Is DealDash Legit? Everything You Need To Know

Is DealDash Legit? Everything You Need To Know

Is DealDash legit? Despite being sued for fraudulent advertising, DealDash, a big penny auction site with an estimated 8 million registered members, has continued to thrive. There are characteristics of scam-like activity (promoting prices that appear too good to be true) and a trail of numerous dissatisfied clients., on the other hand, falls into the ‘buyer beware’ category. 

Chasing bargains will cost you money since you must pay for each offer (60c at full price), and you may lose more money in bidding than you save. However, if you are ready to put your time and money at risk, there are offers to be gained on the site.

What is DealDash? is an online penny auction platform where you may bid on things for a tiny cost. These things begin at exceptionally low prices—you’re bidding to purchase the product for less than the selling price. However, many visitors leave the site dissatisfied and questioning whether DealDash is authentic or fraudulent.

The ‘live auction’ prices grow by only 1c for every bid. However, there are a lot of bids on hot things, so prices can quickly rise (with auctions lasting several days). Consequently, DealDash earns 10-13c for every 1c that the bid climbs. (A single bid at full price costs around 60 cents.)

Auctions must have a single winner and several losers. However, it is crucial to understand that not all online auctions are created equal—DealDash is unlike eBay. On DealDash, you pay for each bid you put in, but bidding on eBay is free—you spend money on DealDash even if you don’t win an auction.

This can irritate individuals and has been referred to in court as an “illegal lottery,” yet it continues to run and delight millions of users each year. The organization claims to be revolutionizing the world of online auctions by allowing consumers to get amazing, name-brand luxury products for a fraction of the retail price. DealDash advertising offers enormous savings of up to 90% off. However, many people may consider this website too good to be true.

How Does DealDash Work?

A 10-second timer runs during a DealDash auction and refreshes anytime a new bid is placed (each bid increases the item’s price). The item is awarded to the highest bidder when the countdown runs out. The winning bidder must pay the same price that the bidding battle ended at.

If you lose an auction, DealDash allows you to purchase the item for the retail price. If you do, they will refund your bids on the item. You will, however, forfeit your bids if you do not purchase at the ‘buy it now’ price (and the money you spent on the bids).

To bid, you must first buy bid credits. At full price, each single bid credit costs 60c (sold in packages)—you’re effectively paying for the excitement of the hunt.

  • Auctions begin at $0 and escalate by 1c for each bidder.
  • With each bid, the auction timer is extended by 10 seconds.
  • Every bid costs the bidder money, and the final bidder wins, paying the full price for the item.

What Exactly is the DealDash “Scam”?

What Exactly is the DealDash "Scam"? has been controversial for three reasons, ranging from refund demands to unlawful lottery charges.

  • Paying to bid: Some people lose a lot of money by paying to bid and needing to bid multiple times for any chance of success. Grant Pstikyan, for example, claims to have spent $5,923 on DealDash’s website in November and December of 2016. He claims he spent even more on bids yet lost most of the auctions.
  • Non-genuine products: DealDash has also been accused of passing off generic items as luxury with exorbitant list pricing to generate rivalry around a perceived offer.
  • Inflated pricing: DealDash has been accused of inflating product prices to make the ‘deal’ price appear more appealing.

1. Potential of Losing Money

You may lose all of your money if you use DealDash. As a result, DealDash was charged with operating an unlawful gambling website. DealDash rejected these charges by stating that any bidder can withdraw at any time.

2. False Advertisement

Another source of contention for DealDash was the assertion that the site employed deceptive advertising to get customers to bid on things. DealDash says in television advertising and its educational video that it provides clients with name-brand items such as Playstation, Sony, and Apple. However, a class-action complaint filed in 2017 alleged the firm sold generic, off-brand products at prices far below those promised on the DealDash website.

According to the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, the defendant in this complaint voluntarily dropped the case. There has been no more information released concerning these accusations.

3. DealDash Has Poor Better Business Bureau

Despite charges that it is an unlawful gaming site that defrauds customers with low-quality items, DealDash is nevertheless recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) (with an A+ rating).

Although they have an excellent BBB rating, this might be attributed to their 100% money-back promise. Furthermore, the BBB does not assess a firm based on its product or service. Instead, they score businesses based on how well they connect with and assist their consumers, so this is only sometimes a reflection of DealDash’s business strategy or procedures.

Many individuals said DealDash debited their BBB account merely because they downloaded the app or created an account. Others have claimed that DealDash used a bait-and-switch strategy. They argue that the firm tempted consumers with luxurious, name-brand things, persuading them to buy or pay the upfront price. They never auctioned off the pricey items they advertised back then.

Is DealDash Legit or a Scam?

DealDash is technically not a scam because it operates as a fair auction website where some individuals will receive a fantastic price. However, there are many cautions that readers should be aware of:

  • It’s unlikely that you’ll get close to paying the promised $23.13 for a new iPad on your first try.
  • You will be scorched: It is quite easy to squander bids when you join up and purchase some. You’ll feel as though the website has burnt you.
  • It is gambling: If you are looking for deals, you are wagering about the possibility of finding one with DealDash.
  • DealDash is a game where you can take risks and compete against others.

We advise against using sites like since you have to be lucky to be in the right place at the right time to get anything like the claimed bargains.

Anyone contemplating using DealDash should be aware that it is hazardous. While there is a potential for a large payoff, chances are it will not happen to you. This is, of course, unless you have a limitless budget for bids and an infinite amount of time to watch the clock.


Is DealDash Legit?DealDash is a genuine website. It is also possible to sign up and purchase things at steep discounts. But keep in mind that you must pay to enter each offer. Because of the large number of participants in each auction, the chances of a single bid obtaining a discount buy are quite slim.

To put it another way, in order for some individuals to save money on the platform, the great majority must lose theirs. DealDash is, therefore, a potentially fascinating website, but there are better choices if all you want is a bargain.

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