DTB Meaning: What Does it Actually Mean?

DTB Meaning: What Does it Actually Mean?

Mobile phone advancements have made the world quicker, and you know what else has made the globe faster? Slang and acronyms are used. You just need two or three words to communicate the entire sentence. I received the SMS “DTB” while participating in an online chat. What is DTB meaning?

After an extensive study on the abbreviation, we discovered that the acronym “DTB” has numerous complete versions. The question is which of these is more often used in texting. So we classified them according to their complete names and the fields in which they are utilized. 

As previously said, the complete form of the term DTB has numerous meanings. Though we can narrow it down to two feasible complete versions regarding texting. They are both discussed below. So, without further ado, let us get started with the topic.

What is DTB Meaning?

DTB stands for several things in slang, but if you’re looking for texting slang, DTB stands for “Don’t Text Back.” People frequently utilize slang to discourage others when communicating. You’re probably wondering how a single word DTB might deter someone from conversing. However, it does.

People mostly utilize it to keep the conversation one-sided. Another meaning of the word DTB may be found here. If you have a girlfriend and live with conservative parents. What if you’re talking to her and your guardians appear in your room? What do you want to know about her? Simply enter the three letters “DTB,” and she will realize she must stop messaging you.

When Should DTB be Used?

The term “DTB” stands for “don’t Text Back” and can be used on any platform that allows texting. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are among these platforms.

You must, however, guarantee that the slang is widely used in your chat groups or among your friends. For example, you don’t want to be bothered by WhatsApp messages, so you type DTB into your family group. Your grandma, unfamiliar with the term, continues to text and inquire about its significance. This may irritate you.

In a nutshell, the slang DTB may be used for the following purposes:

  • To discourage continuous discussion.
  • To notify the other person that they have yet to respond to their SMS.
  • You may include it in emails to avoid the customer from responding.

The Second Meaning of DTB

The Second Meaning of DTB

The acronym “DTB” has another significance. The entire version of the acronym is misogynistic, but it is well-known nowadays. “Don’t Trust Bitches” is the complete phrase. This is a word that both men and women often use.

Starting with the male population, the term is most commonly used by heartbroken boys. If you are a girl and want to warn your group about playboys, you might use the abbreviation DTB, which stands for Don’t Trust, Bitches.

What Does ‘DTB’ mean on TikTok?

TikTok has been abuzz with another acronym, DTB, which has become a part of its ever-expanding peculiar vocabulary. However, the continuously expanding list of TikTok-originated languages is difficult to keep pace with. So, as the acronym takes over the popular content app, let’s consider what it stands for.

Heartbreak and betrayal are the most well-known and experienced global emotions and understandings. Unfortunately, the term is heavily associated with these feelings. It stands for either “Don’t Trust Boys” or “Don’t Trust Bitches.”

Both of these statements express people’s suspicion of others, particularly their relationships, and some may even allude to complicated relationship circumstances such as adultery or betrayal. However, the term has deeper roots than TikTok.


Use Care While Using Slang Online. Using DTB is an easy and effective way to discourage someone from sending you a flurry of messages when you don’t want to be disturbed. However, if you need to know the person you are messaging knows what this and other acronyms mean, it’s sometimes better to just spell it out.

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