Know How To Fix The Problem Of Ark Screen Flickering Diligently

Ark Screen Flickering
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You must occasionally be wondering about the ark screen flickering. Ark: Survival Evolved is currently one of the most popular games in the market. Millions of people are going to play it. Hence this shows that there is something appealing about it.

But what is the appealing factor? Well, the answer is that it addresses our primal need for going on a quest. In this game, people find a range of fantasy characters and dinosaurs, and many other exotic situations. Thus naturally they are fascinated by these.

More and more people are opting for going on a hunt in this game. It is a brilliant option to escape monotony at large. Focusing on eliminating monotony is very important because it tends to live a negative impact on our lives. Playing such games gives enormous pleasure. Hence it should be prioritized in the long run.

However, the game doesn’t work properly at all times. There are moments when we see the screen flicker. Of course, that is not desirable in this case. Gaming files go missing. Cache files cannot be found. It compromises the entire gaming experience to reckon with. 

So are you wondering how you can address this problem? Well, there are many steps that you might follow in this case. So read on to know those factors and gain clarity on this matter.

Restarting your device

This is one of the most commonly preferred choices to reckon with. What happens, in this case, is that your device is restarted with due precision. This ensures that several cache aspects are deleted for good. It helps to resolve the flickering aspect of your screen in the long run.

Many people try this at different times. Thus this proves how much useful a tactic it is. Hence if you also need to restart your device to solve the issue with due precision, then you should surely opt for this.

Restarting your device
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Verifying the integrity of files

Technological gadgets are vulnerable to different complications and so is their overall integrity to reckon with. Hence it is very important to ensure that the integrity of the files is maintained here. Unless the integrity is properly maintained then the overall gaming experience is compromised.

Hence users must check the integrity of the files frequently. They should look for any compromise scope in that case. If such aspects are found then those need to be dealt with on time.

With admin rights

We can find possibilities that your game might have some issues to reckon with concerning the permission to use the system resources. What happens in such cases is that it fails to function properly. Therefore, to ensure full authority and to use the number of resources there should be some steps taken. One has to ensure it needs to run properly. For that to happen what you need is to run the game using admin rights. 

Hence once you do so, you will find things automatically taking their course. You will not have to worry about screen flickering anymore.

GPU driver update

What happens sometimes is that an older GPU driver causes complications at large. It also sometimes comes up as the main villain behind the particular error you are facing. Thus you need to address the villain behind this kind of error. Hence it goes without saying that it is very vital to regularly check if the system’s GPU driver is updated or not. 

If there is no update then you must focus on that. Give your complete efforts in that direction. Interestingly, there is a range of users who have reported that they solved the screen flickering issue by only updating the GPU driver. Hence the possibility of this tactic working for you, in the long run, is very high.

OS update
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OS update

In the last step, we explored why a GPU update is needed. But often that doesn’t prove to be enough at large. Hence just updating the GPU driver won’t help you in the long run. you will need to try other tactics to resolve this kind of error. However, you can see that possibilities are there for the game to face a compatibility issue. 

The issue will be very problematic. It will be with your system’s old operating system. Hence we highly recommend regularly checking if your system OS is updated properly or not. You must also ensure that is with the latest patch available at large. You will diligently benefit from the update.

Low graphics in the game

Another option that might be the main villain, in this case, is the graphics of your game. These are behind your game not working properly. Eventually, it shows up screen flickering. There might also be a tearing issue as well. 

Our research has shown that numerous users are out there who gained from lowering the in-game graphics. Interestingly what happens is that the screen tearing issue automatically gets easily resolved. You will face no problems because of it. Thus you should run ARK Survival Evolved on your PC. Also, ensure to set the graphics settings to the lowest.

High priority

The brilliant method has worked for many gamers. All you have to do is just set a high priority for your game. Wondering how to do so? You can easily do it in the Task Manager. It will ensure that the system will be fully focused on running the game properly. Hence our research found this to be a brilliant tactic.

Check the internet connection

Often you might be unaware but your internet connection might be at fault for your ark screen flickering aspects. So you need to focus on this with due precision. Ensure to have a steady internet connection.

GPU driver update
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Latest gaming version

Albeit it goes without saying but having the latest gaming version is very important to reckon with. It will provide you with fewer chances of complications.


Thus numerous options are available for you to resolve this issue. Choose a particular option that suits your need at large as we explored here.

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