What To Do If My Apple Watch Won’t Swipe Up? 

What To Do If My Apple Watch Won't Swipe Up? 

You would want your brand-new iPhone to function flawlessly in an ideal world. Also, give you mind-blowing performance when you buy and update it to the newest iOS version. Unfortunately, this never occurs in reality. Despite having Apple’s most cutting-edge features, the iPhone 13 is full of faults, and consumers need help with speed problems and most common why their Apple watch won’t swipe up.

Several iPhone 13 customers have recently reported having trouble swiping up their iOS devices to open the Control Center. We have put together this troubleshooting post to assist users in fixing this bothersome problem. Previously, we attempted to fix several concerns with the iPhone 13. This tutorial has included the most useful workarounds for the iPhone 13’s non-working swipe-up screen.

How To Update Your Apple Watch The Normal Way

However, because you were looking for this post, you’ve probably already tried this. You can solve the issue if your Apple Watch won’t update even when one is available by following the instructions below.

1. Force Your iPhone to Restart

The first thing you should do when your iPhone screen doesn’t slide up is to force a restart of your iPhone 13. This is because rebooting your iPhone will stop any sporadic issues. You won’t lose any of your data or applications if you restart your iPhone, so don’t panic.

Quickly push and release the Volume Up button to restart your iPhone 13. Similarly, swiftly push and release the Volume down button. As soon as the Apple logo appears on your iPhone 13 screen, press and hold the power button on the side of the device.

2. Take the Screen Protector Off

Apple Watch Won't Swipe Up- Take Off the Screen Protector

Screen covers are often used to safeguard the watch’s display. However, the incompatible screen covers might make your watch’s touchscreen less responsive. It’s also possible that the Apple Watch screen protector you added is to blame for the issue.

Additionally, if the screen protector is put in improperly, the touch response may be slowed down or stopped altogether. Therefore, you can remove the screen protector from the watch and try to swipe it up.

3. Alternate your Watch’s Face

Alternate your Watch's Face

A particular watch face may occasionally bring on the issue. Although it may seem unimportant, some watch faces may interfere with swipe movements, making your watch unable to detect touches.

Therefore, switching watch faces is the best way to solve the issue. Swipe right or left to switch the watch face and choose the preferred watch face.

4. You Can Arrange Your Home Screen Anyway You Want

Consider reorganizing your Apple Watch applications as you like now that you can access them. Fortunately, there are a few different approaches. The first option is to use your Apple Watch. Tap the Digital Crown to access your Home Screen, then long-press any app.

Tap Edit Apps on the menu that appears. All of your applications will start to jitter. When you wish to relocate an app, hold down the button while dragging it there. All of your applications allow you to accomplish this. You’re just one of many who feel that using your Apple Watch to arrange your Home Screen might take time.

5. On your Apple Watch, Launch the Control Center

On your Apple Watch, Launch the Control Center

The Control Center is on the Apple Watch, just like your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Indeed, it can’t be customized as much as the Control Center on an iPhone. It is important to know how to access the Control Center since it has many practical capabilities, such as pinging your iPhone from your Apple Watch. 

Make sure you are looking at your watch face before attempting to access the Control Center on your Apple Watch. Press the Digital Crown or slide down from your Apple Watch screen to leave the Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to complete the process. With the Control Center now visible, you can use all available options, such as a button. It allows you to ping your iPhone with your Apple Watch.

6. Check Your Apple Watch Notifications

You can immediately view your alerts on your Apple Watch without touching your iPhone. You may then instantly access every notice you get, thanks to it. It is one of the finest ways to aid you in your day-to-day activities.

Make sure you look at your watch face before accessing your Apple Watch Notification Center. Tap the Digital Crown to go back if you aren’t. Next, swipe downward from your screen’s top. All your iPhone alerts will appear in a list, with the most recent ones at the bottom and the oldest ones at the top.

You may slide a notification to the left and hit the X icon that will appear on the right side to erase it. However, if you have several alerts, you may swipe down to the top of the list or use the Digital Crown to touch on Clear All.

7. Remove the Screen Protector or Case of Protection

A third-party cover or screen protector can be blamed if you use one. This is because incompatible iPhone covers and screen protectors may restrict the swipe-up gesture. In light of this, you should use one of these iPhone covers or screen protectors.

It is recommended to take them out of your smartphone before attempting to swipe up the screen to access the Control Center. If you can swipe up the screen right now, it implies that these accessories block the ability to slide up. Therefore, it is wiser to spend money on a cover and screen protector suitable for your iOS smartphone to use it perfectly.

How Apple Watch Unlocking Operates

Face ID checks to see if you’re wearing your Apple Watch before unlocking your locked iPhone if it detects that you’re wearing a mask. Similar steps are taken when using an Apple Watch to unlock a Mac.

The user is alerted that the unlocking process was successful via a haptic buzz and an Apple Watch notification when it happens. It’s important to note that you can only unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch when wearing a mask. It cannot be used to verify Apple Pay or App Store purchases.

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