Easy Ways of How Do I Change My Apple Id?

Easy Ways of How Do I Change My Apple Id

Many of us still use the same email address we created when purchasing our first device years ago, as connected to our Apple ID. When we purchase a brand-new gadget from the shop or reset an old one to factory settings. We use it to log into every single one of our devices and wonder how do I change my Apple Id. However, circumstances have changed.

You may receive new emails and choose to check in using a different email address than the one you used in high school. You may have created one that appears more polished, and you want to utilise that instead. If you want to use a different email address to sign into every service you use. Apple offers a mechanism for you to alter your Apple ID email address.

Should I Create an Apple ID?

Yes. An Apple ID is necessary if you use an Apple device or wish to utilise a service like Apple TV+ or Apple Music. Having an Apple ID gives you access to iCloud, the ability to monitor and secure your iPhone with Find Me. Sync settings across multiple Apple devices, make App Store purchases, sync images to iCloud, and more on an Apple device.

If your Apple device is ever lost or stolen, having an Apple ID attached to it will be quite helpful, as it can be found using the Find My app. Your iPhone’s Activation Lock function, connected to your Apple ID, prohibits someone from using it. With a new account after you’ve reported it stolen, thereby making the device worthless.

If my Apple ID email Already Exists, How can I Change it?

If my Apple ID email Already Exists, How can I Change it?

If you don’t update your email address, this can happen if your email address is linked to another Apple ID. In this situation, you must be aware of the Apple ID password connected to your email address. In an unpleasant circumstance, the only method to make it happen if you don’t have the right password is to reset it.

You must have the required email accounts, including the one associated with the current Apple ID. The one associated with the Apple ID you desire to replace, and a third account never used as an Apple ID, to proceed. Create an ID if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve set up these email accounts, you can proceed with the procedures below.

The Password with You

The first step is obtaining the Apple ID password associated with the email you want to change to. We will reset the password for it as it is forgotten. With this, the password for that particular email address will be successfully reset. 

You may make the necessary modifications now that you have the current email’s password. You may alter the email address. You may now add your newly established email address as an additional email. You can use the ID and password you just reset for this step. You may add the third account by following these instructions.

On iOS, you may Modify your Apple ID Password

On iOS, you may Modify your Apple ID Password

By navigating to the Settings app, you may modify your Apple ID password if you use an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad. To achieve this, adhere to the procedures below:

  • On your smartphone, open the Settings app and choose the Apple ID banner at the top.
  • The Password & Security tab can be tapped.
  • The Change Password button is at the very top of the page. Tap it.
  • Use your Face ID or fingerprint reader, or enter your Apple device’s passcode, if necessary, to continue. This security feature has been implemented to prevent unauthorised changes to your Apple ID password.
  • To confirm your new password, type it in twice. On some devices, you could also be asked to provide your existing password to confirm that you are the account owner.

How do I Secure my Apple ID Account?

How do I Secure my Apple ID Account?

As the login used to access anything saved in the cloud, from purchase information to images. Your Apple ID is the entry point to a lot of sensitive information about you. It’s a good idea to use Apple’s two-step verification mechanism to increase the security of your account. 

A phone number or one of your Apple devices is used in two-step verification to confirm your identity. Before you can access iCloud, sign into your account, or buy anything from the App Store or iTunes on a new device. If your Apple device or password is ever lost, it also comes with a recovery key.  

You may save in a secure place to access your Apple ID account. Because there is frequently no way to restore an Apple ID account when neither a recovery key nor a known password is accessible. Storing this code in a secure location is a good practice.

Something to Keep in Mind

Creating a new Apple ID is the best action if you have never utilised an Apple product or company’s services. But even if you can’t recall your old Apple ID, if you’ve ever used an Apple product, you undoubtedly have one. 

Instead of creating a brand-new Apple ID in this situation, it could be simpler to retrieve your previous one. Resetting your Apple ID and password is quite simple. You can carry out this action on your iPhone or other Apple device, the Apple website, or both. 

By checking in with your Apple ID on the website and then altering the existing email address to the new one. You may quickly change the email address linked with your email ID if it has recently changed or if you wish to.


You may now replace your humiliating email with a nicer one because you know how to update your Apple ID. You may log in to your Apple services and devices with this Apple ID email. There are several methods for adding or changing an Apple ID. In this blog, we spoke about this. Go into the Apple ID platform and change the email address online. Changing your Apple ID password is easy, and you can do it on your iPhone or a desktop computer.

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