What is Tesla Battery Replacement Cost? Everything You Need To Know!

What is Tesla Battery Replacement Cost?

Tesla is the clear king of electric automobiles right now. But here’s the thing: while EVs are the future, they are not impervious to damage and wear and tear. Even though electric vehicles do not require yearly oil changes or radiator coolant refills, the battery pack does deteriorate with time. It can happen due to natural wear and use or an accident, and you’ll need to repair it if you want to keep driving and you also want to know Tesla battery replacement cost.

Tesla battery replacement cost is far less difficult than changing the battery in your iPhone. It will be easy for a Tesla driver to replace the present battery. One major issue, though, is what the corporation would do with the old automobile batteries. To acquire a Tesla, you need to know a few facts. How long can a Tesla battery last? How much does it cost to replace a Tesla battery? Here’s all you need to know about Tesla battery replacement.

How Much Does a Tesla Model S Battery Replacement Cost?

How Much Does a Tesla Model S Battery Replacement Cost?

While battery replacement complaints from Model S users outside of warranty are few, we have discovered a few instances when a full battery replacement visit has cost up to $20,000. That is rather pricey, but a pricing analysis reveals that the Model S battery costs between $12,000 and $15,000.

Additional replacement components, such as connectors and cabling, are occasionally required, with the majority costing between $20 and $200. Finally, battery replacement might take anywhere from 3 to 13 hours, depending on whether there is damage to be fixed or a problem with the replacement. With labor expenses at the Tesla Service Center rumored to be roughly $175-$200 per hour, that’s an extra $525-$2,600. It appears extravagant until you consider that all these individuals are in charge of a high-voltage system, and the overhead for their insurance and facility compliance is rather substantial.

Bottom line: an out-of-pocket, simple battery replacement on the Model S should cost between $12,000 and $13,000 for the battery, $100-200 for miscellaneous parts, and $500-600 for labor. This brings the total cost of a complete Model S battery replacement to roughly $13,000-$14,000. 

What You Can Expect to Pay for Tesla Model X Battery Replacement?

What You Can Expect to Pay for Tesla Model X Battery Replacement?

We have not seen any Model X repair invoices describing a full battery replacement. Still, it’s reasonable to assume that the cost is comparable to the Model S battery replacement.

With Model S repairs for the same issue lasting between 3-13 hours, battery repair labor expenses for the Model X may range between $500 and $2,500 at a labor rate of $175-$200 per hour. These figures are highly dependent on the cause of the battery change, as the operation should be relatively easy.

If we base our pricing plan entirely on current $135 per kWh projections, a new Tesla battery for a Model X with a 100kWh battery pack should cost more than $13,500. Because Tesla nearly always utilizes reconditioned batteries, the real pricing should be significantly cheaper. Our lowest Model X battery replacement estimate is $13,000 for the battery, $100-200 for miscellaneous components, and $500-600 for labor. In other words, the lowest anticipated cost for a simple, out-of-pocket battery replacement for the Model X is around $14,000.

What is the Price of a Tesla Model 3 Battery Replacement?

What is the Price of a Tesla Model 3 Battery Replacement?

At least one service receipt indicates that a Model 3 battery replacement costs $13,500 for only the battery pack. Current battery pricing estimates place new Model 3 batteries in the $7000-$11,000 range, which is still less than the $13,500 on our sample invoice.

Why is this outside Musk’s $5,000-$7,000 range in 2019? He added that the $5,000-$7,000 figure was for each module, not per battery pack. Because the Model 3’s battery pack comprises four modules, a pack replacement is expected to cost between $20,000 and $28,000. Doesn’t $13,500 sound like a fantastic deal?

As Tesla scales up Model 3 manufacturing and continues to enhance their battery architecture, prices may fall drastically in the coming years. For the time being, our best estimate for an easy battery replacement on a Model 3 costs around $13,000 (assuming $12,000 for the battery alone, $100 for miscellaneous parts, and $500 for labor).

Another consideration is that the Tesla Model 3 (and Y) do not have the option of an extended warranty. While this is unlikely to affect the battery warranty (which is longer than the 4 yr/50k manufacturing bumper-to-bumper guarantee), it is something to consider because if the warranties on the Model 3/Y expire, that’s it.

Tesla’s Battery Replacement Procedure

A Tesla battery pack might fail for a variety of causes. It might be a voltage regulator problem, a fuse problem, or something small. The entire battery pack is impacted if the fault is contained within a single battery module. Because the voltages across all battery modules must be comparable. Even if only one module displays a value vastly different from the others, the entire pack may fail.

When this occurs, you bring your vehicle to Tesla, and the firm will repair it. They will not, however, replace a single module. Instead, they replace the battery pack with a brand new or remanufactured one and ship the old one to their battery factories for repair and refurbishing. Once the old battery pack has been repaired and inspected, it is returned to the system, ready to be put in another vehicle that requires a battery swap.

Tesla stores do not repair battery modules because they want to ensure that the battery they install in your car is in perfect working order. As a result, instead of repairing only one portion of the battery and reinstalling it, they have their specialists through it in their plants.

While this is a wonderful way to ensure that your automobile is returned to near-new condition after servicing, it is also costly and may be out of reach for some owners. This is where independent repair shops come in.

Tesla Repair Shops Provided by Third Parties

If you require a new battery for your Tesla that costs more than $15,000, you can go to a third-party repair shop. These businesses will carefully inspect your vehicle to determine the specific problem and perform the necessary repairs.

While you may not receive a brand-new battery, they will repair the problem and get you back on the road. Most importantly, the repair costs at these companies will be far lower than what Tesla charges. However, because these shops are not controlled by Tesla, you should use caution when selecting one to service your electric vehicle. Before committing, read reviews from prior pleased customers or obtain a suggestion from a friend who has had their car serviced there.

Can a Tesla Battery Be Replaced at Home?

If you intend to repair your Tesla yourself, you may encounter difficulties if you have spent time and money on equipment and expertise. This is because you must be familiar with the car’s operating system to detect problems properly.

Furthermore, hard to get specific parts, blueprints, and schematics. So, unless you’re an expert in electric car maintenance or ready to risk ruining your Tesla, you shouldn’t do it. More concerns afflict electric car ownership. If you’re still seeking answers, look at our explanations for some of the most often-asked EV questions.

Nonetheless, if you want to work on your Tesla, there are various clubs you can join and YouTube channels you can watch to learn how. But keep in mind that if you’re working with these items, you must exercise extreme caution since these batteries are dangerous high-voltage gadgets. In summary, replacing a Tesla battery at home poses considerable health hazards.


You should be prepared to spend money whether you replace your Tesla battery at the Tesla Shop, a third-party repair shop, or at home. Tesla repairs are still the most cost-effective alternative because they replace your battery with a factory-remanufactured or brand-new pack. This assures that the battery they install is in perfect working order and will not cause any problems in the future.

If you can’t afford the asking price of $15,000 or more, your next best choice is to go to a reliable third-party Tesla repair facility. If you choose the correct servicing center, you will undoubtedly save money. Alternatively, you may do it yourself if you know what you’re doing or are ready to learn.

Regardless of the cost of replacing an out-of-warranty battery, you will save money compared to the gasoline and maintenance costs of an internal combustion engine vehicle. Furthermore, you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Most individuals see this as a win-win situation.

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