The Best Offline iPhone Games Free: A Comprehensive List

best offline iPhone games free

If you are an iPhone user and also a gamer, then you must be looking for the best offline iPhone games free. However, even if you are not an iPhone user then also this might interest you. In fact, numerous people from around the world are looking for free offline games for iPhones. If you are aware of the way that iPhone works, it is really tough to get free and quality applications for them. However, let me inform you that it is never a rarity. There are many games that will cost you nothing if you play them on your iPhone. 

We know that in today’s world, most games are online versions. That means that every time you play those, you need to have an active internet connection. However, you might not always get an active internet connection, especially when you are on the go. Moreover, online games at times eat up much of your daily data limit. Therefore, to keep playing games even without internet access is the demand of the hour. As I have already told you that there are many such offline games for your iPhone and that too free. However, you might be confused as to which one of them would entertain you the most. Therefore, if you are looking for the best free offline games for iPhone, this article is the perfect stop. Keep reading this article to know about those free offline games that are the best in the market for your iPhone. 

The List 

The List 
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Into the Dead 2

Zombie games are very popular among gamers. However, most gamers complain that in many such games, the number of zombies is far too less. But with this game, you have no chance of registering such a complaint. The thing which makes this game even more interesting is the ever-evolving storyline. This also means that this game has no definite endpoint. There are many paths in the game and thus, the end will depend on which way to choose. In addition, the game has several special events and five additional events to keep you entertained for a long. With the huge collection of guns and weapons, you proceed through the game, slamming numerous zombies in the process. You can download the game from this link.

Jetpack Joyride

If you are a fan of endless running games, then this game will surely entertain you. In fact, it has already become very popular among mobile games due to its stunning graphics. In the game, your character will have a jetpack loaded on the back. You will have to fly through, avoiding the obstacles on your path. As you fly, do not forget to collect coins. You can also use various customisations in the game, along with numerous added features. To download the game, visit this link.

Subway Surfers 

This is yet another interesting endless running game for your iPhone. In fact, among all the running games, this is perhaps one of the best ones. Here, you will have to guide your character through a subway, avoiding various obstacles on your way. In addition, the guard will be chasing you. You can use skateboards, jetpacks, jumping shoes and many other items in the game. Moreover, in every update, the location keeps changing. Thus, it will never get boring. Thus, in the game run through the subway and collect coins and stars. Download the game from this link.

Subway Surfers 
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Alto’s Adventure 

This is an exciting side-scrolling snowboarding runner game. The game is an eye-catcher with its stunning and captivating graphics. As you run through a stunning landscape, you have to accomplish over 180 goals. The game also requires you to jump, perform tricks and run to achieve the goals. You also need to rescue some lamas that have run away. You have to jump across ridges and cliffs in a stunning manner. Due to its smooth and captivating gameplay, the game has a great rating on Play Store. Thus, to download the game use this link.

Asphalt 8

Now, leaving the domain of running games, we come to one of the most popular and stunning car-racing games for your iPhone. In fact, all the previous seven versions of Asphalt have made car racing games and the Asphalt series synonymous. In this version, you get to play across 50+ tracks, with more than 280 racing cars. In addition, the game also offers over 1500 challenges and 400 career events for you to accomplish. You can also customise your car in the way you wish. Thus put on your seatbelts and visit this link to download this stunning mobile game. 

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Gameloft has never failed to stun us with blazing games for smartphones. This game too is an instance of that consistency. In this FPS game, you play as a retired officer of N.O.V.A., coming out of retirement to save mankind against deadly alien invaders. You will get to use numerous weapons in the game, as you play through the three spectacular gaming modes of this game. To download this game, use this link.

Asphalt 8
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Plants Vs Zombies

This is yet another zombie game but with a twist. This is a tower defence game. Here you will have to plant plants that have unique powers. Then you have to protect them from the zombies that will approach your house. In fact, as you proceed in the game, you will get more plants with unique powers to kill the zombies. In fact, this game has won various accolades for the stunning and engaging gameplay that it features. Download the game from this link.

Smash Hit

This is an arcade game, where you have to break glass endlessly. You will play with a metal ball and your only task is to smash glasses in the game. You get new balls as you proceed in the game. Download this unique game from this link.

Concluding Lines

Therefore, these are the top free offline games for your iPhone. Now, go and check them out first and tell us about your favourite ones from the list.

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