iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo: How To Fix It?

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo: How To Fix It?

Everyone has been there. If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably experienced the aggravating problem of iPhone stuck on Apple logo and refusing to move. The ordinarily pleasing appearance of the famous Apple logo becomes an irritant (and even a source of anxiety).

Are you currently struggling with this issue? I understand your feelings, but you’ve come to the correct spot because we have a solution. Continue reading to discover the many methods you may use to fix an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.

When an issue with the operating system or the phone’s hardware, the iPhone becomes stuck on the Apple logo screen. The normal user may struggle to identify the source of the problem, although there are a few frequent causes:

  1. Upgrading to a new version of iOS causes issues.
  2. There are issues with jailbreaking the phone.
  3. You’re using an out-of-date beta version of iOS.
  4. Data transfer issues when moving data from an older device to a newer one.
  5. The iPhone’s internal hardware has been damaged.

The remedies listed below have proven to be beneficial to the majority of iPhone users. You may need to attempt each option until the problem is resolved.

Solution 1: Restart Your iPhone Using Force

Restart Your iPhone Using Force

Forcing your iPhone to restart may assist in resolving this issue. However, different iPhone models necessitate different restart techniques.

For use with an iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2nd generation), or later: Press and release the Volume Up button, then repeat with the Volume Down button. Then, press and hold the phone’s Side button until you see the Apple logo. If you don’t do it in the right order, your phone will SMS your SOS contacts.

It is typical for the screen to flicker before powering down during restarting. It will reboot without entering a boot loop. This procedure addresses most problems, but there may be times when it does not.

For an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Before letting go, wait a few seconds for the phone to reboot and the Apple logo to return.

For iPhone 6S, iPhone SE (1st generation), or previous models, hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for a few seconds until the Apple logo vanishes. Let go of the two buttons when the logo is displayed.

Solution 2: Reinstall iOS 

If your iPhone is frozen on the Apple logo after the force restart, consider reinstalling iOS. Your phone was probably interrupted during an update, leading iOS to corrupt. Join your iPhone to your PC. Open Finder first if you’re on macOS Catalina or later. Open iTunes instead if you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac running macOS Mojave or older.

Find your iPhone in Finder or iTunes. Once connected, repeat the steps above to force restart it and continue holding the buttons involved in the process until you see the Recovery Mode screen on your iPhone, which displays a computer symbol. When presented with the update or restore choices, choose Update. Without wiping your data, your computer will download and reinstall iOS.

Solution 3: Use System Repair Software

Use System Repair Software

If the first two options fail, use commercial or freemium system repair software. We offer a tutorial on using iMyFone Fixppo to repair an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. These tools can help you fix various iPhone problems, including the notable event in which iPhone 11 devices became stuck on the Apple logo. Dr. Fone, TunesKit, Tenorshare Reiboot, and FonePaw are some more iOS system recovery tools.

Solution 4: Perform a Factory Restore

When your iPhone doesn’t power on, one remedy is to perform a factory restore. This choice will delete all data from your phone. If you back up your iPhone’s data on your computer or iCloud, recovering your data will be considerably easier.

Enter Recovery Mode as stated in the preceding steps to conduct a factory restore. However, you should now choose the Restore option on your computer instead of updating your iPhone. We recommend doing this only after you have exhausted all other possibilities.

Solution 5: Attempt a DFU Restore

Attempt a DFU Restore

Device Firmware Update mode (DFU mode) is an iPhone recovery option that replaces any incomplete software and firmware with fresh code. As a result, several iPhone issues may be resolved by utilizing DFU mode.

Although it is not suggested for physically damaged devices, you can attempt this procedure if your iPhone does not fall into that category. To utilize this approach when your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, first, connect your iPhone to a computer using an Apple-approved USB cable. 

Solution 6: Repair it at an Apple Store

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo-Repair it at an Apple Store

If you’ve tried the following alternatives, it’s time to get your iPhone professionally fixed. If your iPhone is still under warranty, Apple should cover the repair for free as long as it hasn’t been damaged in any other manner, such as by fluids.

Repairing your phone may disclose hidden hardware faults. For example, your iPhone’s logic board may have been damaged and requires repair, which is why it was stuck on the Apple logo.


The most crucial thing to do if your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo is to figure out what triggered it. Following that, you may use the options suggested above to assist in resolving the issue. If everything else fails, please leave it to the professionals to repair your iPhone.

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