Is Aliexpress Legit? Everything You Need To Know

Is Aliexpress Legit? Everything You Need To Know

There has been a lot of debate online over the last few years regarding is AliExpress legit, and opinions vary significantly. Some say there is nothing to worry about, while others claim that spending money on the site is equivalent to dumping it down the toilet. The quick answer is yes, AliExpress is safe, but the answer is more complex, so keep reading for the full scoop!

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress, located in China and founded in 2010, is an online retail service mostly comprised of small, primarily Chinese firms. AliExpress has been compared to eBay since it provides a platform for small enterprises and individuals to sell their items to clients worldwide.

Alibaba owns AliExpress, a Chinese multinational technology corporation established by Jack Ma, a former China’s richest man with a current net worth of over $32 billion.

Some Concerning AliExpress Scams

Although AliExpress is an entirely legal business, it only implies that some of its merchants always follow the regulations. The following are some of the most common AliExpress scams:

  • The vendor gives the customer a tracking number for a different package. When the box finally comes (but not at the buyer’s preferred address), the buyer complains to the seller, but the seller argues that it was delivered and that there is nothing they can do.
  • The cheaper shipping scam happens when the consumer pays for expedited shipment, but the vendor sends the goods using regular, less costly postage to save money.
  • If a buyer has a problem with a purchase, they may need to file a dispute with the seller. Certain vendors will call the buyer and inform them they will be given a refund or a new product. The buyer has settled the matter and has yet to hear from the seller again. After determining the AliExpress dispute, requesting a refund or replacement becomes more difficult.

While frauds like the ones described above do occur on AliExpress from time to time, they are far from the norm. Furthermore, until vendors consistently employ similar methods, what purchasers frequently claim as “scams” may simply be honest mistakes. When shopping on AliExpress, only buy from trusted merchants.

Is AliExpress Legit and Secure?

Is AliExpress Legit and Secure?

AliExpress is an entirely genuine website where you may safely make purchases. In truth, AliExpress has a firm buyer protection policy.

All AliExpress purchases have a money-back guarantee that lasts until the end of the buyer protection period, which can be up to 90 days from the day the seller ships the item. This allows purchasers to get their money back in several situations, including not receiving their order and the item not matching the seller’s description.

The length of the buyer protection period is indicated under the Buy Now button on each product page. Furthermore, suppose customers can only settle difficulties with a seller directly. In that case, they may quickly initiate a dispute within the buyer protection period, and the AliExpress dispute team will step in to give answers to the buyer.

How To Shopping Securely On Aliexpress

Tip 1: Check their feedback scores before buying from an AliExpress seller.

Before purchasing from a shady vendor, look at what other people have said about the things they bought from that seller. Overall, seller reviews signal whether or not you’re buying from a trustworthy vendor.

Tip 2: If a price on AliExpress appears too good to be true, it most often is.

Suppose you notice an item for sale at a price that appears too cheap to be realistic, research to see what similar things are going for on AliExpress or another e-commerce website. If the price is 30% or less than what it is being offered for elsewhere, chances are the item is counterfeit or the vendor is attempting to defraud you.

This is especially critical when purchasing items from well-known brands, particularly technology firms such as Apple, Samsung, Canon, or Nokia. These companies frequently impose worldwide price controls, so even though their items are made in China, Chinese distributors are sometimes permitted to offer them at below-market costs. Again, in this circumstance, you’re stepping straight into a scam or a counterfeit sale.

Tip 3: Never provide personal information to an AliExpress seller or follow them to a website that requests it.

While it is uncommon, a vendor may contact you personally and request your information. They may even adopt a more subtle method, directing you to a separate page where you must log in using your AliExpress account name and password. They will frequently claim that this is required for your transaction to be processed somehow (e.g., complete your payment or track your order).

Don’t provide them with your personal or financial information in either scenario. It is probably an effort at identity theft, either by convincing you to give over your personal information or by obtaining it through a fraudulent website. You should also complain to the seller on AliExpress.

How Long Does AliExpress Delivery Usually Take?

AliExpress items will take 14-60 days to arrive. The precise shipment time is determined by the shipping method chosen. When purchasing AliExpress, you may be tempted to select Cainao Global Economy as the delivery option because it is often the cheapest. However, it is untrustworthy.

Cainao Global Economy, Alibaba’s shipping carrier, debuted in 2018. It’s cheap but painfully sluggish, and the savings aren’t worth it. You should instead utilize AliExpress standard shipping, which is delivered by airmail to the final location. If you have the funds, the most dependable carriers to use for AliExpress orders are DHL and UPS.

Conclusion: Is AliExpress Legit?

Is Aliexpress Legit? According to the facts, shopping on AliExpress is secure. Be cautious and realistic, however. There are deals to be had, like low-quality items and con artists.

However, many of the same merchants are now listed on eBay and Amazon, and the prices aren’t much different. Since eBay and Amazon provide substantially stronger consumer safeguards, I’d advocate purchasing from them over AliExpress whenever feasible, even if it costs a bit more.

If the item you desire is only available on AliExpress, or if the pricing is drastically different, make sure you investigate the seller before purchasing the item.

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