AR Zone App on Samsung: Everything You Need To Know

AR Zone App on Samsung: Everything You Need To Know

The AR Zone software, which plays AR Emoji, AR Doodle, and AR Zone, allows Galaxy S9 and S9+ users to experience augmented reality with their devices. However, if you dislike the AR Zone app, you may uninstall it from your iPhone to free up some storage space. Fortunately, this is a short and simple process.

The AR Zone program is pre-installed on all Samsung Android handsets, and as we all know, you cannot delete it. You can, however, make them vanish. We’ve published a detailed tutorial for deleting the AR Zone app from your phone and making room on the screen for other apps.

What Exactly is the AR Zone App?

The Zone app and even emoji app are just a few of the names consumers give to Samsung’s AR Zone App. AR is an abbreviation for Augmented Reality, and it attempts to put this technology at your fingertips.

While only some premium smartphones in the Galaxy S and Note series have DepthVision cameras, other models may run the software using their standard camera. Many Samsung customers reported seeing the AR Zone app for the first time after updating to Android 10, and the software is now pre-installed on all new Samsung smartphones. You may access it via the app shortcut or your camera.

What are Your Options in AR Zone App?

What are Your Options in AR Zone App?

The app is currently more of a gimmick than anything else. Indeed, many people regard it as an AR emoji app rather than the complex tool that Samsung envisioned.

Users may use the AR Emoji Camera to transform themselves into emojis, do AR doodles, get creative in the AR Emoji Studio, and experiment with AR masks, stamps, and frames in Deco Pic or AR Emoji Stickers—both of which seem like weaker versions of Snapchat filters and Instagram effects.

While doing the occasional AR doodle can be entertaining, especially for children, you’ll need to acquire an extra AR Emoji Editor software to customize your AR avatar, rendering the present AR Zone app ineffective.

What is the Location of Quick Measure in the AR Zone App?

While most Samsung users are limited to emoji stickers and AR doodles, individuals who own a Samsung handset with a DepthVision camera may also utilize Quick Measure, which is a far more useful application of AR in everyday life.

Quick Measure was formerly included in the AR Zone software; however, it now appears to be accessed separately and is installed on newer Galaxy S and Note handsets. You can get your device from the Play Store if your device is compatible.

How To Uninstall AR Zone App?

How To Uninstall AR Zone App?

AR Zone is a fantastic tool for assisting you in creating extraordinary experiences, but it may be ineffective for you. As a result, you may remove the app to free up some space and tidy up your screen menu. Our step-by-step instructions will assist you in rapidly removing the app. So let’s get this party started.

Method #1: Use The AR Zone App

It is a built-in app that works with your phone’s camera. You cannot, however, delete it, but you may remove it to clean your applications screen as follows:

  1. Launch the AR Zone app.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the window.
  3. Toggle the “Add AR Zone to Apps Screen” button to the “OFF” position.
  4. The app has been withdrawn.

Method #2: Making Use of Phone Settings

Disabling the AR Zone app from your Phone settings is another easy approach to removing it from your screen. To accomplish this:

  1. Go to Settings on your Samsung phone and search for “Apps.”
  2. Now, scroll down and touch on the AR Zone app.
  3. Then, click “Disable” on the Apps page to uninstall the program.

Removing AR Emoji

You may erase some of the AR Emojis if you don’t want to remove the app but want to free up some space. To do so, take the following steps:

  1. Launch the Camera app.
  2. Tap the “More” button.
  3. Choose AR Zone > AR Emoji Camera.
  4. Now, on the top, hit the Settings button and select “Manage Emojis.”
  5. Select the emojis you wish to remove and press the “Delete” button.

What is Augmented Reality in Smartphone Camera Technology?

Augmented Reality (AR) is more than simply a camera-based program that superimposes visuals on the actual environment. The technology combines the digital and physical worlds, typically via a smartphone camera, allowing you to engage with both simultaneously.

AR allows you to observe the world while giving information unavailable on the physical plane. Snapchat and the long-forgotten Pokémon Go app are two of the most simple instances of AR.


Whether you like the concept of augmented reality or not, the fact is that these sorts of technologies are here to stay. Aside from an increase in AR apps, we only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing with reduced realities.

While Samsung’s AR Zone app now leaves a lot to be desired, we can anticipate big developments in this field in the next years—changes that will hopefully enable more usable AR capabilities.

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