How Can You Fix The Problem Of Youtube Vanced Not Working?

Youtube Vanced Not Working
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All over the world, there are countless people who love YouTube Vanced and hence worry when there is a problem with YouTube Vanced not working. Watching videos is one of the best options for entertainment out there. We cannot do without entertainment as life is full of monotonous overtones. Hence watching a range of videos can often be the best solace that we need.

But the problem that initially people used to face was a lack of a platform where they can watch videos. YouTube came and solved that problem rather easily. Now millions of people tend to watch this platform almost every day. Recently YouTube has presented some premium features. This enhances the overall experience of people when it comes to accessing and watching videos with diligence. The problem is that it costs money.

However, with YouTube Vanced people can easily access those premium features of YouTube. These premium features include ad-blocking options or blocking the sponsors and so on. That is why many people start worrying when they see that there is a problem with YouTube Vanced not working. What happens is that their quality viewing experience gets compromised and they do not want that.

So are you looking for a solution in this case? Do not worry at all as in this article we shall discuss the different facets of solving the problem of YouTube Vanced not working properly.

Three main problems of YouTube Vanced not working

YouTube Vanced not working

When people say that YouTube Vanced is not working, they tend to mean three primary ranges of problems. Let us then find out what these problems are at first. After all, if you do not identify the problems you cannot go on to address them.

  1. Often the YouTube Vanced app crashes and thereby causes hassles to people using it.
  2. There are instances when the YouTube Vanced app just stops working without any reason.
  3. Even one might face problems in loading the YouTube Vanced app with precision.

Address the problem with microG

Well, there are some applications that cannot foster without the help of other applications. This is the case for YouTube Vanced as well. One has to note that it cannot work properly without the aid of microG.

Hence it is imperative for you to have both these apps downloaded with diligence. Only then you can find a constructive solution to your problem. Follow these steps for the best results:

  • Install the Vanced manager app.
  • Then go on to install the microG app and then proceed to install the YouTube Vanced app.
  • Then you must clear all of the running apps in the background.
  • After doing so you can open the YouTube Vanced app. It will now stop crashing.

Correct version importance

Often people download the wrong version of the apps they use. Now, this can be a huge problem in the long run. Technological apps run on the basis of precision. So if you do not install the right apps, you will not get the requisite results.

Hence look for the correct version of the YouTube Vanced app or microG app and then only download those. When the right apps are on your phone, the chances of error are greatly minimized. Therefore, you will see that those will not crash anymore.

But if you continue using the old version, then the possibility of crashing increases very much. Hence you must understand this with due diligence here.

User blocking the installation
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User blocking the installation

This is one of the most common issues to reckon with in this case. It especially happens for Xiaomi phones. Hence if you are a Xiaomi smartphone user, then follow the following steps to prevent such issues from happening:

  • Open the settings option on your android device.
  • Then go on to click on the additional settings option.
  • Now you must go on to look for the developer’s option.
  • Then you must scroll down to MIUI optimization.
  • After doing so you must turn it off.

Not being able to connect to the internet

The internet is the basic governing force allowing you access to the world of videos in this case. If you cannot access the internet then obviously this will be a problem to reckon with. Hence let us then figure out how you can deal with this problem.

  • You have to first open the settings option on your android device.
  • Then go on to select the managed account.
  • Then you have to select the Vance account.
  • Then you must remove an account in this case.
  • After all this, you should go on to visit the YouTube Vance app.
  • Then proceed to sign in to YouTube Vance.
The problem in communicating with the Google server
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The problem in communicating with the Google server

Communicating with the Google server is very important. Hence this must be noted with due diligence here. Often people are unable to do so. Thus it acts as a potential hassle in the long run. To deal with this problem what you need to do is upgrade your microG account. Only then can everything go on smoothly. 

If the YouTube Vance is not working

Often it happens that the overall YouTube Vance app is not working at all. It is natural to worry in such situations. But you should not fret anymore as we have got you covered here. All you got to do in such cases is follow the following steps:

  • You have to first work on restarting your phone. This goes a long way in resolving the issue.
  • Often there is additional data there. You have to clear this data with precision.
  • You might also find a load of unnecessary cache to reckon with. Clear those as soon as possible.
  • Then you must add a Google account on the YouTube Vance app.

Login issues

If you face certain login issues, then you can easily eliminate those by turning on permissions. Do that soon to avoid this problem.


YouTube Vance is thus helpful for many people out there. Unfortunately, you might face several issues with it. However, as we discussed here, dealing with those is very easy if you follow the right steps. 

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