Tips on How To Unpair Apple Watch Without iPhone?

Tips on How To Unpair Apple Watch Without iPhone

You should first unpair your Apple Watch before purchasing a new Apple Watch or iPhone, obtaining a replacement, or selling either device. If you have forgotten your Apple Watch passcode, you have the option to unpair your Apple Watch. Whether with or without your iPhone.

This article will discuss How to Unpair an Apple Watch without a Phone. An Apple Watch backup is automatically produced on it if you back up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes. Remember that while using iTunes, backups must be encrypted for all data to be saved in the Apple Watch backup. Make careful to back up all your data before unpairing your Apple Watch.

What Does Unpairing Do?

Your Apple Watch will be reset to factory settings if you unpair it. Your programs, settings, and data will be deleted as a result. That ought to seem dangerous enough for you to refrain from doing it. Unless you are completely aware and confident of its repercussions, always create a backup of your Apple Watch before unpairing it to be on the safe side.

Let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for: unpairing your Apple Watch while your iPhone isn’t nearby. Remember that since your iPhone is not nearby, there would be no automatic backups. And unlike the approach when the phone is nearby, this method does not remove your Activation Lock. Therefore, if you wish to get rid of it, you must do so manually.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Successfully Unpair Your Apple Watch?

What Should You Do If You Can't Successfully Unpair Your Apple Watch?

This issue may arise if there are network, device, or interruptions when unpairing. As a result, your Apple Watch will continue to be in that condition and prevent you from moving further. Try the below solutions to see if you can solve this issue.

Try Manually Erasing the Apple Watch

After completing this process, your Apple Watch will lose all of its settings, applications, and data. Please contact Apple Support if none of these suggestions work. You may receive expert advice and have your iPhone fixed by certified technicians.

You may wish to unpair your apple watch for a variety of reasons. The pairing procedure will no longer link your Apple Watch and iPhone. You can sell your current iPhone or get a new one. You need to unpair your Apple watch for any reason.

After doing this, there will be no connection between the two devices and no data sharing. As a result, your Apple Watch and Apple ID will no longer be connected. As you can see, this is crucial, and you should do so if you want to sell, donate, or do anything else with it.

Steps to Take When Purchasing a New iPhone

The Apple Watch is a fantastic item, and many people are considering upgrading it now that the iPhone 8 has been released. Here are some suggestions if you’re wondering what to do with your old Apple Watch after purchasing a new iPhone.

Maintaining your previous Apple Watch as a backup is the first thing you can do. If your new iPhone or Apple Watch is damaged, you will have a backup device to utilize. Giving up your old Apple Watch is an additional choice. This is a fantastic alternative for family members or friends who want an Apple Watch.

How can an Apple Watch be Unpaired Without Using an old Phone?

How can an Apple Watch be Unpaired Without Using an old Phone?

You want to be certain you can retrieve all your data and settings without worrying about losing them. Whether you recently purchased an Apple Watch or just linked your watch to your old phone. Furthermore, you should be aware that you may unpair your Apple Watch even if it isn’t connected to your iPhone. Here’s a safe way to go about it. Make sure your AppleWatch and iPhone are both turned off first.

Offset your outdated phone. Open the Apple Watch app after that. On the My Watch tab, click. Press the Apple Watch button. After that, you may remove your Apple device from your iPhone. Alternatively, you can restart your new iPhone and disable Health Sync. Once configured with your new iPhone, you may restore your backup and delete any data from your previous device.

What Happens when you Unpair your Apple Watch?

Having previously discussed how to unpair an Apple Watch, I now want to explain what will happen when you do so. If you are on this page, it indicates you seek further details about unpairing an apple watch. Such as how to do so from a phone or pair it with a different phone.

Any time you unpair the Apple Watch, all of its data is lost, regardless of how you do it. Be aware that you will have a backup of that data if you use the Watch app on your iPhone to unpair your Apple Watch. It implies that you can restore that backup if you link a fresh Apple Watch or that same Apple Watch once again.

Take your Apple Watch out of your Apple ID

All Apple gadgets, including the Apple Watch, may be remotely erased and restored to factory settings, according to Apple. The Apple Watch should be reset to factory settings and unlinked from your Apple ID when the device has been entirely wiped. You may Find Me, choose your Apple Watch from your devices, and hit the I button. 

Choose to Remove This Device if it still needs to be removed even after a few minutes or hours. Before you give over the gadget to someone else, Apple offers advice if you consider selling or giving away your Apple Watch. You can link and set up the Apple Watch with a separate iPhone as a new device after resetting your device. Set it up using an official tutorial from Apple.


How to unpair an apple watch and pair it to a new phone without a phone is a frequent query among Apple consumers. Many people prefer to utilize their Apple Watch with their iPhones to simplify things. However, most of them struggle to pair and unpair their apple watches. If you fall into this category, read the text above to find out how to unpair an apple watch and pair it with a new phone.

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