How to Report Someone on Discord From Your Device

How to Report Someone on Discord From Your Device

Although discord is a synonym for disagreement, it does not exclude you from being courteous when expressing ideas with others. This chat software may be a great way to spend your free time speaking with users that are interested in themes that you are as well.Know how to report someone on discord if you feel someone is disrespectful to you.

However, it is common for a minor misunderstanding or difference of opinion to escalate into a more severe argument. It occurs frequently in the internet environment, where you cannot see how your words affect others.

Here’s how to report someone’s disrespectful statements or conduct if you’re in an unpleasant scenario on Discord.

How to Report a Discord User from a Mobile Device?

How to Report a Discord User from a Mobile Device?

Discord’s iPhone and Android apps make it simple to report someone. You only need to browse the message you wish to report. Hold it down, then select Report from the bottom of the list. This option will display both direct messages and public messages. Choose a category for the report from the subsequent screen.

To report an entire Discord server, open it from the left switcher, hit the three-dot button at the top, and select Report Server from the list. That’s all there is to it—nothing else is expected of you. However, because this way of reporting requires fewer details, Discord suggests filing a detailed ticket for the incident, as explained below. You can access the identical online form in your mobile browser, but it’s simpler to do it on a desktop or laptop computer.

How to File a Discord Report from Desktop?

How to File a Discord Report from Desktop?

Discord’s desktop applications, unlike the mobile versions, do not provide a reporting mechanism. Instead, go to Discord’s Submit a request page, which you can access by clicking Submit a request in the top-right corner of This is the most popular way to report someone on Discord.

Select Trust & Safety in the What can we help you with? area on this page then enters your email address. There are three ways to report persons under How can we help?

  • Report abuse or harassment: This function reports cyberbullying, explicit content/behavior, hacks, malware, scams, fraud, violent extremism, and other similar activities.
  • Report spam: This function reports a person or bot spamming you, a server devoted to spreading spam, or anything similar.
  • Another problem to report: Any additional reports, such as underage users, worries about self-harm, or a banned person creating new accounts.

You’ll notice various options in the What would you want to report? The section depends on what you choose in the box beneath it. And some alternatives will appear below that. In what sense? What about the content? boxes to offer complete context.

Fill out the fields to best describe the issue you’re reporting. Most reports will need you to give a Message Link to the infringing message. In Discord, right-click on the message and choose Copy Message Link. Then, within the box, use Ctrl + V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac) to paste the URL.

How to Get Discord Message IDs?

You can continue to use the Discord reporting form for trivial reports. However, you can provide more IDs with your report. This is a fantastic way to convey as much information as possible.

Discord’s Developer Mode must be enabled. Click the Gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the Discord interface, then pick Advanced from the left sidebar and enable the Developer Mode slider.

With this mode enabled, you may copy the ID of any Discord message, user, or server by right-clicking on it. This is a unique identification for the item you may use in your report. If you’re reporting a server-wide issue, note the server ID.

You must now fill out the Subject and Description fields. Enter a brief statement of the incident into the Subject, such as “Spammer sending bogus links in my server.” You can provide any pertinent facts regarding the event, including the IDs you copied previously, in the Description to offer Discord staff further information.

There is also an Attachments section. As supplementary documentation, use this to attach a screenshot of the message or anything else relevant to the case. Because screenshots are easily manipulated, Discord does not accept them as proof. It is very necessary to provide message links with your report.

When you’re finished, click Submit to finish your Discord report. The firm “may take several measures, including sending a warning, deleting the content, or removing the accounts and/or servers responsible” based on your report. After reviewing the case, the business will send you an email.

How to Remove a Discord Report?

If you find yourself needing to cancel a previous report, we recommend sending a direct message to the Discord Twitter page. Send the specifics of your case and request that a staff member delete your report. You should also provide the Discord staff with the email address you use for your account to make things easier for them. Someone may rescind a complaint for various reasons, including inadvertently reporting someone or reporting them before discovering that the message did not break Discord’s community standards.

We’d like to emphasize that making false reports violates Discord’s terms of service. Only report someone if you are certain they infringe the standards, or you may face repercussions. The Discord support staff works hard to respond to reports as quickly as possible. They frequently address problems in a few minutes.


Discord is typically a great place to hang out, but if you see someone breaking the rules, report them. Don’t allow folks to get away with destructive behavior that degrades everyone else’s experience. And if you need clarification on whether anything is reportable conduct, ask a server mod.

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