iOS Update Stuck at Update Requested: How to Fix

iOS 16 Update Stuck at Update Requested

People from all over the world hurry to download and be among the first users of any new version of iOS that Apple releases. Since of this, iOS 16 frequently gets stuck on the “Update Requested” screen because the Apple servers are busy. Here are the fixes, nevertheless, if the screen remains still for an extended period of time. 

Once you have completed the steps outlined here, you can download and successfully install iOS 16. 

1. Exit the Settings app forcibly 

The Settings app should first be forced to close. On an iPhone with Face ID, slide up from the bottom of the screen while holding. Press the Home button on your iPhone twice fast. To force-close the Settings app card, drag it up next. 

Open the programme once more after a short while to check if the issue has been resolved. 

2. Restart the router and check your Wi-Fi connection

Make sure your Wi-Fi is quick and dependable. The Wi-Fi router should be restarted to increase connectivity and facilitate the download of iOS 16. 

Additionally, make sure that any VPN on your iPhone is deactivated (if enabled). Connect your iPhone to a different Wi-Fi network if none of the above solutions work. Most likely, this will begin the fresh iOS download. 

3. Restart your iPhone

Restarting the iPhone is another effective cure for the iOS update that is stuck on the update requested screen. This will update information that could assist you in beginning to download iOS 16. Therefore, turn off your iPhone now and then turn it back on after a minute. 

4. If the iOS file is visible, delete it

Tap General in the iPhone Settings window. 

Click on iPhone Storage. 

If you notice a file with the name iOS 16 when scrolling down, tap it. 

On the following screen, select Delete Update. 

Restart your iPhone after that, then repeat the procedure to download iOS 16 again. 

5. Have enough room on your iPhone 

The entire update process won’t go smoothly if your iPhone is running out of space. To fix this, free up about six to seven gigabytes of storage by deleting some unused apps, files, and media such as photos, videos, and music. Learn how to free up space on your iPhone if you require comprehensive instructions. 

6. Reset network configuration 

Reset the network settings if none of the previously mentioned fixes work. All custom settings for items like carrier and Wi-Fi will be deleted as a result. 

Click Settings, then select General. 

Reset iPhone by tapping Transfer. 

To continue, select Reset Reset Network Settings. 

Once this is finished, try downloading the update once more. It will succeed. 

Reset all settings if, in the rare instance, rebooting the network is insufficient. The procedures are the same as before. Make certain that you choose Reset All Settings in step 3 only. 

7. Use a computer to update 

Finally, if nothing else works, think about using your Mac or PC to update to iOS 16. On outdated Macs or Windows PCs, you will require iTunes. Also, Finder works with macOS Catalina and later. Visit this article to find out how to update your iPhone on a computer.

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