How To Stop Discord From Opening on Startup: Easy Fix!

How To Stop Discord From Opening On Startup

The Discord software has grown in popularity among gamers as a way of communication. It may be frustrating if you have Windows 10 and have observed that the Discord program starts automatically every time you boot up the computer and wonder how to stop discord from opening on Startup.

You may prevent Discord from launching automatically on your Windows 10 PC by looking for the option in the Discord program or by using Windows Task Manager to prevent Discord from the beginning when you boot up your computer. In this post, we’ll look at why the app launches automatically, how to prevent it, and how to change the Discord app settings in the future.

What is Discord?

Discord is a platform for group communication that allows you to engage with friends and coworkers. It allows you to send instant messages to your pals, make video calls and phone conversations, and even share your screen with them. Discord is free on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Discord also operates straight from a web browser, so no installation is required.

Discord was originally designed for the gaming community but is now utilized as a general-purpose platform for various groups. Servers are communities inside Discord where users debate and communicate about a certain topic. Members, topics, regulations, and channels are unique to each server. Discord may appear comparable to the Slack chat program at first glance. However, it has a lot more stuff to offer, especially for gamers.

How To Stop Discord From Opening on Startup on Windows

How To Stop Discord From Opening on Startup on Windows

To prevent Discord from starting upon startup, follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch Discord.
  2. Click Settings in the bottom-left corner (gear icon).
  3. Navigate to Windows Settings from the App Settings menu.
  4. Toggle the toggle next to Open Discord to the left to disable it.

The procedures outlined above will prevent Discord from launching at startup, but if its Update process is set to run at startup in Task Manager, it may still check for updates and launch. As a result, it is critical to disable it as well.

How to Stop Discord from Searching for Updates on Windows Startup

How to Stop Discord from Searching for Updates on Windows Startup

To prevent Discord from checking for updates at startup, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select Task Manager from the context menu when you right-click on Windows Start.
  2. Select the Startup tab.
  3. Find the Update process, which has Discord’s official logo as an icon.
  4. Disable it by right-clicking on it.

Following the instructions above will prevent Discord from running upon startup and searching for updates. However, ensure the Discord-related Update process is disabled in the Task Manager. Stopping the Windows-related update process may bring you additional difficulty.


We demonstrated how to block Discord from launching and looking for updates at boot time. You can disable it if you are annoyed by it. You will also minimize Windows boot time by doing so.

You may deactivate several additional programs, like Discord Update, to speed up Windows startup. QuickTime, Evernote Clipper, and Microsoft Office are among those that may be deactivated during startup without negatively impacting your PC.

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