Threema VS Signal Compared: Which is The Best for You!

Threema VS Signal Compared
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When it comes to secure instant messengers, there is one name that you just cannot ignore: Threema! The European instant messenger is safe but has a small user base. We chose to battle this highly regarded, secure instant messenger against Signal, which is also said to provide a high level of security, in the NextPit arena today.

Threema and Signal will now have to show themselves in a variety of ways: What do they look like, what customization choices are accessible, what functionality are included, and, most importantly, in this case: How do the two compare in terms of data protection and security?

We won’t go through every single feature and conceivable trick of the two applications, but we will highlight the key distinctions. Without further ado, let us dive right into the action!

Threema vs Signal: Design and Customization Possibilities

When adopting a secure WhatsApp replacement, Edward Snowden may propose using Signal. Nonetheless, the Signal Foundation has recently focused on growing Signal into a full-fledged instant messenger, both in terms of functionality and graphics and keeping an eye on security.

In addition to the normal emojis, stickers and GIFs have been made accessible in the chat to make your messages even more personal. You may also alter the color of the chat window, the form of the chat bubbles, and the background image. Signal allows you to pick between a bright and dark theme, a language, and up to four letter sizes.

Threema also has a bright and dark theme. You may also select from three font sizes and 15 languages in the options. However, the backdrops and overall appearance are more sparse. You can select any photo from the gallery; otherwise, you are limited to a Threema backdrop or no background. Furthermore, there are no color options for the chat design or the ability to customize the chat bubbles.

Those who enjoy bright and various chat windows will undoubtedly prefer Signal to the Swiss instant messenger. Threema is practical, but it is not the final revelation for those of you who enjoy customizing programs to your exact visual tastes.

Threema vs Signal: Platform Compatibility

Threema vs Signal Platform Compatibility
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Okay, so Threema only had a little going for it in terms of graphics, but how about the number of platforms it supported? Yes, the applications are accessible for iOS and Android, with Signal being free to download and Threema costing $2.99. We’ll go over it further afterward.

You can also get Threema through Huawei’s AppGallery, and if you prefer, you can get it from the Threema shop, which may be a few cents cheaper for you (depending on where you reside). Android users unable to access Google Play have undoubtedly considered Threema an instant messaging option. You may also use Threema Web in the browser if you like.

To link your smartphone to your computer, just scan a QR code, like you would with WhatsApp. You don’t have to re-scan the QR code every time you want to use it if you establish a password before scanning. It’s comforting to know that everything is encrypted from beginning to end.

Threema also provides Threema Work, an instant messaging service for businesses, and Threema Education, which is ideal for educational institutions. Companies with even greater security needs can run the messenger on their own servers using the Threema OnPrem self-hosting option. Signal is also usable on a computer, although not in a browser. Instead, you must install Signal for the desktop, which is free.

Signal can be used on up to five devices at the same time. Threema does not yet offer this multi-device option since it is difficult to deploy owing to data protection and security concerns. However, they are working on it, and this functionality may be available in the future. I’d like to see a desktop application for Threema, but in general, the Swiss instant messenger has the lead over Signal regarding platform availability, particularly with corporate solutions like Threema Work.

Centralization vs Decentralization

Threema is based on a decentralized network, which means it cannot be easily shut down or influenced by censorship. Because it is not reliant on a single server, it is resistant to regular server disruptions, making it a dependable private messenger.

In contrast, Signal is based on centralized server technology. In other words, there is a single point of failure; if the server fails, the entire network fails. While Signal allows you to evade censorship, you cannot prevent outages. As a result, Threema may be a superior choice in such instances.

What Privacy Messenger should You Choose?

Privacy Messenger

If you are okay sharing your phone number with the messenger, Signal is an obvious recommendation. However, if you desire the secrecy that Threema provides, it should be your first choice.

Signal lacks many more capabilities, however, it may be used as your primary SMS app to interact with non-Signal users. Without utilizing Threema as an SMS app, you get various other services. It’s also important to compare Signal’s free offering to Threema’s premium price.

Overall, both provide the most up-to-date security features, but it all comes down to what you require. Remember that none of the features will be useful if your contacts refuse to pay for Threema.

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