Why Do You Want To Hide Likes On Facebook?

Why Do You Want To Hide Likes On Facebook?

Facebook has been developing several strategies to help its users’ mental health. First, the business added Facebook’s Take a Break function to block those you don’t want to contact.

The option to conceal like numbers on Facebook has now been made available to all users internationally by the corporation. You can turn off like counts for all other people’s posts in your Facebook newsfeed and conceal likes on your posts. Facebook has given users this option because experts believe it may benefit users. In such a case, read on to discover how to conceal likes on Facebook.

Why do you want to hide likes on Facebook?

Many individuals are curious about the effects of hiding comments or likes on Facebook. As well as the rationale behind using this feature in the first place. This function on Facebook is very valuable for several reasons, which we will list below:

On social media, users look to the number of likes to determine how popular the linked material is. However, people are more inclined to believe your material is worthless if your post receives few likes.

On the other side, individuals are more inclined to click on postings that have received a lot of likes since they appear more enticing. You may encourage readers to evaluate the information objectively by concealing likes on Facebook so that it doesn’t influence their opinions.

2. You don’t create material to get likes

The number of likes may also impact your judgment. As a social media content provider, the quantity of likes on your posts speaks volumes about their quality. You could stop producing material if you publish a few social media pieces that receive zero or few likes. You can concentrate on the material your audience wants you to produce rather than on yourself.

3. Newly emerging businesses on Facebook

The ability to conceal likes on Facebook was created to encourage users to concentrate more on the content they post and less on the likes. This choice enables social media users to foster a more encouraging environment. They may publish the kinds of material they’ve always desired without being concerned about the success of their postings.

Facebook likes can be hidden for the advantage of businesses and brands who have just created their business pages. Your audience is compelled to evaluate your material more critically without the likes. It might boost your social media presence.

Hiding Facebook Likes Using its Mobile App

Hiding Facebook Likes Using its Mobile App

The ways to conceal Facebook likes using its mobile app are as follows:

● Start by launching the Facebook app on your phone.

● Click the menu button. The menu icon may be located in the top right corner of the screen. If you’re using an Android smartphone, and in the bottom right corner if you’re using an iOS device.

● Click on the Settings option after choosing the Settings and Privacy option from the menu that appears.

● Now navigate to the Settings and Privacy page’s Preferences section. Also, press the Reaction Preferences button that appears there.

● Finally, switch it on by tapping the toggle button that says “On your Posts.” Every post you share on your profile will conceal the number of likes or replies.

Utilizing a Computer to Hide Facebook Likes

Utilizing a Computer to Hide Facebook Likes

The procedure for using the Facebook website on a PC differs slightly from the procedure for using your mobile app. The various user interfaces on the two devices are to blame. Let’s examine how to conceal Facebook likes using the computer’s website now:

● Open a browser on your computer and sign into your Facebook account first.

● Click on the down arrow in the top right corner of the screen on the homepage of your Facebook account.

● Click on the Settings & Privacy option from the drop-down menu.

● Then select News Feed Preferences from the menu.

● You must then select the Reaction Preferences option on the following screen.

● Finally, switch it on by clicking the toggle button next to On Your Posts. When this option is turned on, people will not see the comments or likes on the content you publish on Facebook.

Alternative Facebook Methods to Hide Likes

Numerous add-ons to conceal Facebook likes are available for Chrome browsers in the Chrome Web Store. However, as these extensions compromise your privacy, we do not advise utilizing them. You must supply information from your Facebook account to use the extensions to conceal likes.

Giving third-party extensions access to your Facebook login information is not smart. These are some options if you wish to hide Facebook post likes. Adapt the Hide Likes settings to suit your needs. Using these techniques, you may conceal likes on your Facebook business page.

Conceal reaction counts to hide Likes on Facebook

Conceal reaction counts to hide Likes on Facebook

Using Facebook’s mobile app, you may quickly and easily hide the responses to your posts. You can do this similar to how likes on Instagram may be hidden. Many consider this advantageous since it eliminates the perception that your postings are being judged if they receive few likes even if you can still see who has liked them.

You may also conceal replies and likes on other people’s posts, preventing you from seeing who has liked or disliked a post. However, you won’t be able to conceal your likes on postings. Therefore, other users will still be able to see if you like or comment on a post.

● Open the Facebook app, then click the bottom-right Menu button.

● On the upper right, select Settings.

● Reaction settings can be tapped.

● To hide reactions, flip each switch to the on position. The top slider hides reactions to other people’s postings. The bottom slider conceals reader feedback on your posts.


You now know exactly what to do if you ever want to know how to conceal likes on Facebook. Internet privacy is crucial, especially since anything we do online might be made public. Additionally, concealing likes might encourage us to produce social media content without considering how many people would like it. If you’re starting with Facebook or your company page is new, you can get few or no likes on your postings.

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