Simple Way of How To Get Fortnite on iPhone?

Simple Way of How To Get Fortnite on iPhone

A dispute between Apple and Epic Games resulted in Fortnite, one of the most well-liked games presently accessible on any platform. This will be abruptly removed from the App Store in 2020. The move, which made it unable to download Fortnite to iPhones and iPads normally, infuriated gamers worldwide and they think how to get Fortnite on iPhone.

But don’t worry; even if you’ve never bought or played Fortnite, you can still install it on your iPhone or iPad. The techniques to play Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad despite Apple no longer offering it in the App Store are described in this article.

How to Play Fortnite on iPhone 

Since Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store due to an ongoing legal dispute with Epic Games, players on the iPhone. The iPad has been unable to play the battle royale game. However, Fortnite is once again available on iOS devices courtesy of Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. How to set up Fortnite on the service is covered in this post.

After game creator Epic Games added a direct payment option to the game in breach of the App Store’s guidelines. Apple withdrew the well-known game Fortnite from the App Store in August 2020. The good news is that the Xbox Cloud Gaming service now supports Fortnite so that you can play it on your iPhone or iPad.

It implies that you may use Safari or another browser to play on your iOS device. You can play games streamed from a distant server via a web app thanks to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. It is accessible in 26 countries. This eliminates the need to download and install game files on your iOS device, and certain titles, like Fortnite, are completely free to play.

Why Can’t I Install Fortnite from the App Store?

Most likely, you are already aware of Apple’s protracted legal battle with Epic Games. Everything started when Fortnite was removed from the App Store by Apple in August 2020. As a result of Epic creating an in-app payment structure to avoid paying Apple’s 30% share. The good news is that this doesn’t mean Fortnite will be taken from your iPhone if you already have it.

There is no stopping Fortnite. Your iPhone will continue to have it. The only problem can arise if bugs eventually prevent the program from functioning. The folks who don’t already have Fortnite on their devices and want to discover a new way to download. These are the ones who are experiencing problems.

1. Use Xbox Cloud Gaming to Play Fortnite

Use Xbox Cloud Gaming to Play Fortnite

This is how you can play Fortnite using touch controllers or an Xbox controller. It can be connected to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac by following these steps: How to connect your iPhone or iPad to an Xbox One controller.

The biggest drawback of this approach is the potential for quality compromises and greater latency. As you are streaming the Xbox version of the game via the cloud. Since Epic and Apple’s battle finally ended, Fortnite has been absent from iOS and the App Store.

The future of the game on iOS is somewhat ambiguous. Currently, neither Epic nor Apple are required to relax their stance, prolonging the game’s accessibility. This has caused many people to wonder if they can play the game on iOS.

2. Try out Fortnite with GeForce Now

Try out Fortnite with GeForce Now

You may play Fortnite using the Safari web browser with the help of Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, which received an upgrade in January 2022. Initially a restricted beta, Nvidia has now made the test available to anybody who wants to participate. Playing doesn’t even require a paid subscription.

However, if you don’t have a subscription, your options will be restricted to hour-long sessions and a lower level of performance. A cloud-based gaming service is GeForce Now. This implies that the actual gameplay is produced remotely rather than locally. It allows you to enjoy high-end gaming performance on a budget PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Download Fortnite from My Purchases

Despite Apple removing Fortnite from the App Store, if you have previously purchased. And installed Fortnite on your device and don’t currently have a copy, you may easily install it on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Use Family Sharing to install Fortnite

The issue with the approach above is that it only functions if Fortnite has already been downloaded. Using Family Sharing to connect your account with someone else’s might be one solution.

You should be able to download the app to your iPhone if you are a family member. It has already done so and your accounts are connected through Family Sharing.

2. Purchase a Fortnite-equipped iPhone

Purchase a Fortnite-equipped iPhone

The final approach is also the one we would least strongly advise. And that is to look on eBay for a used iPhone with Fortnite installed. Our recommendation is against doing this. The iPhone would still need to be connected to a different account to sell it with Fortnite loaded.

You’ll need to switch between their account and yours, which will, at the very least, be annoying. Additional apps must be added, and other adjustments must be made. It would probably not be easy to utilize the smartphone just for Fortnite while doing everything else on your main iPhone.

It is always preferable to have devices entirely erased between owners for security, privacy, and data access. After you begin using it and adding your data, the previous owner may, in rare circumstances. It will be able to erase your iPhone and access your data remotely. Said it’s not a smart idea, especially when there are much less dangerous alternatives.


In 2023, playing Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad is still likely feasible. The well-known battle royale video game is still playable on iOS devices even if Apple removed it from the App Store. It enables players to enjoy the game without any problems.

It’s doubtful that the battle royale game from Epic Games will make an official comeback to the App Store soon. Since Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple was unsuccessful. The game is now permanently barred from the exclusive marketplace for five years.

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