The Best Instagram Reel Length for Max Engagement

Best Instagram Reel Length
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Forget about square photographs. Instagram is becoming a destination for video content, and Reels is leading the charge. Because the duration of Instagram Reels ranges from 15 to 90 seconds, these short movies provide an opportunity to capture viewers’ attention instantly. Reels, unlike Instagram Stories, do not vanish after 24 hours and are often significantly shorter than ordinary Instagram Live videos.

However, how long should an Instagram Reel be? Is long-form video better for engagement and reach, or should you stick to shorter Reel lengths? Here’s why video length is important and how to determine your audience’s optimum Instagram Reels length.

What is an Instagram Reel?

Instagram Reels are short Instagram videos of up to 90 seconds in length. Users may record, edit, and clip together movies and photographs, set them to music, and upload them to their feed. Instagram Reels have been a fantastic tool for companies and entrepreneurs to express their creativity while expanding their reach since its beginnings.

Why? Unlike other types of Instagram posts (such as carousels), Reels have their tab on the home feed navigation bar, making them easier to find. Furthermore, short-form video is highly popular right now.

What is Instagram Reel Lenght in 2023?

Instagram Reel Lenght in 2023
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Instagram Reels are officially limited to 15 to 60 seconds in length. However, Reels can be as long as 90 seconds in rare circumstances. Select customers have already had access to this lengthier Reels duration as of early May 2022.

If other social media videos are any indicator, the maximum duration of Instagram Reels will only grow. TikTok, for example, presently supports films of up to 10 minutes in length.

Why is Instagram Reel Length Important?

The duration of your Instagram Reels can affect how many people interact with them. When you determine the ideal length for your Reels, the system will work in your favor. That means new users will discover your Reels!

Instagram Reels’ algorithm prefers Reels that:

  1. Have a high level of involvement (likes, shares, comments, saves, and watch time).
  2. Use actual audio from Reels or music from the Instagram music library.
  3. Are vertical full-screen videos. Take care to maintain the 9:16 aspect ratio!
  4. Use creative tools such as text, filter, and camera effects.

People should replay your Reels so that Instagram can count the many views. People should interact with your Reels by liking, sharing, saving, and commenting. Reels must be just the right length to keep people engaged and keep them from leaving to watch anything else.

Too-long reels may lead your viewers to lose interest and drop off. This informs the algorithm that your material needs to be more engaging. Shorter Reels that are rewatched signal to the system that your material is useful, which might lead to it being exposed to new users.

However, shorter is not necessarily better. If your product demo Reel is just seven seconds long, it may be difficult to deliver value to your viewers. People will not replay and will go on to the next Reel. The system will see this as a hint that your content isn’t engaging.

So, how long should a reel be? It depends, as you may have imagined. It all comes down to determining the best Reel length for your topic and audience. If you nail it, you’ll have a higher chance of showing in fresh Instagram feeds and improving your interaction.

What is The Ideal Instagram Reel Lenght in Terms of Reach and Engagement?

Instagram Reel Reach and Engagement
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Although Instagram keeps the optimal Reel length a secret, Adam Mosseri has made it apparent that Reels are important. Instagram is also exploring a new immersive feed focusing more on video. Engaging video Reels are becoming increasingly important in the Instagram app experience.

And, in reality, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The ideal duration for Instagram Reels is determined by the material you’re presenting and your audience’s tastes. The critical moment with Reels occurs within the first few seconds, regardless of reel length. Users will select whether or not to continue viewing at this point, so catch your viewers in from the start!

According to Mireia Boronat, Senior Content Marketing Executive at The Social Shepherd, content is essential for increased engagement. It’s all about giving your audience the greatest value in the shortest amount of time feasible.

A good reel is defined by its content rather than its length. It will only perform if the material is compelling and relevant. Keep in mind that short Reels loop more frequently, increasing your view count and allowing more viewers to find your Reel.

Short Reels tend to loop and count as numerous views, so stay to 7 to 15 seconds as a general guideline. The algorithm then notices that your video is receiving a lot of views and recommends it to additional people. Leave your audience wanting more when in doubt. They’ll be more likely to continue watching and participating with your other Reels, delivering favorable signals to the algorithm about your content.


It was more difficult to create fascinating Reels when you just had 15 seconds to work with. However, you may now create far more fascinating and in-depth material—but not too lengthy. You can simply create Reels in the Instagram app, but there are more options available. Now that you know how long Instagram Reels may endure, why not start making some?

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