this page and, if necessary, switch between the on-screen languages.

1. Creating an account on Amazon from another country

Your Amazon US login information ought to work to access Amazon sites in other nations. Moving permanently, you can also transfer your account to another country.

As a result, digital files like Kindle books and music will be transferred to your new country profile, allowing you to keep them. If you still have a billing address there, you can return to your former Amazon country account. Check the specifics before moving further since not all materials and services can be carried across.

Customers worldwide shop for goods on Amazon, a worldwide marketplace. It also implies that Amazon has various geographic, racial, and linguistic contact points. Additionally, Amazon provides several language choices to make the experience more user-friendly. This means that you can modify Amazon’s language settings.

2. Change your shipping address

Change your shipping address

As long as Amazon is the one delivering the box and it hasn’t started the delivery procedure. You are always free to modify the mailing address of an Amazon order. Therefore, if you select same-day shipment, you have a limited window of time to change the mailing address. You will have more time to take action if you choose two-day or no-rush shipping.

● Open your Amazon account and log in.

● Go to the page for Your Orders.

● Locate the order whose delivery address you want to alter.

● Click View, Edit, or View Order Details to view the order.

● Select Change next to the current shipment address.

● To ship to this address, click.

Verify the billing address and details on your credit card. Your shipment details will be updated as soon as it is resolved.


Even if you relocate to another country, your Amazon account will remain. Your location won’t change on its own. Specific signs will tell you if the Amazon app’s country settings are set to the USA or another nation. There are several methods for finding the government associated with your Amazon account. The easiest way is to open the Amazon Shopping app on your phone and type the URL into the top-right search field.

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