How To Pick The Best 60-inch TV?

Even though there are more giant TV on the market, the best 60-inch TVs are still “big screens.” Putting one of these in the middle of a living room entertainment center is the best way to show you have it all. 

Now that there are so many ways to stream movies, the best way to watch the latest blockbuster is on a big, beautiful screen.. 

The newest 60-inch TVs have features that even die-hard TV watchers have never thought of. Here is a complete list of the best 60-inch TVs and what makes them so popular.

How We Selected the Top 60″ TVs

You can anticipate at least one joke about a high-end television if you watch any movie or television program set in the 1950s or 1960s. Back then, “huge” was incredibly relative, and anything more significant than 12 inches was seen as monstrous.

Additionally, more expensive devices had a lot of wood decorations. Fortunately, TV technology has advanced astronomically during the past 50 years. The following are some of the factors we considered when choosing the top 60-inch TVs.

High Quality of Image 

High Quality of Image 

Previously, everything that wasn’t in 1080p appeared almost primitive because of the significant improvement in picture quality. Well, 4K is now the industry standard for new televisions, and just like before, the improvement in visual quality is startling. 

At least conceptually. If you intend to stream 4K content to your TV, keep in mind that many services only offer some of their content in 4K. 

Even 1080p entertainment looks fantastic on a large 4K screen, though. 4K resolution should be the minimum, not the maximum, for a 60-inch television. Check out our guide to the finest 4K gaming monitors if you enjoy playing video games.


Given that many televisions come equipped with operating systems and streaming apps built-in. At the same time, TV manufacturers frequently treat the user interface (UI) as an afterthought; it’s okay, especially if it allows you to save a few dollars off the retail price. After all, it can be resolved with a $50 device, which you almost certainly already own.


There is no getting around the fact that 60-inch TVs are pricey. Even the entry-level models will cost you more than $500, but the high-end variants can easily cost over $1,000. 

That only sometimes implies that every expensive 60-inch TV is a good investment. High costs are a given, yet the value varies amongst models. It’s preferable to pass if it’s not a wise investment.

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