How To Remove Virus From iPhone Calendar: Check Our Step-By-Step Guide Here

Have odd appointments or reminders started appearing in the calendar app on your iPhone? If so, you might be concerned that you’ve been hacked or that your calendar contains a virus. Actually, you were probably subscribed to a third-party calendar that is producing spam appointments, which is what happened. You must be very careful not to click on any of the links contained in these appointments since doing so could cause your device to become infected and expose your personal information to hackers.

Continue reading to learn why you’re receiving these notifications and how to stop receiving them.

How to delete calendar virus spam on iPhone

What can you do if a tonne of appointments appear on your iPhone all of a sudden? How do you get rid of the spam on your iPhone calendar? 

One approach is to take these actions: 

  • Launch the Apple Calendar programme. 

  • At the bottom of the page, tap Calendars. 
  • Look for any that you are unfamiliar with. After finding it, tap the red circle with the letter I inside to reveal the information screen. 

  • Finally, locate the Delete Calendar option by swiping down to the panel’s bottom. Choose this, and perhaps the invitations you don’t want will stop coming. 

Continue to the further step if that doesn’t resolve the issue. 

How to remove spam calendars from the iPhone’s settings

If you keep getting spam invites, it’s possible that your iPhone has a subscription set up for the problematic calendar. This is easy to remove. 

  • Launch Settings. 
  • Select Accounts > Calendar. 
  • Find and select the Subscribed Calendars option. 
  • Choose any unwanted calendars by finding them, selecting them, and then choosing the Delete Account option. 

You shouldn’t need to do anything else to prevent the erroneous appointments and reminders from showing up on your calendar.

Where does the iPhone calendar virus come from?

On dubious websites, you could also be misled into subscribing to a calendar. Sometimes fake calendars will pass for captchas. Websites use captchas, which are short puzzles you must solve to show that you are not a robot. Scam websites occasionally use phoney captchas that force you to enter certain keys in order to circumvent browser warnings and start dangerous downloads.

In certain circumstances, clicking anywhere on the website, even the “I’m not a robot” box, may result in a request to subscribe to a calendar. The calendar name is blank to deceive you. You might click OK if you are hurried to finish the captcha process. Now, thieves can email you fake calendar events with dubious links. 

You can get a spam text asking you to track a package and provided a URL, like in the case of a delivery spam mail. The moment you click it, you’re enrolled in a calendar that automatically adds appointments for things like important threats and other notifications to your iPhone.

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