How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing

Due to its real-time sync, iCloud is a smart photo storage option. iPads automatically display iPhone photos. The iPhone Photos app and Mac photo albums sync.

However, tech devices and software can sometimes malfunction. iCloud sometimes syncs poorly. Only sometimes. iCloud photo recovery may be needed if images fail to upload or are lost. There are several solutions to fix iCloud photo synchronization issues across devices and platforms to avoid losing treasured images.

Fixing iCloud Photo Library sync issues

Usually, one of two solutions will fix your iCloud Photos synchronization issue. Typically, this is a storage or connection problem.


The internet may be down if your images need to be synced to iCloud. Check the gadget for WiFi or Cellular. Before synchronizing, resolve WiFi issues. Enable iPhone data if you’re uploading photos over cellular data. How:

iPhone Settings > Photos > Wireless Data.

Press Wireless Data. Choose “WLAN & Cellular Data” to let iCloud sync your photographs through WiFi or cellular (if no WiFi is available, it will utilize cellular).



iCloud accounts come with 5GB of photo and file storage. “iCloud photo library not updating” may indicate the limit has been reached. Remove unneeded files from your account to remedy this issue. Apps, Drive files, images, movies, and more.

Upgrading your plan is another solution. Apple has several account storage plans. Upgrade your iPhone and iPad storage immediately.

Windows Not Syncing iCloud Photos

Windows computers running older iCloud apps may not sync iCloud Photos. Updating should fix it. Check and update iCloud in Windows:

Open “Apple Software Update” by searching.

Click “Install” below “iCloud” in the software list.

Reinstalling the Windows app updates iCloud. Visit the iCloud for Windows website to begin.

Mac Not Syncing iCloud Photos

With an iCloud account, Apple devices with suitable operating systems can upload, sync, and edit the iCloud Photo Library. They need Apple IDs. Macs may not sync iCloud photographs. If this happens, there are straightforward remedies.

Various Other Methods of Syncing

Many Apple customers rely solely on iCloud for syncing and backing up their data. There are, however, other apps that can be used in place of iCloud. 

Other cloud storage services may be used on an iPhone or Mac in addition to iCloud, which offers a limited amount of free storage space. 

They provide the choice to either switch over from iCloud or use additional space with iCloud’s storage service to achieve the highest possible level of protection and storage capacity.

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