iOS 16.2 will Bring 5G Support to iPhones in India Starting Next Week

Ios 16.2

Following the release of iOS 16.1 last month, Apple began testing iOS 16.2 with beta program participants, including both developers and the general public. Apple today told The Indian Express that the beta version of iOS 16.2 that will be released the next week will finally support 5G on Airtel and Jio for iPhones in India.

After the country’s 5G services went live on October 1, the Indian government put a lot of pressure on the company to do this. Apple previously said that all supported devices would receive the final release of iOS 16.2 in December.

In the interim, you can enroll your smartphone on the beta program website if you wish to test 5G functionality in India. After that, you’ll get the most recent beta, and the high-speed connections-enabling new build should arrive the following week.

All things considered, be aware that these beta builds may contain bugs and/or things that just don’t work in them. If this bothers you, it’s better to wait for the stable release, which happens next month, when all the problems will have been resolved.

The third-generation iPhone SE model, the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 series, as well as other Apple devices, are 5G compatible. The beta software update for these devices will be released the following week, followed by the full upgrade in December.

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