Various Youtube Like App You Might Consider As An Android User

Youtube Like App
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There are literally billions of users around the world who tend to look for a YouTube like app. This is mainly because of the sheer number of benefits they derive from YouTube. It is nothing but a video collection platform. But every day millions of videos are added to it. Hence users are spoilt for choice in this case. 

YouTube hosts something for everyone. There are both short as well as long videos. You can get movies here or some rare web series. If you are looking for certain rare folk songs, then also this is the right place to look for them. In short, there is something for everyone.

Android users love the YouTube app. But people always have a tendency to look for certain more options to reckon with. After all, the more the merrier right? Hence here we have compiled a diligent list for those who are looking for a YouTube like app. So go on to peruse this article to gain clarity in that matter.


This is one of the best alternatives of YouTube to reckon with. What is most interesting about this is that you will not need Google to run it. Hence that sounds like a promising premise for many users out there.

What is more, is that you can even control the video quality with precision. Often the internet speed is not up to the limit we want. So to adjust to such circumstances one needs to compromise on video quality. You can do that easily here. Then in the moments when you get high internet speed then you can again switch to the higher definition video at large.

You can also download different videos at various resolutions at large. There is even a provision for downloading the app and playing videos in the background without any hassle. It consumes very less space and so you do not have to worry about storage space in your phone. Just go on to have quality time with this app.

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YT premium

This is another brilliant option that you might consider. While watching videos often advertisements plague users. It is never desirable. Hence to avoid such unnecessary advertisements, do consider this app at large. There is also the provision of background playing that can be easily arranged.

You can even go on to set the video quality with due diligence. If you prefer annotations then you might opt for it or else simply turn it off.

The most intriguing aspect is that here you will find both dark and white-themed screens. This tends to excite most users.


Those who are looking for a convenient YouTube like app must rely on this option. It can be used very easily. Thus users will face no problems whatsoever while proceeding to use this one. 

You do not even need an account to access this site at large. What’s more, you can even block any unnecessary videos that might come along your way with precision. So all of these options make this platform very appealing to people.


This app is supported in multiple formats so that the end users do not face any problems while looking for a brilliant alternative to YouTube. The media player is in-built here. So the users do not face any complications in viewing the videos they wish to. That is what makes the platform appealing to many and thus many flocks to this YouTube like app.


As the name suggests, this app can be a mate for you. We can guarantee that you will love this app almost instantly. This is because of the immensely convenient user interface to reckon with. 

Here you can find videos from Bollywood and Tollywood coupled with a myriad range of celebrity gossip. So if you are looking for certain wonderful options to entertain yourself, this is the best place to look. After a tiring day, entertaining oneself becomes very much necessary. This site can help you in that regard.

You can also download videos from other platforms like Tumblr and Dailymotion and so on. All of these platforms have a universal appeal to reckon with and therefore are very much intriguing.



What makes this app unique is that you can easily size the videos accordingly. Now viewers have unique demands. Each of us is different in our choices as well as our priorities. This is evident in the viewing patterns of videos as well.

Thus by providing different choices for customizing videos, it provides a very lucrative option for video lovers out there. You can hence consider this one.


The distinguishing element of this app is that it has all the existing features of YouTube coupled with many other features. Every one of us loves something additional. The user interface is the same as YouTube as well. So if you feel comfortable using YouTube, then you will feel comfortable using this one as well.

Go on to enjoy this app with the help of your Google account. You might also sync your account as well as set different types of preferences in this regard.

You will not need Root here. There is also a provision for multitasking.

YouTube Go

This is the best option for those who do not have much storage space. If you still wish to use the different facilities that YouTube provides in lesser space, then do not hesitate to give this platform a try as you will not be disappointed. 


If you wish to download videos from different sources, then this is the best option for you. There are many other interesting provisions provided here as well. Thus many users prefer this one.

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There is the provision of zooming in on videos here. There are no annoying advertisements in this case also. You can even manage as well as edit different playlists


There are many apps like YouTube out there for android users. Anyone can access this with precision. So we explored some precise options to consider. 

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