How to Unhide a Song on Spotify? Is it Too Easy?

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify?

People love to listen to, make, and share music on Spotify, which has grown to be one of the top music streaming apps in the world. Additionally, it displays viewpoints and has amazing tunes by gifted musicians. Here are steps of how to unhide a song on Spotify

Users of the app enjoy browsing through the vast collection of music, which numbers in the millions. The program offers the ability to hide tracks from the playlist so that others cannot access your tunes. Here is all you need to know if you need to learn how to reveal tracks on Spotify.

What is Spotify Blend?

The Blend option, new to Spotify, compiles a playlist of tracks from either of the Blend partners’ musical tastes. Based on your listening habits, Spotify also adds a few songs that the two of you might like. New songs would be added to this playlist each day when it was updated. However, you cannot alter the mix by adding or deleting tracks.

You may conceal a song if neither of you wishes to be listening to it. A blend is a fantastic approach to discovering each other’s musical tastes. Even becoming acquainted with the vibrant variations and fresh Spotify additions. Your musical tastes will be introduced to one another. You may experience, study, share, and enjoy music on a delightful and blended trip with Spotify Blend.

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify?

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify?

One of the most popular podcasts and music streaming services is Spotify. With so much entertainment and music available, you will always have options. But certain concerns are brought up by music. Some people have very stringent musical tastes and will not listen to music that is not in line with them. 

On the other side, some people choose not to listen to certain songs because they do not enjoy them. Hiding tracks on Spotify is the ideal remedy for this. After hiding it, you can no longer see certain music on the app. However, there are several instances where a music track is automatically hidden.

Therefore, even your favorite music could only occasionally be available on Spotify. However, there is a technique to restore Spotify’s hidden tunes. You can reveal music on the streaming platform or even an entire podcast or show. In this post, you can find out if music is hidden and how to make it visible again.

Easily Unhide Songs on Spotify

The easiest but most crucial step is this one. A selection of choices will appear on the screen when you tap the three dots symbol adjacent to the hidden music. An obvious red symbol will accompany the term, Hidden. 

The song from this album will be automatically unhidden and played if you tap here. The playlist you have added this song to, such as your party playlist or gaming mix, will also now have it available again.

You can curate your playlists, your musical tastes, and any memories. 

They may evoke more skillfully and efficiently now that you are acquainted with concealing and unhiding tracks on Spotify. You may temporarily stop tracks from playing without completely removing them from your playlist. If a certain playlist has a few uncomfortable songs, you do not want to play them when guests are around.

How to Hide Your Spotify Listening Activity? 

How to Hide Your Spotify Listening Activity?

There are a few ways to stop Spotify’s sharing of your listening habits with friends. Either the desktop software or the mobile app may be used for this. Select your profile picture and Settings from the dropdown menu on the Spotify desktop app. Find the Social area by scrolling down on the Settings page.

Please turn off the Spotify option to the right of the Share my listening activity. Your friends will not be able to see what you are listening to on Spotify after you do this. Select your profile symbol and choose Profile from the dropdown menu to see which friends are following you. The list of friends following you on Spotify may be found by scrolling down to the Followers section.

How Can I Get My Deleted Spotify Songs Back?

With Spotify, you can download a song and play it later. Anyone who travels frequently will appreciate this feature. Unfortunately, Spotify does not offer a tool to retrieve previously stored music that has been removed. However, you may get the data back using data recovery software.

Install the data recovery program first. Launch it and then open it on your computer or laptop. Allow the software to search your storage now, but the media cannot locate any evidence of the file. The program will track down the deleted files and restore them to their pre-delete state. As a result, you may also enjoy the songs that were erased.

How to Remove Music from Someone else’s Spotify Playlist?

Today, Spotify released a minor update for its Premium subscribers. Now that you can hide songs from playlists you did not make. You may effectively alter the playlists to your tastes. Considering how many playlists I listen to, it is a little change.

As at least one song generally does not go with the rest of the playlist, I will utilize it. Additionally, it is a simple process to undo. Making a simple adjustment to an existing playlist is considerably more beneficial than creating a new one and repeatedly skipping over a song because the shuffle will not stop it from playing.


I went into great depth on revealing liked music on Spotify. You may unhide any music by selecting the Hidden option from the three-dot menu on a mobile device. If a song is hidden, Spotify will skip it if it appears in a playlist or album. To reveal the music on the Spotify desktop client, you click on the circle symbol that looks like a minus sign. You may click on the same icon once more to reveal tracks on the Spotify desktop. All hidden music on Spotify will become accessible once you figure out how to unhide a song.

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