List Of Some Best Fax App For iPhone

List Of Some Best Fax App For iPhone 

The day when sending faxes required a fax machine is long past. We now have the ease of mobile applications that allow you to send a fax straight from your smartphone. The classic fax machine is no longer required thanks to these applications. Here are some best Fax App for iPhone. 

You may send faxes directly from your smartphone using a variety of iPhone fax applications. You may receive and send PDF documents or image faxes using these applications.

Why Use an iPhone Fax App?

Transferring crucial papers containing sensitive information. In the last ten years, faxing has advanced significantly. It is still one of the favored communication tools at healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and banks. 

If you’ve ever used email for convenience, using your iPhone to send or receive, faxes will come naturally to you. With these iPhone fax applications, you may send and receive faxes without leaving your home or going to a local location to use a fax machine. The nicest part is that you may send and receive them from anywhere.

Best iPhone Fax Apps Ranking

1. iFax


iFax may be your best option if you’re seeking speedy fax software. This one is the first and only fax app that converts your iPhone or iPad into a portable fax machine. It has fax capabilities even without a fax machine.

It was introduced in 2008 and has dominated the fax app market for over a decade. It offers services to millions of people in various nations. You may send faxes from anywhere at any time with this software. You don’t need to have an account to use it. Instantly begin sending faxes online in a matter of minutes.

2. Using the iPhone’s Fax App

Using the iPhone's Fax App

One of the most functional and adaptable fax apps on the App Store is Fax from iPhone. Thanks to this straightforward software, I can easily send a secure fax from my iPhone. Compared to the other applications on this list. It has some helpful features, such as the ability to follow the progress of every fax.

Since the software scans the papers for you, it provides a unique cover page. This allows you to add signatures using e-signatures with your finger; we can be certain that the receiver receives the faxes. It is an essential program for everyone who sends faxes. It offers a convenient experience and is quite easy to use.

3. Genius Fax

Best Fax App For iPhone-Genius Fax

The next app on the list is Genius Fax, which provides the simplest method for sending and receiving faxes from an iOS device. You may send practically any document by fax with this user-friendly tool.

It makes faxing easy, quick, and attractive. It is simpler to use because of its straightforward UI. It offers a complimentary cover page with contact information for both the sender and the receiver. You may send faxes from many different countries with this software.

4. Burner of Fax

Burner of Fax

The iPhone and iPad fax software Fax Burner is free of advertisements. Millions of users trust this app globally, which has been around for more than ten years. It is quick, simple, and free. To make faxing simpler, this program was created.

Obtaining a fax number, taking images, and sending faxes from any location are all required. It enables you to sign the paperwork, fill out forms, and fax them back without printing. Additionally, it provides seamless inbound and outward faxing interaction with Dropbox and your mailbox.

5. JotNot Fax

Best Fax App For iPhone-JotNot Fax

One of the most user-friendly fax applications is JotNot Fax. Because of its quickness and dependability, you may send and receive faxes without any issues. It is intended to enable you to save time and money. You can fax a paper document without finding a scanner because it has one built in.

The app gives you a personal fax number that you can use to send and receive faxes. Scan the paper using your phone’s camera using the app. You may sync faxes between many platforms and devices by creating a free JotNot account.

6. MetroFax


A professional faxing program designed just for iOS users is called MetroFax. This software is free to use with the desktop faxing solution MetroFax. The fact that it functions with any valid MetroFax subscription is a plus.

A free, limited trial period is available if you have never used this software. You can start faxing in just a few minutes using this software. MetroFax enables you to upload files and send PDFs to your cloud storage, much like most other fax programs. Using the camera on your phone, you may also scan your papers.

7. MyFax App

MyFax App

You may send and receive faxes from your iOS devices more easily with the help of the MyFax app. This feature-rich fax program enables you to send faxes wherever and anywhere. You may cut expenditures and get rid of fax machines and maintenance expenses by purchasing this program.

You can send or get up to 300 pages each month with this app. It provides free local or toll-free fax number selection. You may also upload documents from Drive, Box, or Dropbox. You may use your camera to scan faxes.

Is It Safe to Send a Fax Using an iPhone Fax App?

Apps for mobile faxing are not all created alike, and each has a flaw and a strong point. However, utilizing the best fax app for iPhone is secure and safe. The online fax provider has strict procedures to encrypt transmission and safeguard the users’ accounts.

Many believe sending faxes using an app is more secure than their office’s conventional fax machine. It does away with the necessity for physical equipment to be shared or for someone to run the fax machine during office hours. Your faxes are secure if you use a fax app that complies with industry standards and has robust encryption.


Email is not seen to be as secure as fax. This is due to fax’s restricted access to the internet and devices with internet capabilities. Phone lines, which are more difficult to access than open internet connections. These are the communication medium for fax machines. With a fax app, you may send a fax from your phone or tablet fast and effortlessly. You may easily send and receive faxes from your home, place of business, or while traveling.

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