How To Convert Photos To PDF On iPhone

Your iPhone likely has photographs in a number of various file kinds (like HEIC, JPEG, PNG, etc.) The majority of these file types work with all popular systems. However, you might need to save images to PDF on your Iphone for class assignments, paperwork documentation, or other particular uses. 

How to use Printer Options on an iPhone to convert a photo to a PDF 

  • Tap Albums after opening Photos on your iPhone. Tap Select again to select one or more photographs. 
  • Click Share. 
  • From the Share Sheet, pick Print. 
  • Pinch outward with two fingers on the photo preview to save it as a PDF.
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To convert a photo into a PDF, choose Books on the Share Sheet. 

  • Tap Share after selecting the images. 
  • On the Share Sheet, tap Books. If necessary, swipe horizontally across the row of app icons. 
  • The images will instantly become a PDF file and launch in Books. There, it will be saved. 
  • To go back, press the screen and then the back arrow. 
  • Then click More (three dots). 
Iphone PDF

Utilize the Files app on the iPhone and iPad to save images into PDFs. 

You can quickly make PDFs using Files. The image must be saved under Files, though. Therefore, if you already have photographs here, just carry on to the next stage. You can view instructions for enabling these external cloud storage services inside Files if they are in Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc. 

Alternatively, to copy the images from Photos to Files: Choose the pictures you want to save from Photos, then touch the Share button. Here are the methods to convert photos on your iPhone into a PDF after that. 

1.Go to Files and look for the picture. 

Iphone PDF

2.Simply long-press an image and select Create PDF to turn it into a PDF. 

3.To create a PDF from a number of images: Select by selecting More (three dots inside a circle) from the upper right corner. 

Iphone PDF

4.Now tap several images. When finished, select Create PDF by tapping More in the bottom right corner.

5.Files will convert the photos into a PDF. The data will be stored in the same folder as the original photos. 

We hope that this advice enabled you to use your iPhone or iPad to convert images to PDF. All three approaches are equally effective, but I like the one that utilises the Books app. By using this technique, the PDF is quickly created and securely saved there for later use. 

Also available are third-party applications like PDF Expert.

Why convert images into PDFs? 

The file format known as PDF, or Portable Document Format, is widely used to exhibit documents in a way that is independent of software, hardware, and operating systems. As a result, PDF is excellent for sharing any form of document while giving the recipient the assurance that it will appear exactly as intended. 

The best approach to ensure that everybody who receives this file can open it and view it, regardless of the platform they’re using, is to share images in PDF format. 

As a result, making a PDF document from a collection of images can be useful when you need to share images for:

  • Making a claim for insurance 
  • Delivering a school project 
  • Preventing access to the metadata of shared photos 
  • Converting images to a common format so they can be preserved
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