Best Widgets for iPhone

With iOS 14, Apple made significant, revitalizing changes to the iPhone’s Home Screen. And now that iOS 16 is available, even more apps can now support widgets. In this article we have listed the top iPhone widgets that will make your life a bit smoother and convenient. With the help of these widgets, you can build an information hub right in front of your Home Screen or get the most important updates right on your Lock Screen.

1. Widget Smith: Best Widget for Iphone’s Home screen

Best widgets for Iphone

Widgetsmith will help you add customized widgets and display them on your iPhone Home Screen. You can set widgets that display date, weather, and even goals on the lock screen. You can also customize and choose various layouts. By setting up several widgets to appear at specific times during the day or week, you may further customize your Home Screen. For instance, you could program a widget to show your calendar in the morning, the weather in the evening, and reminders for the following day in the evening. You can select the display size of your widgets by selecting one of three options: the small, medium, or large.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)

2. Calm: Best to keep you calm

Take a short break from your busy schedule for a few minutes using this app. You can use this meditation widget to get help with simple breathing techniques, inspiring stories, and much more. The widget is designed to serve as a daily reminder of fun activities that will relieve stress. The aesthetics, the light background, and the quotes/reminders will make your day better.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases start at $59.99)

3. Bears Countdown: Best to remember important events

This iPhone widget shows the remaining time till birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations. You can customize the countdown pop-up by adding your preferred color and bear image. You can choose the theme based on the countdown’s kind. You can also drop some extra notes or ideas for each event.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases starts from $0.99)

4. Day One Journal: Best for students

If you want to add pictures, videos, drawings, and even audio recordings in your journals, then this widget is for you. Day one journal’s iPhone widgets provide you with all of this and a lot more. It incorporates four unique widgets to help you jot down your emotions in seamless manner. Additionally, it also offers the ‘On this Day’ and ‘streaks’ features, to remind you of the important dates and help you appreciate your self-growth journey so far.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99)

5. Water Minder‪: Best for fitness enthusiasts

Best Widgets for Iphone

Living a healthy and balanced life can be quite challenging at times. Keeping an eye on your daily water intake is yet another way to monitor your health. This widget tracks your daily water intake and reminds you to drink water throughout the day. Water Minder, helps you to keep track of your hydration levels. You can choose from bright, dark, or entirely dark themes to suit your preferences.

Cost: $4.99

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