iPhone Easy Tutorials: How to Undo in Notes Apps?

How to Undo in Notes Apps
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The Notes application on the iPhone is a great tool for taking notes or capturing information. Starting afresh on the app aggravates when you mistakenly erase data or enter incorrect information.

The Notes app, included with every iOS device, is the finest option for taking notes. It supports, among other things, the incorporation of tables, checklists, document scanning, a range of markup tools, and text formatting. Unfortunately, the Notes app has no Undo button to reverse the text changes. Although Apple Notes contains an undo option, it is rarely used. You may quickly undo or redo your activities if you make a mistake while using Apple Notes.

Today, we’ll teach you how to Undo in iPhone Notes.

What Exactly is The Apple Notes App?

Notes is a built-in Apple software that is available throughout the Apple ecosystem. It’s a straightforward app for taking notes on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Notes can be used for business, as a to-do manager, or to arrange personal chores, among other things. Notes can be used to jot down any information, such as an address, a lengthy number, or personal opinions.

With the introduction of iOS 9, Apple greatly upgraded the Notes app, introducing professional-level capabilities such as a new typeface, the ability to format styles, a document scanning tool, and more. The app now includes Instant Notes as of iOS 13. This means you can access Notes right from Control Center, which is convenient.

Notes are now the primary note-taking app for every iPhone user. However, not all users know how to undo iPhone Notes or other beneficial capabilities. Continue reading to find out more.

How to Undo in Notes Apps?

How to Undo in Notes Apps
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You may reverse the last action you took in the Notes app if you mistakenly erased a note or made an error. You have numerous alternatives here.

  1. Shake To Undo
  2. Undo Button
  3. Finger Gesture
  4. External Keyword

Let’s look at them in more detail.

#1 Undo with The Shake Feature

Undo with The Shake
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You may reverse what you’ve typed in the Notes app by simply shaking your iPhone. iPhone notes may be undone simply by gently shaking your iPhone after you have completed entering or making edits. When you select this option, the Undo Text Entry box appears. By pressing the Undo button, you may undo your most recent modification.

Shake your iPhone again to cancel the Undo Typing operation and restore your prior typing. You may then undelete the text or undo the most recent modification you made by using the Redo Typing box. IOS includes a built-in Undo capability called “Shake to Undo” that is always active. Settings > General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo, where you may disable this function.

Removing this function will impact any apps that use this gesture, including Messaging, Emails, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others. Unless there is a compelling reason to turn it off, it is advisable to leave it on.

#2 Undo using The Undo Button

Undo using The Undo Button
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Although necessary, the Shake to Undo function can be unpleasant at times. For example, shaking your iPhone or iPad back and forth may appear strange if you’re using Notes as a research tool in class.

The Undo button in Notes is another option for undoing a mistake on your iPhone or iPad. The button is only sometimes evident, but it’s simple to find and utilize. Click the Markup symbol to undo a mistake you’ve made. The Undo and Redo arrow buttons should appear at the top of the screen. You may undo or redo any mistakes you’ve made by tapping these.

#3 Undo using Finger Gestures

Undo with The Shake Feature

You may also use gestures to reverse a prior activity when using Notes. On an iPhone, you can reverse action by double-tapping anywhere on the screen with three fingers. This option deletes the most recently input material. A three-finger swipe to the left of the screen will remove the most recent modification. When you undo an action, a confirmation notice shows at the top of the screen. You can undo and redo an action by swiping three fingers to the right. When you do this, the Redo notice will display in the upper-right corner of the message.

Another method of establishing contact is the three-finger tap. This will open a menu with choices such as undo, redo, copy and paste. To undo your modifications, go to the “Undo” menu. That is far more useful in other situations, such as when dealing with tables in Notes and needing to undo a change you made. Double-touching the screen with three fingers will erase the last few characters you entered in the iOS Notes app.

#4 Undo using An External Keyword

Undo using The Undo Button
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Notes on an iPhone or iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard, such as the Apple Magic Keypad, allow you to undo and redo your actions with only a few touches of the keypad. To undo a modification, use Command+Z, and to redo it, press Shift+Command+Z. You can undo (or reconstruct) various actions with a single touch of these keys.

Assume you have an iPad and a Smart Keyboard connected through the Smart Connector. The undo and redo buttons will remain accessible via the Smart Keyboard’s bar in the lower-left corner of the iPad. To undo, press the on-screen undo Button or the keyboard shortcut Command+Z. To undo, press Shift+Command+Z on the Smart Keyboard or hit the redo button on the screen.


As previously said, Notes may be useful if used correctly. It is one of the most essential applications on iOS or iPadOS since it allows you to create lists, draw sketches, write handwritten notes, including images, and share them with colleagues.

And, with the appropriate gestures, you can rapidly do specific activities in the Notes app. There is a learning curve, but with practice and patience, you will master the Notes app in no time.

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