Is Mercari Legit? Everything You Need To Know

Is Mercari Legit?  Everything You Need To Know

When the Japan-based online marketplace first gained traction in the United States, every seller may have wondered, “Is Mercari legit?” There is no question that Mercari is a legitimate reseller marketplace. However, the topic has shifted to “Are there buyer fraudsters on Mercari?” And the response is consistent with other sites – from long-standing companies like eBay and Amazon to newcomers like Poshmark – YES.

We’ve highlighted three common frauds on this platform below. We hope that by doing so, you will be more aware of your transactions and avoid becoming a Mercari scam victim and know is Mercari legit or not.

Is Mercari a Trustworthy Online Marketplace?

Mercari is a respectable platform that functions like other online markets. It generates revenue by charging a commission on each successful sale. The platform’s earnings are contingent on people utilizing it. Thus, it’s in Mercari’s best interest to avoid fraud wherever feasible.

The platform provides a robust buyer protection guarantee to keep the platform safe. According to this policy, sellers are only paid once the buyer confirms receipt of the goods.

Buyers are also entitled to a refund/return if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The item does not match the description.
  • The item has been damaged.
  • The incorrect item was delivered.
  • There has yet to be an item received.

While this regulation is beneficial, it does not eliminate scammers. As a result, before making a purchase, it is critical to understand the dangers of utilizing the site know if is Mercari legit or not.

How to Choose Authentic Sellers on Mercari

The most straightforward strategy to avoid scammers is only buying from authorized suppliers. This is only sometimes doable. Here’s how to detect if a Mercari merchant is genuine.

  • Consider Profile Verification: Mercari requires all vendors to authenticate their identities and displays this information on the seller page. Only buy from merchants who have had their identities confirmed.
  • Examine Customer Feedback: Carefully read the reviews for both the goods and the vendor. Are prior buyers satisfied with their purchases? Was the item exactly as described? Only buy from merchants that have a big history of satisfied consumers.
  • Examine the Profile Badges: Sellers that do successfully on the marketplace might earn profile badges from Mercari. These emblems provide a significant indicator of how a seller will behave if you buy from them.
  • Use Mercari Authenticate: When shopping for a designer item, search for an authentication emblem in the listing. Sellers may use Mercari Authenticate to upload photographs of their items and have them validated by a third party. This emblem indicates that someone other than the seller has validated that the item is not a forgery.

How to Avoid Mercari Scams

How to Avoid Mercari Scams?

Regardless of who you buy from, it’s critical to keep an eye out for fraud. Here are a few more methods to be safe on Mercari.

1. Only Send Payment In Mercari

Some of the goods offered on Mercari are not for sale. These adverts aim to get individuals to send money outside of the app and then keep the money. Any salesperson who attempts to take a conversation off-platform should be avoided.

2. Avoid Anything Too Cheap

There is typically a reason why an item is substantially cheaper than it should be. Maybe the item is damaged, or maybe the vendor doesn’t want to send it. Check what other vendors are charging if you need clarification on how much an item should cost.

3. Avoid Ambiguous Language

If you purchase something and are dissatisfied with it, Mercari will only issue a refund if the item does not match the description. Dishonest sellers are aware of this and frequently publish imprecise adverts that, while deceptive, are not necessarily fake. If the product qualities are not indicated in the product description, you should not purchase them.

4. Pose a Question to the Seller

Before placing a purchase, Mercari allows you to ask a vendor a question. This is always worthwhile since it helps ensure that the seller is still active and that the item you are looking for is still available.

Based on your questions, you may also obtain a feel of the seller’s legitimacy. If they do not react or do not adequately address your question, it is generally preferable to shop elsewhere.

5. Make use of Merpay Smart Payments or PayPal

You may protect yourself against scammers by using Murphy Smart Payments when paying for your purchase. You can order things and pay for them the next month using this payment method.

This isn’t intended to prevent fraud but will allow you to avoid payment if you are conned. It’s worth mentioning that Mercari takes PayPal as well. If you use PayPal to pay for a Mercari transaction, you will be protected by PayPal’s comprehensive buyer protection guarantee.

Examine the Tracking Number

Always check the tracking number after purchasing an item and contact the vendor if it needs to be given. You should seek a refund if the vendor still needs to give a tracking number since you have no confirmation that the item was sent. You must wait 7 days for delivery to do so. Following that, even if the vendor claims to have sent the goods, Mercari will issue a refund.

Check Your Purchases Thoroughly

You have three days after receiving an item to confirm your transaction. If you do not inspect the item within that deadline, the seller is automatically compensated, and you cannot get a refund. As a result, it’s critical to double-check your purchase.

You cannot get your money back if you discover that a product is broken or not as represented after the fact. Sellers are aware of this and may offer things that seem real at first glance but are counterfeit.

EndNote: Is Mercari Legit

Mercari is a reputable online marketplace where you can buy and sell various things. The site makes efforts to safeguard consumers from fraud, but like with any online marketplace, you might be duped if you are not cautious.

The most important strategy to protect yourself is to avoid making payments outside the site. You should also be cautious about who you buy from and stick to suppliers with a good reputation. Products that are too cheap or have confusing descriptions should not be purchased. You may also get extra security by always paying using Merpay or PayPal.

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