HMU Meaning: Get Hip with more Slang Terms

HMU Meaning

Have you ever texted someone and replied, “idk,” to a question? Or has someone said anything that made you say, “smh?” Perhaps all of these acronyms and Internet slang examples have puzzled you.

Every day, new text and message abbreviations appear. Although these acronyms may be brief and to the point for some, they may be difficult to understand for others. But don’t worry. We’re here to assist you. After this overview of the term “hmu,” you’ll be texting like a pro in no time.

What is HMU Meaning?

HMU is an abbreviation for Hit Me Up. It’s an open invitation for someone to contact you. As is customary, it is frequently capitalized. The original meaning for saying “hit me up” to someone was to beg for anything, most commonly money. “My brother called me because his business went bankrupt,” for example.

While this is still possible, the definition has been broadened to promote interaction. As in, message me, contact me, or let me know where you need me. If you see the abbreviation HMU on the internet, it’s most likely what people mean.

The joke that HMU stands for holding my unicorn was popularized by an article in Urban Dictionary in 2010. However, it has no basis in truth. Because user UnicornLover238 supplied the definition, one may argue they are biased.

Where can You Apply for HMU?

You Apply for HMU
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HMU is used mostly on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and messaging applications such as Snapchat and WhatsApp. While you might say “hit me up” out loud, the abbreviation has yet to become commonplace, so use HMU solely online. HMU can be useful in a variety of scenarios. Here are some instances of them:

  1. Suggest a meet-up at a given time or in the future. As an example, “We should see that new film! When you’re free, hmu.”
  2. Request anything, such as recommendations or opinions. As an example, “Where should I have lunch? hmu with suggestions.”
  3. Flirting is used to initiate discussion or a date on dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble. “hmu if you like animals, travel, and gingerbread cookies,” for example.
  4. Providing contact information, such as your phone number or email address. “If you want to converse, hmu on,” for example.

When did HMU First Appear?

HMU First Appear
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According to Facebook, until early 2009, the acronym HMU was unheard of. Few posts each day had it, and many were most likely errors. By May of that year, the keyword had grown to an average of 20 postings every day. Each month, it increased by a factor of two. In 2010, that increase accelerated dramatically, expanding at a rate of 75% every month. HMU had 80000 daily mentions after that summer.

Interestingly, HMU was utilized evenly throughout the summer because children had plenty of free time. When the kids returned to school, the word became more commonly used on weekends. You may also follow the increase of HMU on Google Trends, which corresponds to what Facebook discovered. The linked searches for the phrase are all variants on “what does hmu mean,” which makes sense given that, as previously said, individuals use HMU in conversations and social media rather than as a normal word in Google searches.


HMU may have acquired popularity in 2010, but it is still a popular internet slang term today. And now that you know what HMU stands for, you can start utilizing it confidently.

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