Text From USPS With Tracking ID “us9514961195221” is a Scam!

Text From USPS With Tracking ID “us9514961195221” is a Scam!

Have you received a text message from USPS purporting to be about a failed delivery? It may notify you that your delivery has been halted owing to an inaccurate address and direct you to fix it using the given link. The notification may contain the tracking number for your on-hold package, such as “us9514961195221,” or something similar.

The writing looks to be from the United States Postal Service, but it is a hoax. How does the ruse operate? What is the best approach to determine whether the text is a scam? And what are you going to do about it?

What is The Meaning of Text: US9514961195221 – Your Package Cannot Be Delivered?

US9514961195221 – Your Package Cannot Be Delivered is an SMS text message and email scam in which the sender claims to be from the US Postal Service and claims that delivery has been suspended or failed to owe to an erroneous address. It then invites you to change your address by clicking on a link.

Contrary to what the email or SMS text message implies, there is no delivery (or, at least, not what triggered this email), and this is a hoax designed to scare you into clicking on a harmful link or phoning a tech support number. The idea that your delivery has been halted owing to an inaccurate address is a hoax designed to entice you to click a link.

If you click on the link, you will be sent to a phony website that seems like the UPS login page. When you get to the bogus UPS website, you will be asked to input your credit card account login information or phone a tech support number. Criminals will collect this information and exploit it to steal your money and commit fraudulent activities.

If you get a US9514961195221 – Your Package Cannot Be Delivered SMS text message or email, we urge that you delete it and not click any links or phone any support lines.

What is the Fake USPS Failed Delivery Text Scam?

Scammers employ typical strategies to fool you after you arrive at their phony website that looks like the legitimate USPS website. To begin, fraudsters may request that you confirm your address and refund the delivery expenses. They may ask you to confirm that you are the package owner and then use that as bait to obtain personal information from you that hackers may sell on the dark web.

They may also likely ask you to pay with credit cards on their online gateway, allowing them to spy on the credit card information, which they would subsequently use to conduct fraud.

Scammers may instruct you to phone a certain number, which is less likely. If you do, scammers may try to entice you into a technical assistance scam by requesting remote access to your machines to fill out the address accurately. The list could go on and on. Whatever method scammers employ, you should be able to detect it before being taken in.

How to Recognize a Fake USPS Failed Delivery Text Scam

How to Recognize a Fake USPS Failed Delivery Text Scam

You can confirm the USPS failed delivery fraud in only a few minutes. If you have got such a message, consider the following:

  • Are you awaiting a USPS order? If not, it’s a forgery.
  • If you were anticipating a box, compare the tracking number you received through SMS to the one you received from USPS. If the numbers do not match, this might be a hoax SMS message.
  • If you need clarification about your tracking number or have previously deleted the email or other information you received from USPS, copy the tracking code from the text and monitor it on the USPS tracking website. Scammers utilize old or wrong tracking IDs, so you’ll typically receive a message stating that the item isn’t trackable.
  • The SMS message has no link to the USPS website. Opting in and out of the program necessitates sending a text message to a designated number. So, if you receive an SMS with a questionable link, avoid it.
  • Scammers may put up a redirect on that domain, sending you to another misleading website instead because Google or your browser may flag the fake website as deceptive after getting several reports from users. To be safe, do not click on any links within the text.

After reading the instructions above, you should be able to identify bogus USPS scam SMS, but how should you respond if you receive one?

How to Respond to the USPS Text Scam of Failed Delivery

First, use the abovementioned techniques to establish that the failed delivery notification is not an official USPS confirmation. If it is an official confirmation, you should contact postal service assistance to check that there was no misunderstanding before proceeding.

In contrast, if you are certain that the communication is a fraud, you can report it as such. Nonetheless, do not click on the link in the hoax text. Avoid phoning the fraudsters at the number provided, and delete the text message. Then, block the number from whom you received the SMS to avoid being phished again.

What Should You Do If You Fall Prey to the USPS Failed Delivery Text Scam?

What should you do if you fall victim to the criminals behind bogus failed delivery SMS scams? You are secure if you have not entered any personal information into the website after clicking on the link. Examine your machine for potential virus infestations and delete any malware. Also, be certain that the page you visited did not hijack your browser. Remove the hijacker if it has.

If you paid for the bogus delivery using a credit or debit card, contact your bank for a refund and temporarily freeze the card to prevent fraudsters from using it. Similarly, notify the authorities if you have submitted any personal information to the website that you suspect may be used by fraudsters. In this manner, you’ll be secure even if they misuse it in the future.


Scammers employ creative approaches to entice their victims into fraud traps. Scammers cannot fool you if you grasp how bogus USPS failed delivery hoax SMS seems. However, don’t forget to help spread the news about this and other similar frauds.

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