The Best Available TV Streaming Apps for Android

TV Streaming Apps for Android
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Entertainment is universally desired. After a tiring day, every one of us tends to rewind. Entertainment sources like TV are needed for that. Hence so many people love to watch TV at large.

But we live in an age widely governed by multiple aspects of technology. The internet has changed our lives in countless ways to reckon with. So it is now very easy to live stream TV from different available options.

People time and again ask for such options and so here we have compiled some choices for people. You will find that all of these are intriguing. You need to choose accordingly.

Each person is different and hence their choices vary too. So adjusting to the choices you must proceed. However, you must choose carefully. Look at the different permissions an app tends to demand. If you are comfortable with anyone of those, then do not opt for that particular app.

Let us then directly go into evaluating the different options you have.

Available TV
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1. Live Net TV

The service is completely free here. Naturally, people throng on this app. You can get more than 700 channels in this case.

As people love to choose, they simply opt for this app. Their options are profound and never-ending. Entertaining one has never been easier!


For people wanting US shows, this is the best option. From music to religion, there are many genres available. The choice is completely up to people regarding what they shall watch.

If the American series interest you then you must opt for it. The access procedure is very easy and anyone can watch this.

3. TVCatchup

This platform is there for shows based out of the UK. There are many people for whom UK television matters a lot. There is something n that content that appeals to them.

This particular app is perfectly made for that.


 You can easily watch this app from anywhere in the world. They claim to have over a thousand channels. The potential entertainment list is thus endless.

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5. Philo

Not many people know about this. It is gradually gaining acceptance. But more and more people will start loving it after knowing its diverse content base. After all, content is king in all domains. So people tend to prefer it.

6. TV Tap

Many channels are found here. That gives people many options to choose from. Seamless streaming is what is appealing in this case. People love the quality experience. That is a guarantee in this case.

7. Kodi

You can add various media repositories here. More than 1400 channels are at your fingertips. All you got to do is choose it.

8. Jio TV

 This is widely popular in the Indian subcontinent. From every nook of the nation, entertainment source is provided here. Millions of people access it.

9. Plex Live TV

You will have to pay a nominal price to access the services here. But the profound benefits make it worthwhile and you should give it a shot.

10. Yupp Live TV

Apart from a rich content library, they offer a referral program as well. It appeals to a large number of people. Its popularity of it is rising. 

Yupp Live TV

11. Disney Hotstar

As the name suggests, Disney owns the firm. Hence the content is naturally diverse. People from different walks of life can find something interesting here. From adults to kids, everyone loves this platform.

At a nominal cost, you can easily access this service. So if such content drives you, then consider this one. 

12. Hulu

Hulu has gained worldwide recognition for its original shows. People flock to the platform to watch such shows. There is something for everyone, starting from comedy to thrillers. So no users will be disappointed at all.

You need to pay a substantive amount to access this service. It might seem higher initially but the content library makes it worth it. 

13. YouTube TV

Within a short span of time, it has gained recognition. People love it for the different channels it offers. Overall streaming quality is brilliant.

Quality is one of the foremost desires among people. That is not an issue at all for this platform. Hence so many people prefer it over other similar apps. 

14. Sling TV

The unique aspect of Sling TV is that it provides customization to the viewers. Few platforms are capable of doing so. It is a fundamental policy of the business that customization attracts users. They love something unique. They love something specially made for them. Choices are governed here based on this principle.

Hence naturally many people prefer this platform over other ones.

15. Sony LIV

This is widely popular in India. It has a unique blend of original shows and content borrowed from other domains. Millions of people watch shows on this platform daily. The entertainment quotient is thus very high here.

Sony LIV
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16. Now TV

It is especially suited for UK and Ireland audiences. They love the options presented on the platform. There are unique offerings for every stakeholder in this case. It attracts many people. 

17. ThopTV

You do not need any subscription or membership to access this. It is easily available. The content library is rich as well. You will not be disappointed at all. Many people prefer this for a large number of genres it offers.

18. DirectTV Now

Albeit it is a good choice among people, it has some issues like bugs. If those are fixed, then it can go on to be a worthy choice for people. Right now it is not much popular. 

Have privacy settings been done?

We recommend that while watching TV on such sites, you must have proper privacy settings. Cybercrime is on the rise. Anything might happen to your device. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Taking preventive measures like having VPN can go a long way to prevent such complications in the long run. So you must keep this in mind.

Have privacy settings been done?
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To sum up, we explored the different TV streaming apps in Android here. All of these are intriguing. The interesting aspects of each were covered here. Now you need to make choices on your own.

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