Apple Carplay Apps That You Should Give A Shot

Apple Carplay Apps That You Should Give A Shot

Apple Carplay Apps has been available for over six years. CarPlay, which debuted with iOS 7.1 in 2014, changed the automobile entertainment experience by replacing the typically subpar software provided by car manufacturers with an interface operated by your iPhone.

CarPlay allows iPhone users to use applications such as Phone, Maps, and Messages through their car’s touchscreen dashboard display, just like Android Auto does for Android users.

Apple and third-party CarPlay apps have been adjusted to be safe while driving. This frequently implies that their user interfaces are streamlined, with less text and fewer symbols to divert your attention from the road ahead.

Somethings To Know About Available Apple Carplay Apps

Unfortunately, only a tiny number of iOS apps are CarPlay compatible. Most of them are classified as audio, navigation, or messaging. Consequently, you’re likely to install fewer of these applications because they overlap so much. If you currently use Apple Music, there’s no need to install Spotify.

CarPlay will now enable fueling and driving applications, such as ones that assist you in locating reduced gas prices or check toll rates, beginning with iOS 16. However, as of this writing, those are not supported. We’ll go through the most helpful built-in CarPlay applications and show you how to utilize them before moving on to some of the greatest third-party CarPlay apps. If you use a different audio or navigation provider than the ones listed below, chances are it’s also compatible with CarPlay.

If you’re wondering how to install applications to CarPlay, there’s nothing you need to do. Install the app normally on your iPhone, then launch it once to go through any initial setup. If the app supports CarPlay, you’ll see it in the list of applications on your vehicle’s display after connecting your device. If you’re unfamiliar with Apple CarPlay, we recommend reading our overview first. Also, while it isn’t a true CarPlay app, be aware that you may access the audio source by tapping Now Playing from the app list.

The Best Apple CarPlay-Integrated Apps

First, look at the most beneficial CarPlay-compatible applications on your iPhone. It’s worth noting that, in addition to these, Siri has access to the built-in Clock, Reminders, and other applications. There are no CarPlay icons, but you may use phrases such as “Add paper towels to my grocery list” or “Set an alarm for 7 a.m. tomorrow.”

1. Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has evolved and introduced new features to improve the driving experience over time. As a result, if you live in a region where Apple provides you access to all Maps features, it is the best GPS navigation software for receiving instructions. When you click the Destinations link, Maps will suggest destinations based on your present location and prior messages and emails.

You may also use the Search option to find petrol stations, restaurants, and other businesses. In addition, to utilize Siri for navigation, press the microphone button on the steering wheel or the microphone icon on the system screen. Thanks to a recent upgrade, you may now add several stops to your driving plan.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music

If you have a subscription, Apple Music is one of the greatest Apple CarPlay applications for music streaming. You may also listen to your favorite radio stations. I loved the fast access tabs at the top of the CarPlay UI, which make it easy to navigate the app. Siri may also play music for you if you request it.

You can access the whole Apple Music collection and play anything you’ve purchased from iTunes if you have a subscription. Open the app and search for music using your vehicle controls to browse your collection and playlists. You can also enjoy 3D music and Lossless Audio with Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos.

3. Apple Podcasts

Apple Carplay Apps-Apple Podcasts

Would you want to listen to podcasts while driving? If you have an Apple Podcasts membership, save your favorite episodes to your library and access them via CarPlay. Siri can also play podcasts with voice commands such as “Play the iGeeksBlog Podcast” and “Skip ahead one minute.”

It includes a simple user interface and minimal controls. Furthermore, expert curation and personalized suggestions based on your tastes allow you to find new apps fast and effortlessly.

The Best Apple CarPlay Third-Party Apps

While the aforementioned applications are pre-installed on every iPhone, some third-party apps operate with CarPlay. There aren’t many alternatives, but they all allow Siri for hands-free operation.

You’ll see icons for any CarPlay-compatible applications installed on your iPhone on the CarPlay home screen. CarPlay is also prepared to operate with supported auto manufacturer applications for operating your vehicle’s capabilities, in addition to the apps listed below. For example, you can activate your car’s climate settings without leaving CarPlay. While in CarPlay, you’ll see an app with the name of your car’s manufacturer. Return to the standard infotainment system by tapping here.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps

Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information on your everyday commutes and travels to unknown regions. Google Maps also allows you to explore local communities and find new sites. No matter where you are in the globe, this is the greatest offline map app with hundreds of millions of companies and places, including grocery shops, pharmacies, and other vital locations.

You may also avoid traffic using Google Maps’ ETAs and real-time traffic data. Thanks to the Live View function, you may observe the path you need to go with arrows and directions on your car’s system. Also included is an automated rerouting tool that displays routes based on current traffic conditions, accidents, and road closures.

2. Spotify


You must have Spotify to keep you engaged while driving if you enjoy music. This music streaming software creates personalized playlists based on your tastes to guarantee you always have something to listen to. You may also make your playlist and distribute it to others.

There are also personalized playlists for every mood and hundreds of podcasts to stay up with your hobbies. Many are exclusives that are not accessible anywhere else. My favorite live chat programs feature creators, artists, and sports.

3. Amazon Music

Apple Carplay Apps-Amazon Music

The Amazon Music app is one of the finest Apple CarPlay applications for high-quality offline music streaming. It allows you to listen to 100 million songs and access 10 million podcast episodes. You may also listen to an infinite number of musical artists and albums.

If you have offline music stored on your iPhones, you can play it in CarPlay. The app’s user-friendly interface includes basic and advanced playing options. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you may listen to all of the music without interruptions and browse the largest database of popular podcasts without interruptions.

4. Audible


Thanks to audiobooks, reading has never been simpler. Allow audio to take your thoughts on its journey while you navigate to your goal. It offers unique books for listening enjoyment in addition to several top novels and non-fiction worldwide.

You may also listen to podcasts. When you subscribe, you receive one monthly credit to spend on any book you desire, which remains in your library in perpetuity. You may also sort stories in the library by applying filters. Add this to your arsenal of CarPlay applications to broaden your horizons.

5. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

Check out this radio app for the global, comprehensive library of live, original, and on-demand music. Everything from breaking news and live sports to exclusive music and podcasts worldwide is available. I use this app for the MLB Postseason, which allows me to listen to every game live until the World Series.

There’s no need to worry about what to listen to next because it has a variety of stations selected by recognized influencers, DJs, and legendary personalities. A premium subscription grants you access to even more unique material, such as the English Premier League, the NHL, and ad-free entertainment.

6. WhatsApp

Apple Carplay Apps-WhatsApp

While CarPlay currently provides access to the normal iOS Messages app, it also supports WhatsApp to keep you connected while on the road. A network connection sends and receives text messages, voice messages, photographs, and videos. From the Calls tab, you may create and share a WhatsApp call link.

Additionally, you may make voice or video calls for free. Furthermore, you may now undo “Delete for me” in seconds. It is one of the most common ways to communicate with others throughout the world. Thus, it is an absolute must for your CarPlay experience.

7. SpotHero


If you frequently commute and need a parking spot, SpotHero is one of the top CarPlay applications in 2023. Even if the app is confined to large US cities, it is still a reliable and commonly used application. You may also use the app to book a parking place and make payments.

It operates in various settings, including corporations, gatherings, dining halls, and parking lots. As a result, you can manually enter your location to find a nearby parking space. Furthermore, the app allows you to reserve a parking space ahead of time and establish a work profile for regular workplace parking.


As we’ve seen, just a few applications function with CarPlay, but there’s still a big enough selection to locate what you’re looking for. There are several possibilities for listening to music or podcasts, sending voice messages, and navigating. As CarPlay grows more popular and available in more vehicles, we hope to see more apps added to the platform. Meanwhile, other non-CarPlay applications can help you drive more efficiently.

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