Fixing The IRQL Not Less Or Equal Error: The Complete Guide

IRQL not less or equal
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Amidst the continued development of the Windows operating system, the IRQL not less or equal error is causing some disturbance among the users. We know that the development of technologies and operating systems have taken up a rapid speed in recent times. However, we must be constantly aware that no technology or operating system is perfect and error-free. Windows are regularly coming out with its varied versions and each version shows some improvements and development from the previous versions. Therefore, the question of perfection should never come up in our minds. 

Now, coming to IRQL, let me inform you that it is an abbreviation of Interrupt Request Level. If your operating system experiences any processor interruptions, it helps to prioritise that. Thus, if a process of lesser priority interrupts that of a higher-priority one, then IRQL will stop the lesser-priority process. 

If you are a Windows OS user, then you might have experienced the Blue Screen of Death. If you are unfamiliar with this term, then let me inform you that it is a blue screen that appears after the Windows OS has come to crash due to an issue. This screen will attempt to get information about the issue and the computer will restart after the process is complete. This is the error that I am talking about. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this error, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know all about it.

What The Error Displays 

What The Error Displays 
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If you face this error, you will mostly find the name of the offending program mentioned on the blue screen of death. Some common instances of the names of offending programs that users mostly face are as follows:

  • ntoskrnl.exe
  • ql2300.sys
  • kbdclass.sys
  • usbxhci.sys
  • e1c62x64.sys
  • rdyboost.sys
  • epfwwfp.sys
  • rdbss. sys
  • rtwlane.sys
  • tap0901.sys
  • rtkhdaud.sys
  • tcpip.sys
  • usbport. sys
  • tap0901.sys
  • usbhub.sys
  • tdx. sys
  • netio.sys
  • igdkmd64.sys

Another common thing in this type of error is that the root cause of most of these errors will be the malfunctioning of devices and drivers. This error occurs precisely when Windows attempts to access pagefile memory at a wrong process IRQL. The error is the system’s attempt to stop any further harm to affect your machine. In addition, a device connected in an improper manner also produces this error. Therefore, some general causes of this error may be listed below:

  • Interrupted installation of a program.
  • Downgrading the system from Windows 10.
  • Driver conflicts.
  • Installation of wrong drivers.
  • Corruption of the system files. 
  • Faulty RAM.

If you get to see a warning stating  “System scan at increased IRQL identified inappropriate driver unload error,” then there is nothing to worry about. This warning is issued as per the nature of the fault.

Using Event Viewer To Locate The Cause Of The Error

The way to find the cause of the IRQL errors using event viewer needs you to follow a few steps. Don’t be panicked. This article will take you through the steps:

  • First, you need to open Event Viewer.
  • As the viewer opens, expand the windows log.
  • Under the windows logs, you will find the ‘system’ option. Click on that.
  • As the ‘system’ option opens, you will find the ‘Create Custom View’ option. Select that.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. From that click on ‘Custom Range’.
  • From here, select the time and date of the error and click on ‘Ok’. 
  • Now, go to the Create Custom View dialogue window and enter the Event Level. 
  • Check the boxes for Critical, Warning, and Error. Click on ‘Ok’.
  • Then, give a name to the created Custom View and click on ‘Ok’. 
  • Doing this will display the errors and warning on the main window of the Event Viewer. 

Following the above steps, you will be able to locate the error. Therefore, now you need to solve the error. Do not worry. We have got you covered even regarding that issue. Read the rest of the article for ways of solving the IRQL error.

Fixing The Error
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Fixing The Error

Now, as you have discovered the error, it is time to act in order to solve the error. Follow the ways mentioned below for solving this error effectively:

Locating The Faulty Driver

As soon as you see the blue screen of death, it is essential to check the faulty file or driver. You can always look for the driver online by mentioning its name. However, here is a list of the most common files and drivers that get affected:

  • usbxhci. sys – USB port driver.
  • rdbss. sys – Related to the Windows operating system 
  • epfwwfp. sys – Related to the ESET Personal Firewall.
  • Kbdclass. sys –Related to the device driver for the keyboard. 
  • rtkhdaud. sys – Connected to the Realtek HD Audio chipset driver.
  • tcpip. sys – Manages the TCP/IP protocol of the system
  • tdx. sys – Related to Broadcom network adapter.
  • usbhub. sys – Related to a USB connection.
  • netio. sys – The network driver connector.
  • ntoskrnl.exe – Handles hardware virtualization and other kernel functions. 
  • ql2300.sys – Deals with QLogic Fibre Channel Stor Miniport Driver.
  • e1c62x64.sys –The Intel network port driver connector.

Re-installing Or Updating The Driver

After you locate the faulty driver, you can try updating it. If the problem gets solved by this process then it is well and good. However, even if the problem remains unsolved, then try uninstalling the driver and re-installing it.

Third-Party Security Software

If you have an outside or third-party Antivirus or security software, then try to solve the error by uninstalling the same. After you uninstall it, restart the system.

Third-Party Security Software
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Update System Software

This is the most preferred process for solving the error. Updating the system software frequently replaces the problematic file or driver with a new variety of the same, thereby solving the error. 

Concluding Lines

Therefore, now you know the ways to locate and solve the IRQL not less or equal error. Therefore, if your system is showing such an error, go and try out the processes that this article has provided you with.

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