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Digital wallets like Apple Pay have grown in popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Most large retail chains have adopted these payment options for faster checkout because they enable cashless transactions. Let us Know whether Walmart do Google Pay.

One of the most well-known brands in the retail industry is Walmart. It is a highly popular choice for many individuals because to the affordable costs and numerous outlets all throughout the USA. Walmart has added a variety of cashless choices to its stores in order to make it more convenient for its consumers. 

Many people all throughout the country utilise Apple Pay for a variety of purposes. In light of this, you might start to question if Apple Pay is compatible with Walmart.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

Walmart regrettably does not accept Apple Pay. No matter how handy it might be, Apple Pay cannot be used at Walmart. Customers have long requested that Walmart accept Apple Pay at its checkouts, but the business has refused, relying instead on its own system for accepting mobile payments. 

The volume of complaints about the lack of integration on Twitter demonstrates how much the service is desired by users. Given Apple Pay’s popularity, it is not surprise that customers are asking for its capabilities at the largest retailer in the world, which has roughly 5,000 locations alone in the US.

Instead of relying on Apple Pay anymore, the store has created its own, with the Walmart app integrated, digital mobile payment system called Walmart Pay.

Why is Apple Pay not accepted at Walmart? 

Apple Pay is a system for making payments online. A user can link all of their debit and credit cards in this programme to carry out simple digital transactions at physical stores and on shopping websites. Here are some of the main explanations for why Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, despite its ease. 

Unexpected Fees 

Every retailer who accepts Apple Pay must pay a processing fee because Apple Pay is an Apple product. As a result, even though utilising Apple Pay is free for you, Walmart does not accept it. Walmart does not accept Apple Pay because doing so would negatively impact its bottom line.

Promoting Walmart Pay 

Walmart Pay is its own online payment system. Debit, credit, and Walmart gift card information can be safely stored by a user and used to make purchases at the register. Walmart owns Walmart Pay, thus it keeps all of the money generated by this form of payment. 

Walmart Pay makes the corporation more money and raises brand exposure. This is why Walmart prefers to promote its own payment technology over alternate options like Apple Pay.

Steps for using Walmart Pay on an iPhone 

Utilizing Walmart Pay: 

  • Open the Walmart app, then use the navbar to select the Services menu. 
  • Click on Walmart Pay. 
  • You can then proceed by scanning the QR code at the checkout. 

Scan & go might speed up checkout times even more if you have Walmart Plus. With Scan & Go, you can scan the barcodes of the items as you add them to your cart, then finalise the transaction and make payment by scanning the QR code. 

This means that if you carry your own bags, you can bag your belongings as you go and avoid having to scan them all at the end of your trip. Simply choose the things you want, scan their barcodes with your phone, and then scan the QR code to finish the transaction.

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