Fix The Issue Cannot Verify Server Identity

Fix The Issue Cannot Verify Server Identity

Inability to Check Server Identity When your iPhone device recognizes the mail server’s certificate as fraudulent, iPhone errors commonly result. The main cause of the problem that it cannot verify server identity is a certificate that is either expired or wrongly signed. This issue occurs on iPhones when the server name does not coincide with the domain name when you enter the email address.

This is a regular issue, but it prevents customers from using their iPhones to send or receive emails. Therefore, an immediate remedy is required. We have provided this article to assist you quickly in addressing the issue. It covers the mistake in full, from its causes to their practical remedies.

Reasons for This Error on iPhone

There are a few causes of this issue on iPhone or iOS devices. Now that you know the reasons, you can quickly resolve the issue by picking the best options from the suggested remedies.

1. Typical Problem-Solving

This problem on your iPhone might be brought on by a domain name and server name mismatch, as was already described before. The iPhone will give you this message if the names on the certificate are mismatched, allowing it to be recognized as a fake. So, if the server and domain names vary, do the troubleshooting below to fix the issue.

2. Connect to a Secure Network

Using a public network occasionally causes this problem on an iPhone, as was already described. Therefore, utilizing a private network rather than a public one is recommended to fix the problem before turning to any technical solutions.

For many people, using a private network has fixed this issue. As a result, it would be wise to attempt this option. You can connect via your mobile hotspot or your home WiFi to see whether the issue has been resolved.

3. Set the Appropriate Time and Date on Your iPhone

The incorrectly set date and time on the iPhone contribute to this problem. These are not correctly set following the current time zone or GMT. Therefore, you will encounter this error if the date and time on your iOS device or iPhone. To fix the problem in this scenario, you must change the date and time on your iPhone or iOS device.

4. Switch off your iPhone

Switch off your iPhone

Internal flaws or glitches typically bring on this issue on your iPhone. Therefore, you can get this problem on your iOS device or iPhone if your iPhone has a bug or other internal difficulties. Therefore, all you need to do in this case is restart your Apple device. Restarting your device will give it a clean slate and resolve any internal faults or malfunctions that are currently present.

5. Reset Network Configuration

Fix The Issue Cannot Verify Server Identity-Reset Network Configuration

If none of the above suggestions work, the issue may be with your network settings. Your iPhones and servers may have connectivity issues due to an incorrectly configured network setup. In such a case, your iPhone’s network settings may have been changed and reset, as many users were able to cure this problem using this technique. So, it’s worthwhile to try the remedy.

Install the Newest Software on your iPhone

Cannot verify server identification error is one of the issues a version that is outdated or older causes over time. On your iOS device or iPhone, this issue is typically brought on by out-of-date or obsolete software versions. Therefore, to resolve the issue when it turns out that an older piece of software is to blame for the problem.

It considers updating your iPhone’s OS to the most recent version that is currently available. Additionally, upgrading your iPhone’s software to the most recent version addresses several issues with your device. Also, it adds several features that increase stability and security.

Factory Reset 

Factory Reset

Try a factory reset if none of the abovementioned solutions work for you. But before conducting a factory reset, ensure that you have a backup of all the data on your iPhone. As doing so will erase everything and make your iPhone appear brand-new. To reset your iPhone, adhere to the instructions below.

How to Fix My iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity?

1. Launch Your iPhone

Suppose you have an iPhone, friends. And the “cant verify server identity” warning is shown on your iPhone. Therefore, you should restart your iPhone by turning off internet data. You could occasionally have such an error because of minor software bugs in the iPhone. In this case, the fault is resolved by restarting the iPhone.

You must first press and hold the Power Button, hold the Volume Up button for two seconds, and release the Volume Up button. And then, press the Volume Down button again to restart your iPhone. Then, after a brief delay, your iPhone began to resume. It would help if you waited for a while. Your iPhone will restart after that. And you can eliminate this error if there is a little software flaw.

2. Restart and close the Mail App

Friends, you must now check your iPhone to see if any app is malfunctioning, giving you an error. This is frequently observed when the iPhones cannot verify server identity problems.

At that point, the iPhone’s Mail App is not functional. You must then close and reopen the Mail App in this circumstance. It has frequently been observed that closing and reopening the Mail App fixes the cannot verify server identification problem.

3. Add the Email Account Again after Removing Your Email Account

Add the Email Account Again after Removing Your Email Account

Friends, even after using the two techniques given above, if your iPhone still displays the cannot verify server identity error. Therefore, in this circumstance, you must immediately delete the login email address from your iPhone. Deleting the email ID from your iPhone will allow you to log in again. 


We intend to enhance our essay on how to fix the cannot verify server identity error. Your iPhone tries to get the server’s SSL certificate and then verifies its validity to establish a secure connection with a mail server. It is regarded as untrustworthy if it discovers that the certificate does not correspond to the domain name. It has expired or was not signed by the business. The error message “Cannot Verify Server Identity” is displayed in this situation. 

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