How to Ping Apple Watch From iPhone in Few Simple Steps

You can utilise the ping function on your Apple Watch to ring your iPhone whenever you can’t find it. When you press the ping button in the watchOS Control Center, your iPhone starts to ring, allowing you to find the device right away. Few users are aware that you can ping an Apple Watch directly from the iPhone in case you misplace it. 

When you do this, the Apple Watch emits a pinging sound that makes it simple for you to locate the gadget. In the event that you have placed your Watch somewhere and can’t remember where, pinging Apple Watch from an iPhone can be very helpful. Additionally, it can be helpful if your Apple Watch has been lost or has possibly slipped under a couch, etc.

How to find your Apple Watch by pinging it from iPhone

Remember that technique only works if your watch is close enough to hear the sound and be able to get it. 

  • Your iPhone’s Find My app should be opened. 
  • Select the Devices tab. 

  • On the list of gadgets, tap your Apple Watch. 
  • Click “Play Sound.” 
  • If your watch is close, it will begin making a sound that you can use to find it. 
  • When you do, hit Dismiss to stop your Apple Watch from beeping. 

How to find Your iPhone With Apple Watch

You can also use the iPhone ping feature, which enables customers to use the Apple Watch to rapidly locate their lost iPhone. This is how it goes. 

  • You can reach the Control Center screen on your Apple Watch. 
  • Tap the iPhone button as seen in the above image once you are in the Control Center. 

Your iPhone will begin to ring as soon as you tap on this button, alerting you to its location. For this to function, the iPhone must be within the Bluetooth range of the Apple Watch.

Can’t ping your Apple Watch from your iPhone? Here’s how to fix it

1. Update watchOS and iOS to the most recent versions. 

Update your Apple Watch to the most recent version of watchOS to solve the problem if you are unable to ping your Apple Watch with your iPhone. By navigating to Watch app -> General -> Software Upgrade, you can update your Apple Watch. 

The same applies to updating your iPhone’s software by navigating to Settings -> General -> Software Update. You should now be able to ping Watch from an iPhone. 

2. Reboot your Apple Watch and iPhone

You should reboot your iPhone and Apple Watch and try again if they are already running the most recent software. By pushing and holding the side button and moving the Power off slider, you can quickly restart an Apple Watch. 

3. Verify that Find My Services are operational. 

Check that Apple’s Find My service is operational if you are experiencing issues while pinging your Apple Watch with an iPhone. If Find My is unavailable, the ping feature won’t function. Find My Network’s status can be checked here. 

4. Ensure a functioning Internet connection

Pinging Apple Watch requires an internet connection, therefore if your house or office’s internet is down, you won’t be able to use this feature. Check that your Internet is operational before trying again.

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