Amazing Free Apple Watch Faces App

Amazing Free Apple Watch Faces App

The Apple Watch, arguably more than any other gadget, is included in the famed walled garden surrounding Apple products. Apple wants to maintain strict control over many of its products’ features. Apple still doesn’t truly allow third-party watch faces on the Apple Watch and there are plenty of Free Apple Watch faces. 

Despite its recent support for sharing Apple Watch faces. Fortunately, several programs and workarounds let you design and use your watch faces on watchOS. The finest applications to create and customize custom Apple Watch faces are listed below. It’s for use if you want to acquire a personalised Apple Watch face.

Best Apps to Create Custom Apple Watch Faces 

Many programs claim to be able to design unique watch faces. We evaluated several of these applications and identified the top five choices for you to consider. Only a select number is genuinely worthwhile. 

Additionally, we have a bonus area for those who wish to learn and experiment with something new. To quickly scan the text and jump to any part that interests you, utilize the table below.

Best Watch Face Apps for Wear OS

The Google Play Store has several apps that offer a wide selection of watch faces for the Wear OS platform. However, you should spend more on templates and watch faces if you want them to be extremely personalized. Some of the choices are as follows:

1. Buddywatch


Buddywatch, the first Apple Watch face app on the list, provides chic watch faces that are understated and elegant. Buddywatch provides a wide variety of watch faces, from those with flags to those with colourful CGI backgrounds. Although the app may not offer all the content you’re looking for, it does include high-quality content.

Installing a watch face is a straightforward operation. It displays which watch faces work with which watches is the nicest feature. After downloading the watch face, it appears on your iPhone’s Watch app. And can be placed on the Apple Watch with a simple tap. The app and most watch faces may be downloaded for free.

2. Facer


One of the most widely used applications for smartwatches that offers personalised and customised watch faces is Facer. For your Wear OS-powered smartwatch, hundreds of ready-made watch faces are accessible on this platform.

Over 15,000 watch faces are available to look through, pick from, and add to your library. The app features watch faces modeled after some of the top watchmaker brands, well-known television programs, and motion pictures. Some watch faces are now available for free download along with the app.

3. Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Free Apple Watch Faces App-Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Pixel Minimal Watch Faces stand out from the crowd among the hundreds of applications that provide a selection of watch faces. The moniker implies that the watch face is simple and somewhat reminiscent of Google’s stylish material design for Wear OS. You may also install your widget using the watch face. However, it’s a premium option that costs money.

Its particularly created a watch face for always-on displays. It offers a calm aesthetic appearance and preserves your battery life, which is the most well-liked feature. The watch face is also open source and does not gather any of your personal information. Everything else in the app, aside from that, is free.

4. Open Watch Face 

Open Watch Face 

For those who want customization and wish to create their watch face, there is Open Watch Face. It has a lovely flat style and a few widgets you may play with that give helpful information. For example, you may add the weather, the calendar, the battery level, and many other things to your watch face.

Additionally, 16 readymade watch faces are available for use without any customization. Additionally, the software has two excellent ambient modes. In addition to being customizable, several functions are restricted to in-app payments. Therefore, you might have to pay for premium services to access all the features and customization possibilities.

5. Google Fit

Google Fit

You might be acquainted with Google Fit, a health-tracking tool, but it also has many other functions you might need to be aware of. For your Wear OS wristwatch, Google Fit provides individualized watch faces, tiles, and other health-tracking capabilities. The Google Fit watch look is for you if you enjoy the Apple Watch’s health rings.

Installing the Google Fit app on your watch will also allow you to receive health information on your Android Wear watch. By pressing on the cogwheel symbol after turning on the watch face, you may also add widgets to the watch face if you want your fitness stats to be easily accessible on your wristwatch whenever you need them. The watch face is a perfect choice.

6. StepDog

Free Apple Watch Faces App-StepDog

For all dog lovers, there is an app for your watch face. You may use StepDog to set an attractive, dynamic watch face with information complexities. Although there is only one watch face, technically, you may choose your dog avatar from a wide selection of animated avatars. There are several dog breeds, such as the beagle, hound, golden retriever, and shih-tzu.

StepDog is free with one avatar. But you must pay to access all dog avatars equipped with toys, food bowls, and dog houses. Additionally, a step goal counter that displays your current step count and allows you to adjust it within the app is provided on the watch face. The membership also offers the chance to participate in regional leaderboard competitions and live weather updates.

7. Watchfacely


One of the best Apple Watch additions is Watchfacely, a free watch face app. Over 100 watch faces produced by various app users are available. You have the most straightforward watch faces with no clutter on one side.

You have information-rich intricate watch faces that utilize every pixel on the watch display. With only a swipe, you can browse watch faces based on popularity and install them on your Apple Watch. Most of Watchfacely’s watch faces may be unlocked for free, including all the premium watch faces.


The Apple Watch has a limited number of distinctive watch faces. These watch face applications for the Apple Watch are some of the best and most distinctive. They provide a tonne of customizing options and gorgeous visuals. Despite being an unusual timepiece, the Apple Watch is stunning, especially with its display. Although designing appealing watch faces for a rectangle screen might be difficult, Apple Watch wears it brilliantly.

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