Facetime Android: Can You Get FaceTime for Android?

FaceTime is a dependable way for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to video communicate. FaceTime is easy to take for granted if you own one of these Apple devices.

Unfortunately, Android users cannot download the FaceTime software or initiate FaceTime chats. However, with the introduction of iOS 15, iPad 15, and macOS Monterey, anybody may join a FaceTime call directly from their web browser.

Here’s how to issue a FaceTime invite from an Apple device and join a FaceTime chat from an Android phone or Windows PC.

What Exactly is FaceTime?

What Exactly is FaceTime?

First, let’s go through what FaceTime is and how it works. Apple’s FaceTime video and audio calling service. It was released in 2010 for the iPhone and in 2011 for the Mac. It is free on all compatible Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod touch. Anyone with one of these devices can call anyone other with a compatible device if they know the phone number or email address associated with the other party’s Apple ID.

While FaceTime is primarily a video-calling program, the FaceTime Audio feature also allows for voice-only calls. If your plan has a restricted number of minutes, this is an alternative to phone calls. Group FaceTime calls with up to 32 people are now available, so you’re not confined to one-on-one conversations.

You may even use FaceTime to share your Mac’s screen, and iPhone screen sharing is available with iOS 15.1 and later. FaceTime is extremely convenient because it is pre-installed on every iPhone and Mac. When you set up an iPhone, you’re strongly urged to log in or create an Apple ID, which means a video conference with anyone you know who has an iPhone is just a tap away. You won’t have to mess around with creating new accounts or installing a new app.

Can I Use FaceTime on Android?

FaceTime is a proprietary program, which means Apple has complete control over where it may be used. FaceTime was previously exclusively accessible on Apple smartphones. However, in an unexpected step for Apple, the firm now allows users to utilize Android FaceTime, Windows, and other systems.

FaceTime will be available for Android in September 2021. There is, however, no FaceTime app accessible for download on Google Play or Microsoft Store. Someone using an Apple device must instead establish a link to invite you to a FaceTime call. When you open this link in Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can join the call via a web interface. You can’t make a FaceTime call from an Android to an iPhone; you can only join calls that an Apple user sends you.

The fundamental functionalities work. However, not all of FaceTime’s features are available for Android handsets. You may mute your microphone and video using this online version, utilize full-screen mode, and swap between your front and back cameras. You may also rearrange the call participants. However, sophisticated features like SharePlay, which allows you to watch movies with peers using FaceTime, are only available on Apple devices.

If this version of FaceTime isn’t enough for you, or if you’d prefer to use a FaceTime-like app designed for Android, many FaceTime alternatives will function well on your smartphone.

What is the Android App for FaceTime?

What is the Android App for FaceTime?

Let’s look at some of the greatest FaceTime alternatives available on Android. Here are some amazing applications for conducting free conference calls if you need something else.

Google Allo and Google Duo were released in 2016. Allo was a text chat software that was terminated. However, Duo is still available and serves as the company’s closest equivalent for FaceTime. It has a pared-down design that focuses on video calling, similar to FaceTime.

The pair is well-optimized for bad connections, so you should get good call quality even in terrible network conditions. It can handle group calls of up to 32 persons and leave a short message if the other person does not answer.

Duo also utilizes phone numbers for contacts, making it easier for your pals to join because they don’t need to create a Google account. Google Duo allows voice calling if you don’t require a complete video call. When someone contacts you, it also offers a function called “Knock Knock,” which allows you to watch a few seconds of the other party’s live video. Finally, Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring the security of your conversations.

Overall, Duo comes the closest to an Android equivalent of FaceTime. Although it is not an all-in-one messenger, its simplicity appeals to some. The duo is also available for the iPhone and the web, so if your iPhone-owning pals are okay with installing a new app, they can easily contact you.

The Best FaceTime App for Android

Using Apple’s approved method is the best way to FaceTime your iPhone-owning pals while using an Android phone. Simply ask a buddy with an iPhone to generate and email a link to a new call, and you may join it on your browser.

If you often call folks using Android or the web, Google Duo (soon Google Meet) is also worth having around. It’s easy to set up, so if you’re attempting to video chat with a non-technical relative, they won’t have to do anything to get started. Having your Duo profile linked to your phone number eliminates the need to create a Google or Microsoft account.

The duo is free of extraneous features and is available everywhere with complete support. Only if your iPhone-owning pals refuse to install another app should you use it.

Will Android Ever Have Full FaceTime Support?

While Apple’s move to make FaceTime links available on other platforms was a surprise, this solution still needs to be a full version of FaceTime for Android. When Steve Jobs introduced FaceTime, he stated that the business would collaborate with standards bodies to make it an “open industry standard,” however, this is not currently the case.

Apple does provide a few Android applications, like Apple TV, Apple Music, and Move to iOS. However, Apple Music and Apple TV are also expensive services. Thus, they are free applications from something other than Apple. FaceTime is unique. It’s a free service that comes with utilizing an Apple device. Making FaceTime completely available on Android or other platforms may diminish Apple’s experience, in which its own devices function in harmony. FaceTime would devolve from a convenient way to video talk between Apple devices to simply another video-calling software.

Furthermore, Apple’s software engineers are best acquainted with the Mac and iOS platforms. Designing an app for Android would take a long time, would be less smooth than the Apple versions, and would harm the brand. That is why a complete version of FaceTime for Android is unlikely.


You now understand how FaceTime works on Android. You may join FaceTime calls using links established by iPhone users or try one of the finest FaceTime alternatives. Google Duo works well as the Android equivalent of FaceTime, and it even allows you to video call iPhone users with ease. Another option is the extremely popular WhatsApp, which provides text, audio, and video communication all in one spot

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