ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII codes represent text in computers, telecommunications equipment, and other devices.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a standard character encoding used in telecommunication. The ASCII pronounced ‘ask-ee’ , is strictly a seven bit code based on English alphabet.

ASCII codes are used to represent alphanumeric data . The code was first published as a standard in 1967. It was subsequently updated and published as  ANSI X3.4-1968, then as ANSI X3.4-1977 and finally as ANSI X3.4-1986.

Since it is a seven bit code , it can at the most represent 128 characters. It currently defines 95 printable characters including 26 upper case letters (A to Z) , 26 lower case letters , 10 numerals (0 to 9) and 33 special characters including mathematical symbols, punctuation marks and space character. They represent text in, telecommunications equipment, and devices.

These include numbers, upper and lowercase English letters, functions, punctuation symbols, and some other symbols. In total, there are 256 ASCII characters, and can be broadly divided into three categories: 

  1. ASCII control characters (0-31 and 127)
  2. ASCII printable characters (32-126) (most commonly referred)
  3. Extended ASCII characters (128-255)
Dec  = Decimal Value
Char = Character

'5' has the int value 53
if we write '5'-'0' it evaluates to 53-48, or the int 5
if we write char c = 'B'+32; then c stores 'b'

We’ll use ASCII codes to translate data from one form to another. Below is the ASCII control character & ASCII printable character table (0 – 127):

Download the below chart –> ASCII Table

0NUL (null)32 SPACE64@96`
1SOH (start of heading)33 !65A97a
2STX (start of text)3466B98b
3ETX (end of text)35#67C99c
4EOT (end of transmission)36$68D100d
5ENQ (enquiry)37%69E101e
6ACK (acknowledge)38 &70F102f
7BEL (bell)39 71G103g
8BS (backspace)40 (72H104h
9TAB (horizontal tab)41 )73I105i
10LF (NL line feed, new line)42 *74J106j
11VT (vertical tab)43 +75K107k
12FF (NP form feed, new page)44 ,76L108l
13CR (carriage return) 45 77M109m
14SO (shift out) 46 .78N110n
15SI (shift in)47 /79O111o
16DLE (data link escape)48080P112p
17DC1 (device control 1)49181Q113q
18DC2 (device control 2) 50282R114r
19DC3 (device control 3)51383S115s
20DC4 (device control 4)52484T116t
21NAK(negative acknowledge)53585U117u
22SYN (synchronous idle)54686V118v
23ETB (end of trans. block) 55787W119w
24CAN (cancel)56888X120x
25EM (end of medium) 57989Y121y
26SUB (substitute) 58 :90Z122z
27ESC (escape) 59;91[123{
28FS (file separator) 60<92\124|
29GS (group separator)61=93]125}
30RS (record separator)62>94^126~
31US (unit separator)63?95_127DEL

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