Best Apps for The Apple Pencil That You Need to Know

Best Apps for The Apple Pencil
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Installing the finest iPad Pro applications for the Apple Pencil helps maximize your tablet and pen, whether you use it to create digital art, edit photographs, take notes, or simply relax. When you pair the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, you unlock a whole new level of productivity and your iPad Pro experience, but certain applications function better than others.

This roundup has selected 30 of the finest iPad Pro applications for Apple Pencil. We tested a variety of applications suited to creative outlets ranging from drawing to 3D modeling to see how well they operate with Cupertino’s stylus. The applications were rated based on their features, usability, compatibility with the Apple Pencil, and overall performance. We’ve done more in-depth assessments in certain situations, so look for the review.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes
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Before you go into the depths of wonderful third-party applications, remember what Apple Notes can achieve. The built-in Notes app supports the Apple Pencil. Create a new note, then begin writing using the Apple Pencil. You are free to scrawl, draw, or do anything you like. To expose the toolbar, tap the Pencil symbol at the bottom. You may now switch to a pen or marker tip and select whatever color you like.

To create a segment, click the lasso tool icon. Simply draw over a portion of the note with it to pick it up and move it around. The integration with iOS/iPadOS is the biggest reason to use Apple Notes as a rapid note-taking tool on iPad. Tap the Lock screen with your Apple Pencil, and the Notes app will open with either a blank note or the last note you accessed.

Autodesk SketchBook

This software will meet all your creative demands, from fast drawings to elaborate artwork. It has a lot of drawing tools and a simple user interface. Allow your imagination to run wild and use useful features such as perspective guides, a snapping toggle, a vanishing point lock, and horizon line visibility.

It supports Scan Sketch for later iPad models and the double-tap capability of the Apple Pencil 2nd generation. Furthermore, the full-featured edition of SketchBook is completely free to use, with no irritating advertising or transactions.

WeTransfer Paper

WeTransfer Paper

Here’s an immersive sketching software with finely calibrated tools for sketching, collaging, painting, drawing, and exploring your creativity in any way that fits you. The intuitive motions will assist your creative flow and allow you to focus without interruptions.

If you’re stuck, there are a plethora of creative prompts, how-tos, tips and tactics, and so on to help you. Furthermore, it is quite simple to use, with no need for complicated layers. Simply place many photos on a single page, then cut, glue, and move them around to make masterpieces.


Hundreds of brushes, creative artistic tools, a complex layer structure, and a blazing graphics engine that keeps up with your flow allow you to unleash your creativity. It’s one of the greatest Apple Pencil applications for carrying your art studio everywhere. Some prominent features include super HD canvases with resolutions of up to 16k by 4k on an iPad Pro, an easy Apple Pencil interface, 250 levels of undo and redo, over a hundred adjustable brush parameters, and much more.


Image Credits: Bear App

Apple products are known for their gorgeous, minimalist simplicity, and Bear is the greatest note-taking iPad Pro app for Apple Pencil, from its brief name to its simple UI. You may make notes and add tags, pictures, drawings, and other files to keep everything organized.

Bear includes applications for macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as a browser extension, and you can sync your notes across all of your Apple devices via iCloud (though the pro membership is required). The pro edition also includes more export choices, encryption, password security, and the ability to unlock using Face or Touch ID. Remember that this is a purposefully simple choice; there is no formatting panel, for example.

Adobe Photoshop

As the iPad becomes more capable, desktop-class software, such as Adobe Photoshop, is making its way to the tablet. Adobe created the software to use the iPad’s touchscreen and to work with the Apple Pencil.

You may use the app to create entire PSDs with layers and use features familiar to the desktop version, such as spot healing and blending. Other well-known utilities are the Layer stack and Toolbar. The app’s UI is context-aware, so it will only show tools that you truly need to aid you when working. A 30-day free trial is available to test the app. An active Adobe Photoshop monthly member can use the app for free.

AstroPad Standard

AstroPad Standard

With AstroPad Standard, you may connect an iPad and a Mac. Connect your iPad over Wi-Fi or plugin with a USB connection if you want to run a particular program on a Mac simultaneously. You’ll be able to mirror any Mac software on the iPad’s screen. Along with complete touch and gesture capability, the Apple Pencil may be used across the system and with any program. This opens up many possibilities for bringing stylus functionality, including full pressure sensitivity, to the Mac.

You may draw straight into popular creative tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Pixelmator, and others. The Apple Pencil may also be used for annotation, whiteboarding, and other applications. The app can achieve bursts of up to 60 frames per second while utilizing Wi-Fi. For an even better experience, the app includes realistic palm rejection.

Adobe Fresco

This Adobe software was created specifically for use with the Apple Pencil on your iPad. It combines the power of your beloved Photoshop brushes with vector brushes’ enhanced accuracy and revolutionary Live Brushes. This elevates your artistic expression to new heights!

Furthermore, it improves crucial artist tools like selection and masking to make the creation process smoother and faster. When you subscribe to the Premium version, you receive Photoshop for iPad with automatic cloud synchronization so you can work on several devices.


This takes us to the end of the list of iPad Pro applications that can make the most of the Apple Pencil. So far, the applications reviewed have been divided into design, note-taking, and drawing apps.

With this list, you’ll be able to select the top applications for Apple Pencil based on your needs. Some are free on the Apple app store, while others must be paid to unlock their full functionality.

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