Best  iPhone Xs Cardholder Max Cases You Can Buy

Making out some extra space for the Apple card is a must if you are an iPhone Xs Max user. If your wallet is overflowed with cash and finance cards all the time, then carrying the Apple card in your wallet might be a bit troublesome. In this article we have listed the top ten iPhone Xs max cardholder cases for you that might save your day.

1. WeLoveCase


WeLoveCase offers a premium iPhone card holder case that protects your smartphone from all sides.For this specific model,  WeLoveCase has integrated cutting-edge three-level protection. If you look inside, you will find a concealed wallet section, which has room for up to two credit or debit cards.

USP: 360-degree protection.

2. Oddss

Oddss transparent card holder case

This model from Oddss has a transparent card holder case with a marble design on it. It is extremely flexible, thin and well- built. The case is simple to install and remove and has a soft TPU rim.

USP: Marble design.

3. Vofolen

Vofolen case

This case from Vofolen can hold two credit/debit cards. The slider blends so well with the case’s design that one can hardly tell its presence. There is a concealed card holder underneath the slider. The case can be used to store your credit/debit cards.

USP: Concealed card holder.

4. Encased

Encased case iphone xs

This card holder case from Encased, is just as durable as the brand’s other tough cases. The wallet case is from the Phantom series and has a small card slot that can hold up to three IDs and credit/debit cards.

USP: Dual-layered design.

5. Spigen

Spigen case

This sleek, dual-layered case from Spigen, shields your iPhone from all kinds of damages. You can also fit two cards and some cash in the sliding case.

USP: Economic design.

6. Dockem


This cardholder from Dockem contains a hidden metal plate provided for magnetic mounting. Synthetic leather in the canvas design gives off a beautiful, polished appearance. It includes two distinct card slots.

USP: Canvas style synthetic leather.

7. ZVEdeng


The card holder case by ZVEdeng appears to be relatively thin, but it has space for up to 12 credit or debit cards due to its elastic webbing, which is flexible and allows maximum card capacity.

USP: Flexible elastic webbing.

8. Teelevo


In this model Teelevo has included a card holder case and a kickstand in a space that is only 6.20′′ x 3.05′′ x 0.30′′.

USP: Kickstand

9. Smartish


The cardholder case from Smartish is acclaimed as the wallet-killer. All your vital documents are safe inside this smart-looking case, which has protective air-pocket sides and can hold three cards and cash.  

USP: Compatible to wireless charger.

10. Vena


This card holder case from Vena comes with military-grade drop protection . Vena drops-tests each case 26 times from a height of four feet before delivering it. The foldable leather flap on the back is where you can tuck your credit and debit cards.

USP: Patented design


 Cardholder cases are the must have iPhone accessory. It gives you the dual benefit of keeping your phone safe along with carrying your cards safely. Some of the cardholder cases also provide a few bonus features like kickstand, wireless charging, etc.

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