Top 10 VR Games Without Controller That You Must Try

Top 10 VR Games Without Controller That You Must Try

Thanks to recent advancements in hand-tracking technology, users may now play VR games without controllers. Several VR games allow you to play without a controller; we’ll go through a handful in this post. VR gaming has grown extremely popular, with PwC forecasting that adopting VR and AR may enhance the world economy by up to $1.5 trillion by 2030.

Users may transfer themselves into other worlds and discover intriguing tales from a first-person perspective by playing VR games. Users who want to experience virtual reality must have a functional VR headset compatible with the games they want to play.

What Exactly are VR Games?

VR gaming is wearing a virtual reality headset to enter a first-person 3D view of a game and immerse yourself in the scene and plot. The amazing images paired with 3D sound provide an unforgettable gaming experience.

Other accessories, in addition to headsets, can be used to enhance the immersive experience. Hand controllers, haptic feedback gloves, and much more are among them! Companies are also developing sensor-based bodysuits that allow players to interact completely with their environment within the games.

These suits can monitor motions and deliver haptic feedback when engaging with the game’s environment. However, because these outfits and accessories are in their early phases of development, they are pricey. The headgear, on the other hand, is accompanied by controllers.

PCs, consoles, standalone devices, and laptops may all be used to play VR games. Popular headsets, like the MetaQuest2, can be wirelessly linked to PCs using Air Link or via a connecting cable that must be purchased separately.

Several VR games include racing, combat, campaign, horror, etc. To play the games, players put on headsets and enter virtual landscapes. Nonetheless, you will never be alone in the Metaverse, so read our post on the greatest multiplayer VR games available.

There are various VR games without controllers that users may play. With the flexibility to move, VR players may experience the action directly from the character or avatar’s perspective.

Top 10 VR Games Without Controller

We’ve listed ten virtual reality games that don’t require a gaming controller and can be played on Android or iOS devices. You only need a Google Cardboard headset, preferably with a trigger button. Furthermore, most of the games mentioned are affordable, so there is no need to be concerned about cost. These are the top VR games that don’t require a motion controller:

1. VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster

Do you enjoy roller coasters but need to live closer to a theme park to ride them as frequently as you’d like? That is why VR was created! VR Roller Coaster allows you to become a roller coaster conductor by constructing your own coasters and testing them in a simulation that simulates real-life rollercoasters.

VR Roller Coaster provides users with over 60 tracks to work with, and you may select a park according to your preferences. You can create over ten different rollercoaster trains and connect them as you see fit.

When you’re ready to put your fantasy coaster to the test, simply put on your Google Cardboard headset and go for a ride! The VR option allows you to view what it’s like to ride the coaster you designed from a first-person perspective, which is a wonderful adrenaline rush. And the greatest thing is that no controller is required to play this game fully.

2. Unplugged: Air Guitar

Unplugged: Air Guitar

This one-of-a-kind game was one of the first to include “hand tracking” in its gameplay. The game, available on Steam and Oculus, allows players to move freely using their hands instead of controls.

If you enjoy Guitar Hero, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game even more. The VR experience enhances the immersion, and the amazing soundtrack makes for a delightful encounter.

The most recent update for Hand Monitoring 2.0 came in May 2022, which increased the headset’s dependability in tracking hand motions. As you go through the game, the stages become increasingly difficult and complex, but if you enjoy rock music and guitar playing, you’ll always enjoy this one!

3. Smash Hit

VR Games Without Controller-Smash Hit

Because of its calming melodies and interesting gameplay, this VR game without a controller proved popular. Before adding VR functionality, the game was already quite popular. The game aims to smash 3D glass constructions and obstacles in your way with a limited number of spherical steel balls.

This must be done precisely because if you do not correctly break the glass, you will bump into it, lowering the number of steel balls by ten. When you run out of balls to toss, the game is over. The speed increases as you advance through the levels, and with numerous interactive levels inside the game, this is surely one of the best VR games sans controller you should try out!

There are approximately 50 distinct glass chambers to select from. This is a terrific game for unwinding and relaxing since virtually smashing glass is really rewarding.

4. VR Deep Space Battle

VR Deep Space Battle

Do you want to see some spaceship battles? Deep Space Battle VR for your Android device will quench your hunger. You are a lone space pilot tasked with repelling the invading Shadow Fleet. Prepare for vivid interstellar vistas loaded with bold lasers and huge explosions, as you are Earth’s only hope.

Deep Space Battle VR was developed particularly for Google Cardboard VR without a controller. When you have an enemy spacecraft in your sights, your ship will automatically fire. That’s all. Simply move your head to fine-tune your aim, then pew pew! Your adversaries are toast.

5. VR Racer

VR Racer

Are you ready to let out your inner racer? We all enjoy driving quickly, and racing VR games without controls let users drive as dangerously as they want. Individuals can use their headsets to traverse various streets. This racing game is incredibly engaging, even without haptic input from the controllers.

The game plays nicely and includes realistic traffic in many conditions. Because the game employs gyroscopic sensors to assist users in navigating, you will have to tilt your head to steer. Additionally, picking alternatives is simple; glance at an aspect for a few seconds, and it will be picked.

The nicest thing is that, despite traveling at breakneck speeds, the action is really smooth and does not produce motion sickness. Players may race through numerous scenarios for hours without using controls in this game!

6. End Space VR

VR Games Without Controller-End Space VR

This game is exclusively accessible for iOS users and features great visual effects that you should certainly check out. Put on your headset and enter a space station where your mission is to defend yourself against invaders.

You don’t need a controller to play this game since you can fire using your headset’s trigger button. Because certain headsets lack trigger buttons, an alternative is known as ‘gaze shooting’ is built in.

You may shoot at items by gazing at them, making the game more interactive. This VR game does not require a controller and has vivid warfare scenes enhanced by 3D sound. It’s also incredibly weird to be able to look into wide space in virtual reality.

7. LiteBoxer


Want to exercise while having fun? Users may throw punches and enjoy this innovative VR fitness game. However, it is advised that you keep your surroundings free and have adequate space to walk around while playing the game – we’re sure you don’t want to punch your friend accidentally.

Good physical fitness VR games with controllers are common, and this one allows users to use hand tracking to monitor fast-moving punches. Previously, hand-tracking algorithms worked by recognizing fingers; however, a new upgrade has allowed devices to monitor hands even when fingers are not recognized. The game is available on all Quest devices and is an excellent way to remain on track with your fitness regime.

8. Darknet VR

Darknet VR

Users may solve puzzles and live the thrilling life of a hacker in this paid VR game. You may progress through the game by using your analytical skills. When you reach certain milestones, like seizing control of a network, you are rewarded with in-game money, which you may use to level up.

This is one of the most addicting VR games that does not require a controller. Because you just need one button, you don’t need anything else if you have a headset with a trigger. Using viruses and other devious methods, they steal money and data. It is available on PlayStation and Android and is well worth the low price!

9. VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer

Looking for some VR racing excitement? VR X-Racer is an interesting alternative to explore. The game has a low-poly voxel style (similar to Minecraft, which we covered extensively in our beginner’s guide to Minecraft) that should appeal to the majority of players. Several color palettes and amazing, immersive 3D images transport you to the world of fast-paced racing.

No controls are required for the VR mode in VR X-Racer. Simply insert it into your headset and angle your head to control the spacecraft. You’ll need quick reactions, though, since those obstacles aren’t going to move out of the way when you close in at breakneck speed.

10. Trooper 2

VR Games Without Controller-Trooper 2

You might believe that a first-person shooter in VR is only conceivable with a controller. But Trooper 2 is here to prove you wrong! Even if you’re not normally adept at FPS games, Trooper 2 is meant to be playable by anybody.

Trooper 2 pits you against an army of invading green block guys in a vector-like block environment. It’s basic and uncomplicated, yet it works. To control your avatar, stand up, walk about, and fire by pressing the button on your VR headset. It provides a full 360-degree vision, giving you complete control over your movement.


Virtual reality is a high-tech and immersive gaming experience, but you can use inexpensive equipment to play and enjoy it. If you don’t want to use your Bluetooth gamepad or motion control joysticks to play VR games, these are some of the best VR games without controllers. So put on your headphones and unwind. These games allow you to play without any trouble or worry.

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