Everything You Know About Apple Watch Keyboard

Everything You Know About Apple Watch Keyboard

If you work, play, or otherwise spend a lot of time on a computer. A practical apple watch keyboard should offer each keystroke a unique experience by giving you the desired tactile feedback. This click and having each key customized to fit your preferences.

Apple keyboards are an excellent alternative to the keyboard on your computer. After months of evaluating the most promising keyboards, we have decided that the Apple keyboard is our favorite. Because of its superb build quality and small, simple design. You may personalize Apple keyboards to your tastes by choosing from a range of switch colors and premium keycap materials.

How Do Notifications Happen? 

The keyboard input notification is a feature on the Apple Watch that many users have found to be more bothersome than helpful. Because of this, some people might find it challenging to type on the little Apple Watch screen. Apple created that function with the finest of intentions.

As a result, Apple’s answer is to allow you to text on the iPhone or iPad keyboard. But not every Apple Watch user is the same. Some people are happy using the Apple Watch’s built-in keypad. They dislike the keyboard input notification as a result.

The Importance of Apple Watch Keyboard Notifications

Apple TV and Apple Watch keyboard notifications may be disabled on iPhones running iOS 15. Before this, there wasn’t a way to turn off alerts. When iOS 15 was originally introduced in September 2021. Some iPhone customers were unhappy to learn that it lacked a practical function.

Meanwhile, Apple Watch and Apple TV users have long used the iPhone keyboard. Since the introduction of iOS 15, users may no longer turn off alerts. This feature was abruptly included in the most recent public and developer betas of iOS 15.

Top Apple Watch keyboard Applications

On the App Store, there are several watchOS apps available. However, it might be challenging to identify the ones that are genuinely worthwhile or provide some value.

1. FlickType Keyboard for Apple Watch

FlickType Keyboard for Apple Watch

Displaying alerts, especially for messaging applications like WhatsApp and iMessage, is one of the things the Apple Watch excels at. It also has few choices for reacting to a text message, though. You can rapidly create and send messages without using your phone with FlickType. It attaches a complete QWERTY keyboard to your wrist.

The program runs well and utilizes watchOS’s user interactions fantastically. For instance, the keyboard may be instantly corrected without requiring you to erase and retype letters. If it unintentionally misread what you were attempting to type by rotating the digital crown to alter words.

2. WatchChat 2

WatchChat 2

While Facebook Messenger has an official Apple Watch app, it’s strange that WhatsApp doesn’t. However, you should look into WatchChat 2 if you have complete access to all of your WhatsApp conversations on your watch.

WatchChat 2 is just a wrapper for WhatsApp Web. The setup process for WatchChat 2 involves scanning a QR code with the WhatsApp app on an iPhone. Once you’ve done so, all your chats will appear directly on the watch.

You may start a new discussion by 3D touching the screen, starting a recent conversation, or opening an existing one and adding new messages. The app supports media playback, allowing you to connect on shared WhatsApp photographs to watch them.

3. Pillow

Apple did offer native sleep monitoring with watchOS 7. Even though I thought the Apple Watch should have it once the battery life improved. Although the function accomplished my goal of ensuring I get enough sleep, it could be more feature-rich.

Pillow steps in at this point. A free app called Pillow records your sleep. It provides precise information about your sleeping habits, including the length of your overall sleep and specific breakdowns of awake time, REM sleep, and other factors. Additionally, it monitors your heartbeat and allows you to record noises if you want that functionality.

4. Overcast

Apple Watch Keyboard-Overcast

If you enjoy listening to podcasts as much as I do, you undoubtedly already have a favorite podcasting app. But I recommend you to check out Overcast if you’re searching for fantastic podcast software for the iPhone and Apple Watch. The free podcast software Overcast is amazing on the Apple Watch and the iPhone. It has every functionality a podcasting app might need.

Automated podcast downloads, new episode alerts, an excellent search function, and a user-friendly player. Additionally, you can set “Auto Sync to Watch” if you want your podcasts to sync automatically with your watch. It is fantastic if you want to listen to podcasts without having your phone nearby, like at the gym.

5. Twitter Chirp

Twitter Chirp

Twitter is one of the many popular social media platforms with no official Apple Watch app. I use Twitter frequently, so if you’re in the same situation as me. You’d value having access to Twitter right from your wrist.

If you’re trying to catch up on what’s happening, it’s simpler than taking out your phone. Chirp for Twitter gives you access to all of Twitter’s features in user-friendly and intuitive software. You can view your timeline, check mentions and notifications, and even retweet or like tweets. It will make you feel at home.

6. Fantastical


The default Calendar app that comes pre-installed on the Apple Watch is adequate. Fantastical is the best calendar software available if you like something better. It recently became free, making it even better. You have instant access to every event scheduled for the day with Fantastical on the Apple Watch.

For several reasons, Fantastical is superior to the standard calendar. Additionally, you may view your events for the following several days and navigate between days using the digital crown. The app also displays your tasks on a separate screen. But you must upgrade to the Pro version to add functions to Fantastical.


These third-party applications will undoubtedly help you make the most of your wristwatch. Because the Apple Watch is far more powerful than most other smartwatches. I’ve made an effort to include all app categories in this list, including those for social networking, online surfing, productivity, and even Apple Watch keyboard applications. You can quickly disable keyboard notifications on Apple TV and Apple Watch.

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