8 Best Demon Slayer Wallpapers For iPhone

Demon Slayer Wallpapers for Iphone

Demon Slayer, also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba, is a heartwarming, horrifying, Japanese manga series filled with a lot of action and emotions. The series gain support from all across the globe. We have listed some breathtaking Demon Slayer wallpapers for Iphone which will help you add some colors to your iPhone screen. So if you’re one of the die-hard fans of Demon Slayer then this article is for you.

1. Tanjiro and Nezuko iPhone wallpaper

Tanjiro and Nezuko iPhone wallpaper

Tanjiro is Nezuko’s elder brother and the only surviving member of her family after her parent’s death. Nezuko, who is generally calm becomes infuriated and attacks any Demon that harms Tanjiro. Nezuko is extremely protective of her brother, and being the sole survivors of an impoverished family, the siblings are extremely close, honest, and loving to each other.

Tanjiro is the only one who can soothe Nezuko down by calling her name or singing their mother’s lullaby to her.

2. Sabito Demon Slayer mask wallpaper

Sabito is one of the characters in Demon Slayer. He was Sakonji Urokodaki’s former apprentice before being murdered by a demon. Sabito was also Tanjiro’s mentor. Sabito’s fox face mask is one of the Demon Slayer community’s most popular masks. While the foxy features exude innocence, the scar brings out the terrifying side.

3. Tanjiro in action

Tanjiro possesses incredible skillets due to his enhanced sense of smell, strong willpower, and superior intellect. There’s hardly anyone who can forget the astounding lightning-quick swordplay? While we can’t portray Tanjiro’s brilliance entirely in single static wallpaper, here is one that represents his strength.

3. Muzan Kibutsuji wallpaper iPhone

Muzan Kibutsuji Demon Slayer Wallpapers

“A story is only as good as its villain,” says Luke Taylor. And what would Demon Slayer be without Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king, his arrogance, extraordinary intelligence, and, of course, his cold and merciless heart?

4. Tanjiro’s scar iPhone wallpaper

Why Does Tanjiro's Scar Change, and Why Does He Have a Mark on His Head in  Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime?

Which scar do you prefer? The graze-like scar that Tanziro had since childhood or the flame-like pattern he earned as his Demon Slayer mark? So, whatever you decide, we have wallpapers for both choices.

5. Tanjiro‘s Demon Slayer mark  wallpaper

Tanjiro‘s Demon Slayer Wallapapers

Here’s another exquisite wallpaper to showcase Tanjiro and his metamorphosed scar.

6. Nezuko iPhone wallpaper

Nezuko Wallpaper - EnJpg

Nezuko’s original human demeanor was that of a compassionate and kind girl who put others before herself, similar to her elder brother, Tanjiro. She was also a dutiful elder sister to her younger siblings, always putting their needs ahead of her own.

7. Giyu Tomioka aesthetic wallpaper

Giyu Tomioka, demon slayer mugen train, tanjiro, anime, anime art, nezuko,  anime edit, HD phone wallpaper | Peakpx

Giyu always has a stony, unfazed expression on his face. He does, however, have a reserved nature and a strong sense of justice, with no tolerance for those who are unaware of their own limitations and waste their lives. Despite allowing Nezuko Kamado to survive due to Tanjiro Kamado’s tenacity, he has no qualms about killing other demons and has neither respect nor mercy for them, as most Demon Slayers do.

7. Demon Slayer wallpaper Zenitsu and Nezuko

Free download Zenitsu Wallpapers HD - PixelsTalk.Net

 Zenitsu shielded Nezuko from Inosuke even before seeing her.  When Zenitsu first meets her he instantly fell in love with Nezuko and attempted to attract her attention by rushing after her or offering her flowers.

8. Demon Slayer background for iPhone

Demon Slayer Wallpaper 4K Free download - PixelsTalk.Net

Here’s a stunning wallpaper to recall the Final Selection moment. Tanjiro’s appearance was changed throughout the battle to match Sakonji’s costume, including the sideways hand-carved fox mask.

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